They still don’t get it

To hear the establishment Republicans rail about Trump one would believe that he is merely a spring storm which will pass in time – I don’t think so. The same senators and congressmen that control the system and have been complicit in getting the United States into its current mess simply can’t understand why voters don’t want a president who will go along with the status quo and bask in the trappings of the White House.

To illustrate a case in point, before Justice Scalia’s body was even returned to his family, Senate Majority Leader McConnell was assuring America that he would not hold hearings or allow a vote on the late judge’s replacement. Unless McConnell has a crystal ball, he can but presume what type judge President Obama will nominate. Taking an obstructionist stance is just a little premature and reveals the gridlock that is the political norm in Washington on the Potomac. Before McConnell, then Majority Leader Reid used the same tactics to squelch any business which might have helped our nation.

Before we go further into this musing, I am not a fan of Donald Trump. But, looking at the Republican field he really doesn’t have that much in the way of opposition. There are two first term senators – one who has managed to alienate all his senate colleagues and the other who can’t seem to decide what position he wants to establish. Then there is a talented surgeon and quality individual who is completely out of his depth. That leaves a sitting governor who may be the most qualified, but can’t seem to get his message to gain traction. And lastly a former governor who is fortunate to have the Bush family name, but unfortunately has the Bush family name.

The problem Mr. Bush has is the same as the Clinton brand – the United States was formed to rid ourselves of monarchies – not establish them anew in our country. And the incongruity of President Bush’s Iraq war is still fresh in people’s minds – some people saw, and continue to view the effort as necessary – many others didn’t and still don’t see the merit of the loss of life and the expense of prosecuting the war.

Part of the allure of Mr. Trump is that he doesn’t pander to people to receive their support. It seems that everyone else in the Republican field criticizes Trump’s position on: illegal immigration, temporarily stopping the immigration of young Muslims, and our trade deficiencies, amongst other issues. But their status quo position which conflicts with common sense is exactly what is hampering their political ambitions and increases Trump’s following.

The Democratic Party has moved so far towards socialism that it should now provide a stark contrast to the Republican’s brand but because they have drifted so far away from their conservative heritage that it is laughable. When one of their talking heads suggests that Trump isn’t a conservative – other than Senator Cruz – who amongst the Republicans is a conservative? And some of Cruz’s positions could be suspect because how much he actually stands for and how much is to establish conservative credentials is questionable.

This morning, on some talk show, Senator Graham stated that Trump was appealing to voters because they hated Obama so much – I hadn’t noticed Obama being on the ballot! People are frustrated with Republicans who are only interested in their own self-serving motivations and increasing their support and contributions from special interest groups. In the case of Graham—he had visions of being the Republican nominee for president. When that didn’t pan out, he switched to supporting someone who would probably appoint him as Attorney General.

It is obvious, and has been for months now, that the Republicans are completely delusional with regard to the reason that voters are forsaking them in droves – they have been their own worst enemy – and they are doing nothing during this primary season to change their image. And the Democrat or Republican brand has little appeal at this point in time – voters want a change!!!

There are those who claim that Trump isn’t a true Republican – perhaps that is the point of his appeal! What the United States will become under a Trump presidency is anyone’s guess, but it looks more and more like we may find out…

Have a good week. Bill Shuey is a freelance writer from North Carolina.

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2 Responses to They still don’t get it

  1. Hillbilly says:

    Why I think people will vote for Trump, Congress failed us. They lied when they said that all we need to do is win the congress. All we have to do is get more seats in the senate, and we gave them both. So if you ask me they nominated Trump. Look at the Hillary supporters, they don’t care if she lied, stole and cheated. They just don’t care. Then there’s the Sander supporters, They believe it’s all unicorn farts and rainbows, but don’t blame them because it’s not all that different than what the republicans told us back in 08 and 12, except it smells like pot. B.S. is the same no matter what flavor it is.
    But what about Cruz ? Well when your unhappy with the contractor that’s painting your house you fire the whole damn crew. Sorry Cruz. The American people want nothing to do with what was.
    I have no idea if Trump will save the country, but I do know the road were on is about to go off a cliff. Long ago and far away I was a young manager, a senior manager told me that they weren’t all that interested how well my dept ran while I was present. How well it ran while I was on vacation said a lot about me. If Trump can trust all his wealth to his family while serving as our president, that say’s a lot about him.
    Reasons to vote Trump: The First Lady, oh yeah! nuff said
    The economy, that alone ought to be enough.
    The white house needs some remodeling after the Obamas and Trumps
    the guy for that.
    The first dog will likely be a Rottweiler or a Great Dane. Not an ankle
    biting toy.
    The Wall, long and tall.
    Class, the kind we have been lacking.
    Our military and our veterans.
    Return fire during terrorists attacks.

  2. Philip says:

    The Republican party will get what is deserves and if it’s Trump to give to them, so be it. The RNC and its cast of WHORES and WHORE donors reads like a mystery novel. These frauds in the both houses as well a the judiciary are all complicit in the destruction of there nation and many of these seditious bunch of insider Commies must be charged with treason and HANGED!!!!!

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