St. Louis Braces For Violent Protests After Ex-Cop Is Acquitted

From what I have read, I would have to side with the people. From what I see on the video, St. Louis has a problem with their police.

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Hillary Channels Maxine Waters

h/t Lisa Andrews

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Ben Shapiro LIVE at UC Berkeley

starts at 34 minutes in

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“Crooked Hillary” Resurfaces

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House Passes Amendments to Stop DOJ’s Civil Asset Forfeiture Program

On Tuesday, the House of Representatives passed amendments to stop the Department of Justice’s civil asset forfeiture program, which Attorney General Jeff Sessions introduced in July. The amendments received support from those within the House Freedom Caucus and some of the biggest liberals in Congress.

Civil forfeiture remains a controversial issue in America since it’s “a process by which the government can take and sell your property without ever convicting, or even charging, you with a crime.” The procedures are civil, which means defendants do not receive the same protections given to criminal defendants.



This is “legalized” theft by the government supporting 40% of law enforcement budgets. A national disgrace attacking our freedom under the guise of the war against drugs.

David DeGerolamo

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Bill With Silencer Reform and Protections for Gun Owners Passes Committee

A bill that would reform silencer regulations and add certain protections for gun owners and hunters passed out of a committee in the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

H.R. 3668, known as the SHARE Act, passed through the House Committee on Natural Resources after hearings on it were held in the House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Federal Lands yesterday. The bill includes a number of gun reforms that gun-rights and hunting activists have been pursuing for years. Silencer deregulation, further protections for interstate transport of firearms, further protections on the importation of firearms and ammunition, further protections on certain firearms and ammunition from reclassification in order to make them illegal, and increased access to federal public lands for hunting and fishing are all included in the bill.


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This Does Not Fit the Narrative

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This Does Not Fit the Narrative

Image result for "Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that his justice cannot sleep for ever.

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Personal Protection Course by Alan Kay

September 24, 2017
TEB (Training and Educational Building)
84 Roberts Road
Murphy, NC  28906
2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Personal protection involves multiple aspects. You will learn techniques to survive violence involving unarmed combatives, edged weapons and firearms. You will also learn how to increase your situational awareness to minimize becoming involved in dangerous situations. Instruction will be tailored per individual needs and abilities. Class is limited to 12 students.

The course is $50. Send check by September 21st to:

Alan Kay
84 Roberts Road
Murphy, NC 28906

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The Ultimate Weapon, by Robert Gore

Don’t underestimate the light.

Reductio ad absurdum is the argumentative technique, beloved by law school professors, of stretching a premise to its breaking point. North Korea has been much in the news. Nighttime satellite photos of the Korean peninsula show well-lit South Korea and North Korea in darkness. That darkness is the reductio ad absurdum of the premise of modern governance: that those who govern must employ force, fraud, and censorship against those they govern. Articles bemoan our lack of knowledge of North Korea’s closed society, but literally and metaphorically, the darkness tells you all you need to know.

Exhume the graveyard of governments and you’ll find that for most of the unlamented departed, censorship had taken hold. Censorship goes hand in hand with failure; indeed, it’s one of failure’s chief causes. Truth, information, and communication are as essential for human survival as food, shelter, and water. That they illegitimately rule by force and fraud is a truth that governments try to stop from achieving general circulation. Propaganda and patriotism will only take a government so far, though, especially among its more honest and intelligent constituents. There will always be those who recognize the truth.


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Suicide by virtue signalling

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So Who Do the Republicans Represent?

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So Who Do the Democrats Represent?

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Satellite Images Reveal Iran Building Missile Factory in Syria

Satellite images purportedly showing structure in Syria said to be a missile factory

An Israeli television report said on Tuesday that Iran is building a facility in northwest Syria to manufacture long-range rockets, and showed satellite images it said were of the site under construction.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned last week that Iran was strengthening its foothold in its ally Syria as Islamic State fighters were being displaced, and said Israel was watching developments and would act against any threat.



Didn’t Obama and Kerry realize that Iran would never uphold the US/Iranian Treaty? Or did they just lie to the American people?

David DeGerolamo

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Mr. Jeff Sessions

Apparently, we are going to have to deluge Jeff Session’s office with demands. Whatever happened to the idea of being able to count on the law enforcement offices to do their job? What level of criminality must be present before the Attorney General will take the steps to hold everyone accountable. The fact is, none of us would have gotten away with what the rich and powerful have gotten away with on television.

Yeah, I know it’s been this way for a long time and there is nothing new under the sun, but I had some respect for Jeff Sessions before he became Attorney General and I thought he would be a good AG, because he had always struck me as a law and order guy, no matter which way the blade of justice cut. I don’t think that anymore. I have given him time to get his organization in line and start pursuing the obvious criminals standing right in front of him, but he hasn’t.

Now, we learn that Lois Lerner, the woman who used the IRS to attack me, little old me, simply because I had gone to a thing called “Take the Townhalls to DC” where a bunch of us met up in Washington DC and went through the House of Representatives, to each of our representative’s offices and demanded answers of the staff there and implored them not to pass Obamacare, I was attacked. Within two weeks of this event, I found an IRS agent in my office demanding to see my records. “Where are your papers, Mr. Davis?”


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