The Silent Enemy: How PTSD Damages Our Soldiers

This infographic points out that many of the serving or veteran military personnel who are diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are simply not receiving the clinical or financial support they need.

This is despite the fact that PTSD is more understood than ever before. In fact, as the infographic points out, doctors have been treating soldiers for psychological effects of combat since World War I.

The infographic focuses on facts about how PTSD affects servicemen and women.

Some of the highlights of this infographic include:

65,000 WWI veterans were still being treated for ‘shell shock’ 10 years later
PTSD in the US affects 31% of veterans
1 in 3 people develop PTSD after a traumatic experience
Under 18s are significantly more likely to suffer PTSD when leaving the forces
93% of veterans are ashamed or embarrassed about their mental health problems
62% of PTSD sufferers also have current or past alcohol or drug problems
3/4 of veterans on average resolve symptoms with counselling


military ptsd

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The Tyranny of the Perpetually Offended

Someone had commented how much this blog has changed over the years, for the worse, as he saw it. He’s probably right. I used to write a lot about the Constitution, about the violations, specifically and line by line with supporting case law, etc.

The problem with that sort of thing is that we no longer live in a Constitutional republic. What is the point in going on and on about a document that means nothing, that is irrelevant and disregarded? One only need to read the headlines to understand that an entire presidential administration operated outside the law, with aid and support of the federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies to see what I mean. That is an impossibility in a government where there is the rule of law, that it is respected by the government as well as the people and that world just no longer exists.

What we have now, they “system” under which this nation operates is something else entirely, it is more akin to a democracy the likes of which the founders hated. “A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty nine.”  Thomas Jefferson.


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I Did Not Think This Day Would Come

I did not think this day would come while the Republic was intact. Then again, who is to say the Republic is intact? Do we really have the rule of law? Is the Constitution still in place or has its death notice been served by traitors masquerading as the FBI, Department of Justice, the Judiciary and assorted intelligence agencies? I suspect events will start to unfold quickly. I wish you “good luck” as I doubt the majority of the people understand or care about their Liberty to make a difference. I suppose Hillary Clinton’s most famous line is appropriate: “At this point, what difference does it make”?

Then again, for some, “we shall fight on the beaches”.

David DeGerolamo


Seattle Police Begin NAZI STYLE Gun Confiscation: No Laws Broken, No Warrant, No Charges

A man in Seattle has had his gun confiscated by police after breaking no laws. The police took his gun without a warrant and without pressing any charges.  Tyranny has officially taken hold on American soil.

This sets a precedent that government can now forcefully take guns away from an individual without a crime being committed or an arrest being made and without a warrant. In the name of fear and political exploitation of anti-gun rhetoric, a citizen’s Second Amendment rights have been ripped away from him by the government.


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“They Remain UnReconstructed”

A good essay about “Defiance Still Alive in the Mountain South”

… worth your attention … excerpts:

“A recurring theme is a critique of a common theme in my essays, that there is no final liberty solution. I stand by this. Trumpite neoliberalism, fetishism of Pinochet style Death Flights, nor rallying behind the career NY liberal businessman in the White House (who suddenly discovered populism) will save America. It’s a sinking ship and its time to get off. I focus on a post-freedom exodus strategy.

“The Final Liberty Solution will never be attained because everyone has a different, subjective concept of what that is. We cannot get 5 threepers, libertarians or constitutionalists to agree on enough to have a meaningful coalition, how can you obtain a free country that will suit all 310+ million people on the land mass that the US state occupies? History has shown that things constantly revolve. It is largely the documentation of the struggle against Power. I do not see this paradigm changing anytime soon, if ever. Do not take this to say that I do not believe in self-defense, even of the collective sort.

“Appalachian Anti-Statism exists, yet the allergy to authority has waned.

“If you claim to be a steward of your own self-protection but you do not carry every day and do not have an appropriate skillset to support that, you are wrong. If you claim self-reliance but are not making a concerted effort in a personal secession mission away the systems that bind and oppress, you are living a lie. If you claim to be a man of the new resistance ready anything from a guerrilla conflict to an EMP, but you cannot ruck 1 mile, you are a joke. But you don’t need to be. Get to work. Its simple but it ain’t easy. No one is coming to save you. Be unconquered.

Source: ZeroGov

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Early April Fools

I would like to believe that one of the multiple of triggers for WW III has been eliminated. Looking at the historical actions of North Korean compliance starting with the Clinton/Albright fiasco shows us why we are in the current situation:

Recall that in 1994, faced with the threat of North Korea producing plutonium for nuclear weapons, the U.S. sought a diplomatic solution. Taking a cue from an exploratory trip to Pyongyang by former President Jimmy Carter, the Clinton administration wooed North Korea with an offer of lightwater nuclear reactors to be used exclusively for the peaceful production of electricity. All Pyongyang had to do was give up its nuclear bomb program.

North Korea was labelled one of the axis of evil countries by George Bush but nothing was done under his administration to eliminate the nuclear threat. Under the Obama administration, nothing was done except to lie to the people concerning this threat. I believe Trump will handle this threat better than presidents in the past. He has no choice but to address the failures of the past.

David DeGerolamo



Breakthrough: North Korea Ready To Denuclearize “If Regime Safety Is Guaranteed”

Score another diplomatic victory for Trump, whose hard line negotiating tactic appears to have generated a dramatic – and favorable for market – outcome. Moments ago futures spiked, 10Y yields jumped and the USDJPY bounced about 106 on what the FT dubbed a “diplomatic breakthrough” that North and South Korea have agreed to hold direct talks between their leaders with North Korea signalling it is willing to abandon its nuclear program “if regime security can be guaranteed.”


