This Does Not Fit the Narrative

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3 Responses to This Does Not Fit the Narrative

  1. Al Dutton says:

    Hearing the truth from a black American is awesome!

  2. Al Dutton says:

    I bet his Parents are a great couple. Loving, kind and self motivated. They have a smart Son who knows BS when he hears it, and speaks out about it.
    Donald Trump needs to contact this man and discuss his Community Uplift ideas to see if there’s a way to build a coalition of like minded people of ALL colors. We can beat the Communists in the DemoRAT Party for the hearts and minds of people like this young man. They just need to SEE the TRUTH in President Trump’s eyes, and hear his words.

  3. Don Pagani says:

    Wow ! This young man is on fire with the truth. Thanks for sharing this.

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