Tucker Carlson Laughs At Fake Hate Crime Muslim Activist

They should spend their time learning critical thinking skills – something this woman clearly lacks.

David DeGerolamo

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4 Responses to Tucker Carlson Laughs At Fake Hate Crime Muslim Activist

  1. Bill says:

    this one is an islamic terrorist loon and she should be deported to Syria or where ever the witch came from.

  2. Average Joe says:

    A great excuse to train your local jihadis.

    Y’all have a nice day.

    • Bill says:

      they can train all they want , but when the time comes to confront men who know how to fight they will cry for there mommies and daddies. but for the Islamic bomber loons including there insane women, we would need to just kill all of them once they begin there terrorist attacks. I prefer to go hand to hand combat with the islamic scumbag useless eaters, they wouldn’t last twenty seconds and after that they will be dead or i can cut there heads in less then one second with my katana which i am very well trained in, I believe due to my age I could still take out at bear minimum 8 eight attacking me and not get one scratch. so I would urge the islamic murdering jihadist bastards to bring it on, i will really teach them how to use a samurai while there heads are popping off like cork screws. these people need to feel the pain of head loss like they slit the throats of innocent people for no reason what so ever. This is a wicked bunch of scumbags the America people must remove from society or we will have no society left.

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