Why is John Kerry Not Being Investigated?

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2 Responses to Why is John Kerry Not Being Investigated?

  1. oldtimer505 says:

    Where in heck is the justice department regarding the inappropriate actions of john kerry, commonly known as Lurch?

    It would appear that we have to-oooo many activist judges and attorney types in the federal government. Non of the so called legal “professionals” seem to be standing up in support for a system only they can play in. It would appear that the legal system is as big a sham as congress. I will not even mention the conflict of interest that exists when an attorney becomes a congress person or president.

    We need a complete house cleaning in DC. We also need the people that are not doing their jobs, in regards to their sworn duty, to be brought up on charges, convicted and their citizenship taken away and sent packing. The good Lord knows I don’t want to support those criminals for the rest of their life and mine. Let them rot in some third world country. Never let them back in the country for the duration of their lives. Seize all their ill gotten assets, buy them a ticket to somewhere. If they should return it would be under the penalty of death. Let some other country deal with the criminals. Heck, third would countries are sending theirs here.

    This whole thing is so out of control and corrupt it turns my stomach. I have lost the respect for the Alphabet soup agencies, congress and state government. It would appear they only know how to spend our money foolishly and tax us to death. The pronoun people all tell us how to budget while all the time not being able to do a simple budget of their own, it is disgusting to say the least.

    When will the people of this once great country get fed up?

    Thanks for letting me rant.

    • Bill says:

      the real civil disobedience is coming and wont be like the fake false flag attacks that are set up by obama/clinton/ soros and the entire demonrat party. this will be far worse for all of them and even unto there own demise due to there treasonous and subversive activity to per-meditate and murder all Republican and independent conservative Christian and non christian Americans, these Marxist Maoist criminals in all three branches of government including the ultra corrupted bureaucracy. want us all murdered

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