Does This Make Sense to You?

Bruce Ohr, former associate deputy attorney general, arrives to testify behind closed doors in Washington, Aug. 28.

From the Wall Street Journal on August 30, 2018:

What Bruce Ohr Told Congress

This week’s news is that Mr. Ohr’s deliveries to the FBI came with a caveat. Congress already knew that Mr. Ohr had been aware of Mr. Steele’s political biases. In notes Mr. Ohr took of a September 2016 conversation with Mr. Steele, he wrote that the dossier author “was desperate that Donald Trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being president.” Congressional sources tell me that Mr. Ohr revealed Tuesday that he verbally warned the FBI that its source had a credibility problem, alerting the bureau to Mr. Steele’s leanings and motives. He also informed the bureau that Mrs. Ohr was working for Fusion and contributing to the dossier project.



So the simple question is why the Senate did not act on this information and have the DOJ arrest all of the people who were warned and perpetrated a fraud on the FISA court by signing off on the FISA warrant applications? Both the House and Senate had Republican majorities in August 2018? The arrests would have exposed the depth of the Deep State and very likely kept the House in the hands of the Republicans.

Just another win for the Deep State.

David DeGerolamo

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Just Another Swamp Rat: William Barr’s Connection to Ruby Ridge

The Senate Judiciary Committee hearings for Attorney General nominee William Barr have focused heavily on Barr’s views on Special Counsel Robert Mueller. But nobody is asking about Barr’s legal crusade for blanket immunity for federal agents who killed American citizens.

Barr received a routine questionnaire from the Judiciary Committee asking him to disclose his past work including pro bono activities “serving the disadvantaged.” The “disadvantaged” that Barr spent the most time helping was an FBI agent who slayed an Idaho mother holding her baby in 1992. Barr spent two weeks organizing former Attorneys General and others to support “an FBI sniper in defending against criminal charges in connection with the Ruby Ridge incident.” Barr also “assisted in framing legal arguments advanced… in the district court and the subsequent appeal to the Ninth Circuit,” he told the committee.

That charitable work (for an FBI agent who already had a federally-paid law firm defending him) helped tamp down one of the biggest scandals during Barr’s time as Attorney General from 1991 to early 1993. Barr was responsible for both the U.S. Marshals Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, two federal agencies whose misconduct at Ruby Ridge “helped to weaken the bond of trust that must exist between ordinary Americans and our law enforcement agencies,” according to a 1995 Senate Judiciary Committee report.


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Special counsel issues rare statement disputing explosive Cohen report

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It appears that BuzzFeed can be sued for slander

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s office issued a rare statement Friday disputing a report from BuzzFeed News that President Trump had told his former lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress.

“BuzzFeed’s description of specific statements to the Special Counsel’s Office, and characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office, regarding Michael Cohen’s Congressional testimony are not accurate,” special counsel spokesman Peter Carr said in a statement to BuzzFeed released on Friday night.


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How the Democrats Will Use the Shutdown for Political Power

Here is the government’s solution to extending food stamps issued during the government shutdown:

Because of the federal shutdown, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has instructed states to issue February’s Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) benefits by Sunday, Jan. 20. Benefits would normally be available to families between the 3rd and 21st of February.

“We are working closely with county departments of social services and our federal partners to ensure participants and retailers have little to no interruption of FNS services due to the shutdown,” said Tara Myers, NCDHHS Deputy Secretary for Human Services.

FNS is a federal food assistance program that provides low-income families with funds to purchase food needed for a nutritional, adequate diet. Once February’s FNS funds are distributed, they will be available for use. However, participants should be aware that since there will be no FNS benefits issued in the month of February, they should plan accordingly.


If recipients do not “budget” their assistance properly, they will run out of food about the middle of February. No additional assistance will be given until the government shutdown is resolved.

Make no mistake: the Democrats plan to starve their constituents in order to secure their power and their voting block in the next election. The longer the shutdown goes on, the more political capital they will receive. We all know how this will end.

David DeGerolamo

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Trump’s Mistake

President Trump should have allowed the Pelosi entourage to fly out of the country. Then he should have cancelled any remaining military flights for her excursion. Pelosi has no clue concerning the people’s opinion of her in flyover country. She also has no clue concerning the President’s ability to win. This will be a long government shutdown and the people will see that life can go on without the government.

David DeGerolamo

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The Solution To Hate Speech Is MORE Speech!

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Still Not Tired of Winning

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Ouch! Pelosi Was On Tarmac When Trump Cancelled “Excursion” Overseas

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is said to be furious with President Donald Trump after he canceled her overseas junket. She was waiting on the tarmac at Joint Base Andrews preparing to leave at 3 p.m. Thursday when her team got word.

Trump cancelled the trip until an agreement can be reached on border security. He noted the 800,000 workers who have not received pay, saying she can reschedule her trip at  the end of the government shutdown.


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William Barr on Assault Weapons and Clips

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Retribution Is Coming

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Not Your Typical Russian Bear

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Western North Carolina Churches Open Doors and Hearts to Illegal Aliens

Ponkho Bermejo knows a thing or two about privilege.

Growing up in Mexico, he told a gathering of friends at BeLoved Community in Asheville last month, “My mother would have us gather up things we didn’t wear anymore and we would give them to people who needed them, because even though we were poor, we had more than some people. That’s privilege. Here in the United States I can at least speak English, and I have what I need. That’s privilege.”

After arriving in the U.S. as an adult without the requisite papers, Bermejo traveled around the country before coming to Asheville three years ago. He lives at BeLoved and offers his talents as artist, musician and teacher free of charge, getting by on whatever folks donate.

The Rev. Amy Cantrell, co-founder of BeLoved, says her church was the first in the region to offer sanctuary, beginning about four years ago.



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Pelosi Demands Trump Delay State Of The Union Over Shutdown

Someone needs to explain to the dementia riddled Squeaker of the House that elections have consequences. She is not the President and she does not represent the people of the country.

David DeGerolamo


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday asked Donald Trump to delay his State of the Union address – or deliver it in writing – while the government is partially shut down. 

Pointing to security concerns, Pelosi said that the partial shutdown has crippled both the US Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security, which may compromise security measures that precede the primetime address, according to Politico


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Squeaker of the House

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Two deaths away from the Presidency of the country.

David DeGerolamo

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North Carolina Civil War Sites Ditching Confederate gear

Members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans camps from Wilson and Rocky Mount are pictured at the Thompson family cemetery near Silver Lake during an annual gravesite cleanup held in honor of Pvt. Doctor Franklin Thompson of Wilson County in December 2017.

State officials say there was no marching order to yank Confederate battle flags from gift shop shelves at North Carolina’s Civil War battlefields, but they don’t deny reports of a gradual phase-out.

Michelle Walker, a spokeswoman for the N.C. Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, said the agency overseeing state historic sites “does not currently have a written policy that addresses the issue of the sale of Confederate battle flag merchandise.”

The rebel banner is reportedly unavailable at several state-maintained sites, including the Bentonville Battlefield southeast of Four Oaks in Johnston County. Jake Sullivan, chief of staff for the Sons of Confederate Veterans’ North Carolina Division, said his group has received numerous reports that the merchandise is disappearing.


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Are We Being Played?

This isn’t good.

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