With Trump As President Prepping Is More Important Than Ever

by Brandon Smith

I don’t believe it is as pervasive as certain people may think, but there is a notion among some in the liberty movement that with Donald Trump in the White House the need for crisis preparedness has subsided. Because preppers and survivalists tend to lean towards the conservative side of things, the urgency for prepping almost always explodes when the Democratic party is “in power.” As they say, for example, Barack Obama was perhaps the greatest gun salesman in history with the gun industry growing over 158% during his two terms.

Now with Republican dominance in Congress, Senate and White House, there is a possible temptation for conservatives to become complacent and comfortable once again. In 2017 so far, ATF background checks have dropped by at least half a million since this time last year, and gun company stocks are turning negative. There are also rumors floating around that survival food companies are suffering from a severe crunch in sales. Though I have not yet found this to be substantiated, I can verify that many preppers I deal with on a daily basis seem to have relaxed their guard.


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5 Responses to With Trump As President Prepping Is More Important Than Ever

  1. Don’t stop prepping, folks. Take this lull in hostilities and re-organize, rotate your supplies, and re-group -- it’s NOT over. You know what you now need -- get it!
    In fact, it was that proverbial “shot across the bow” we just experienced. We’ve been warned and now we know they’re determined. We should be, too.

  2. Tom Angle says:

    I am not sure why anyone thinks that Trump is anywhere near a conservative (whatever that term means). There is no reason to stop preparing for things.

  3. Wrench says:

    The war drums are beating loud on three fronts now: Russia/Syria, Russia/China, & N.Korea/China/Russia. Any pattern here?
    The PTB have wanted war for several years to cover their financial collapse. Looks like Trump was the pick to manage that.

  4. Wouldn’t war-monger McSenile and his PTB ilk shit a brick if Trump negotiated settlements on all 3 fronts…?

  5. lon a follower says:

    So who are the powers that be? What causes such madness, such hatred, lies, hypocricy, self interest, grand standing, blowing a horn before you, using lures such as money, women and children.
    What power causes such childishness?

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