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It’s almost April …

Source: The Patriot Post

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Courage Is A Choice

Courage is one of those intangible nouns which forge our souls into moral men with Sacred honor. Like wisdom, it cannot be seen or appreciated until the time is right. Or wrong, depending on the case.

David DeGerolamo


The problem in America, as with every other great civilization in history, is that we—like our forebears—abrogated that responsibility to a selected corps of “protectors,” in favor of doing less dangerous, “more rewarding” tasks like banking and arguing before a courtroom, fixing someone’s plumbing, or working on their computer problems. Even my farmer neighbors, those stalwart representatives of our yeoman agrarian past, when a predator stalks their livestock, are as likely to call in the game warden as they are to simply shoot, shovel, and shut up.

This then, is the most important lesson given the American people by the niðings of Broward County—and perhaps the only thing of worth they’ve done in their lives, if I had to guess—and it is one that many of us have been telling people for a very long time: no one is coming to save you. You are responsible for your safety, your family’s safety, and the safety of your community (and if you think any of those stand alone, then you are a fool).


via WRSA

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And You Thought the Clinton Foundation Was Bad

Over six weeks of negotiation, a deal to bring $57.8 million to North Carolina as part of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline project morphed from an agreement between the pipeline partnership and the state to a deal between the partnership and Gov. Roy Cooper.

Draft versions of the memorandum of understanding laying out terms for the mitigation fund show changes handwritten in the margins by William McKinney, Cooper’s in-house attorney, as the deal was worked up in December and January.

Instead of the money flowing to the state, it would go into an escrow fund designated by the governor. Repeated references to “the state of North Carolina” were edited to “the governor of the state of North Carolina.”

The reason? Cooper and his administration don’t trust the Republican-controlled General Assembly.


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You Cannot Build A Nation on Theft

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You Can’t Make This Up

And the sad fact: Hillary’s base believes her.

David DeGerolamo

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White South Africans petition Trump to allow them to migrate to US

white crosses SA

Increasingly news is coming out of South Africa that white farmers are being murdered in ever greater numbers and the government there has made the first moves toward confiscating their prime agricultural lands.

How did this racism get so far along before you heard about it?

It’s because it goes completely against the Leftist meme that only whites can be racists and indeed the mainstream media told us that South Africa was to be the beacon for the new multicultural world calling it the Rainbow Nation. It is all BS of course as we have reported in previous posts archived here.


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Pay Attention and Use Reason

The latest #QAnon posts from March 3, 2018 once again asks questions, gives the same advice and gives hope for justice in the country. I have been watching the news and I see more corruption exposed with little media coverage and no arrests. I see the division increasing along with the exploitation of our children to enact gun control. I see Jeff Sessions doing nothing as even more corruption is exposed at the FBI.

Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait for the IG report (which may be delayed) that will do what? Confirm that corruption in the government is rampant but nothing will be done? Wait for any number of triggers for a global war to erupt? An economic collapse? A government coup? Or read the same tired refrain from an anonymous source? I encourage people to hope. I also encourage people who are following QAnon to read his earlier messages and see how many have come to fruition. I want to believe. At this point, I believe in the Lord and what I can do with His guidance.

David DeGerolamo

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Catholic Church sets out a vision for closer ties with Islam

“Leave them; they are blind guides. And if a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit.” (Matthew 15:14)

“Dialogue” and interfaith outreach always and in every case go only one way, with fond Christians such as Vincent Nichols appealing for peace and friendship to Muslim leaders, who use the resulting “dialogue” to silence Christians who are talking about Muslim persecution of Christians and the Qur’an’s teaching regarding Christianity, and to engage in subtle dawah, Islamic proselytizing, with the participating Christians, and in any documents resulting from the “dialogue.”

So Vincent Nichols is pictured here planting a tree at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, but that isn’t the only hole he is digging.


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Democrat campaign “contributions” …

I always believed the Democrats had “sticky fingers” when it came to their campaign finances.

Contributor says: “Hey … don’t touch me there, Bro…”

A Texas Democratic candidate for a South Texas state representative seat is financing her campaign in an unusual way by raking in donations of deer semen. More than half of her fundraising came from the “in kind” donations, election reports indicate.

Full Story:  Breitbart

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Imagine If “Atlas Shrugged” Was Required Reading in High School

Whenever anyone accuses some person of being ‘unfeeling,’ he means that that person is just. He means that that person has no causeless emotions and will not grant him a feeling which he does not deserve. He means that ‘to feel’ is to go against reason, against moral values, against reality.

Ayn Rand

Image result for john galt's creed

Atlas Shrugged used to be required reading in our high schools. The economic lessons taught in this novel will change the lives of sentient beings. The division between producers and looters is apparent today. The consequences between acting with “feelings” versus “intelligent thought” are also evident.

We are facing a multitude of issues designed to destroy our country, morality and children’s future. Debate is not a valid method to solving issues according to the looters. But then it never was about intelligent debate when the power to control the individual is concerned. While we continue to wait for a failed legal system to bring traitors and criminals to justice, at some point we have to face the reality of the evil aligned against us. When that point is reached, I pray for wisdom based on the fear of God.

David DeGerolamo


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