UPDATES – What is coming: War in Syria, Martial Law in US

On March 27th, I presented a brief piece declaring my expectation that we would shortly be going to war in Syria…

It seems I was correct, as the US has formed/joined a hasty coalition of NATO and Mid-East countries who are massing troops on the Jordanian/Syrian border.  

Sen. McCain declares the Syrian peace process a failure, calls for military intervention.

Apparently, I was off about the scheduling by 1 lunar month…the next  such window of opportunity to engage under full darkness is May 18-23.  This is synchronized with the NATO Summit in Chicago, which may prove significant.

I also explained in a separate article how this tied into the bigger picture of disrupting the world’s economies and invoking Martial Law here in the US and elsewhere… stay tuned for that event, but I believe that martial law may come to the US in as little as 3 months… just about the time the Democratic National Convention is happening in Charlotte, NC.

Be prepared…events are now coming at a very rapid pace.

~ Those who discard Liberty, do so at their own peril!

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