Trayvon Martin Could Be Any of Our Sons

Riding his bike on his way to the library up the street on Fulton Avenue in a reasonably upscale neighborhood of Salisbury, NC not far from home, my then sixteen year old son was accosted finding a police car in front of him and one behind his bike.  Seems that two white males had accused some black kid of something and my youngest son was stopped, asked to get in the police car and taken to the country club to be paraded before these kids who said they were harassed.  Without a chance to call me, he was profiled simply because he is black appearing, though he is a Native American and had on a burgundy paisley printed shirt not a solid burgundy one the accusers had described.

The outrage surrounding the death of Trayvon Martin is reverberating through the heart and soul of the African American community for no matter our political stripes; all of us know implicitly that the rules are not the same for blacks and whites when it comes to our juvenile males.  Statistics bear this out.  Most of us who are African American parents try to tell our kids that the ‘sag and drag’ look with their pants or the ‘hoodies’ of the hood add unnecessarily to the scary perception and portrayal of them as counter culture and trouble bound.  We let them know that the crowd they hang with can get them killed even if they are innocent.  We tell them you can be at the wrong place at the wrong time and get killed or hurt, but so too can you if you are minding your own business in the right place as my son was to learn.

Whenever I have seen a young male spread against the police car, he is usually black whose appearance seems threatening to many.  Many of our youth do drugs but so too do parents and those hammering at the door to legalize marijuana?  But that is no reason to smear a victim of a crime.

What justification can there be for putting a contract or wanted poster out on George Zimmerman, the accused shooter, with a $10,000 bounty by “The New Black Panthers”?  This should be against the law and subject to an FBI probe. This case does not give the media the right to try this case in the courtroom of public opinion in leaking titillating bits of the story in a manner certain to sell papers while fueling racial fires.   How can fair trials be had or an impartial jury fielded when the information needed isn’t secured until trial?  Though he rightfully apologized, Spike Lee had no right to tweet out an address thought to be Zimmerman’s which could have gotten the accused shooter or the people mistakenly identified hurt.  The pimping preachers constantly seeking publicity and an opportunity to be the spokesmen for all things black or the congressional member describing the deceased as being hunted down without the full story disclosed or the premature statements by the NAACP do a disservice to their causes in not insisting upon the rule of law being applied with all deliberate speed rather than fanning the flames of racism without a hearing, an arrest or proper investigation of the matter.

To Fox News and others criticizing the rush to judgment by some in the African American community regarding the death of Trayvon Martin, I do understand the swelling outcry against the failure to arrest the shooter and bind him over for a trial. My letter to my city on the handling of the mess with my son and other things I’ve seen regarding our youth who are handled less than admirably before they often have a hearing on accusations, didn’t get a full citizen board investigation about things pointed out.

As a gun owner and one who passed a conceal carry class, this case is not about the gun laws, but about one armed man and one unarmed young man in a nation increasingly taking up sides rather than letting the law run its course.  I’ve always said I believe in the right to bear arms unless that gun is pointed at me when I maintain my right to defend myself.


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2 Responses to Trayvon Martin Could Be Any of Our Sons

  1. ohme says:

    George Zimmerman is someone’s son too.
    I believe what is needed here is to leave it to the Grand Jury. Leave it to the facts of the case. No hearsay. Hearsay is never admitted.
    I am so sorry that this has happened to his parents, sorry that he will not grow up, sorry that The New Black Panther group is allowed anarchy and is breaking the law buy putting a bounty on George’s head. Sorry that someone like Al Sharpton is allowed to encourage the people to Escalate their protest. He was mentored by James Brown the singer and the wife beater. Sorry that the police thought they did not need to investigate further. This is a lynching. I thought that was done away with a long time ago.
    I am from SC and live in Georgia. The leftists have invaded the situation. Their main purpose is to race bait. To spread Hate and to divide us by race. Seems though, the rest of the country is civilized and evidently more educated and tolerant and less racist. This racism is bad, no matter where it originates.
    I have not seen any effects on the black citizens in our community, this business in Florida has been agitated by outsiders. This could have been brought to the Governors attention and a grand jury could have been called without the help of Al Sharpton, Spike Lee, and the New Black Panthers.
    I was 13 when JFK was shot and killed. My father explained all of this to me. He told me that LBJ created a system that would destroy the black family. And it has. I see these young black men in my town, handsome and strong, no car, no job, no wife, no self respect. No wonder they sometimes do the wrong thing. I have to wonder what would I be doing if I were one of them. I would be mowing lawns. But back to the topic. The system has destroyed the most wonderful family culture that ever lived in America. I am white and a women, but I see this.
    I believe that it is the educational system also. I have watched as the colleges and universities have pushed higher education on everyone. I have a masters degree, it was a waste of my time and my abilities. It was also a waste of money. It was good for my ego, but that is all. I remember in high school we had a shop class. The guys and some girls went in there and learned to be carpenters, mechanics and so on. They graduated with a career in hand. Now it seems they are judged by whether they can take a meaningless test. Most entrepreneurs are C students (at least they used to be)
    I am not suggesting that black people should all go to shop class. What I’m trying to say is that there is more than college out there for a choice. The universities and colleges are full of liberals filling the heads of the students with liberal nonsense. Promoting college nad padding their pockets and tenures. It’s a vicious circle.
    I believe we need to take the Social Studies, Science and English books in all the schools across the nation and trash them. We need to be teaching these young black people true history, true American history. We need to giving them quality books that teach “the moral of the story” as I was taught. I think I learned most of my values from my father and Easops Fables. I gave that book to my grandaughter not long ago.
    This sort of anarchy that is going on in our country was “in waiting” for just the right moment. They are exploiting the parents of Trayvon and little do they know, but they are further destroying the Democrat Party. We need to wipe out the Federal Department of Education. Clean out Washington and set things back on the right path.
    I am praying for all involved in this debacle.

  2. randysright says:

    It shames this young mans tragic death to make it a political circus and since why did the liberal media refer to the shooter a white Hispanic male??

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