Keeping the AR-15 California Legal

AR-15 owners in California now have to register as “owners of assault weapons.” Where’s the 2nd amendment protection here?

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Why Do You Think Russia Is Dumping US Treasuries?

Here Is The Stunning Reason Why Treasury Yields Blew Out In April

As Trade Wars began, the rest of the world dumped more Treasuries in April than in any month since January 2016…

It was Vladimir Putin that decided to puke the most US Treasuries out of Russia ever, liquidating half, or $47.4 billion, of its US Treasuries in one month, to its lowest holdings since March 2008!


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The Mainstream Media’s Collusion with the Deep State IS America’s Biggest Enemy

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Not Father’s Day Too

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Six Key Points From the DOJ Inspector General Report


The Swamp defends itself.


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Why People Stopped Prepping, South Africa, California Secession

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Sounds About Right – Part 2

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Sounds About Right

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CNN Responds To Trump: “We Are Not The Enemy Of The American People”


President Trump’s latest casual criticism of the American mainstream media was apparently a bridge too far for CNN Host Wolf Blitzer. In one of the most self-congratulatory segments of cable news in recent memory, Blitzer and CNN analyst David Gregory took turns griping about Trump and the culture of anti-media hostility that Trump has supposedly created (even though it existed long before he arrived, and is much more closely linked to the media’s own inept coverage).


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Arkancide or Justice?

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Got Rope?

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Because Excellence Is Not Recognized by North Carolina Indoctrination Centers

Joshua’s school recently did away with naming a valedictorian and replaced it with the Latin honors ranking system.

Dad buys billboard for son after school doesn’t recognize him as valedictorian

A dad in North Carolina bought his recently graduated son a billboard recognizing him as valedictorian even though the school refused to do so.

Gary Allmon purchased the large digital sign for his son, Joshua, on U.S. Highway 264 in Wake County, North Carolina to celebrate his four years of hard work.

Gary wrote, “East Wake High School and Wake County Public School Board may not recognize Josh’s hard work but we will.”

Joshua’s school recently did away with naming a valedictorian and replaced it with the Latin honors ranking system as a “better way to recognize students who may have barely missed being named valedictorian or salutatorian by several decimal places,” according to News and Observer.


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Reality Check on Our Two-Tiered Justice System

So much for the rule of law as it applies to the Deep State. Will we stand for this?

David DeGerolamo

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The Rule of Law is Dead

The conclusions from the long-anticipated report from the DOJ’s Inspector General (OIG) were leaked to Bloomberg Thursday morning, which says that despite any personal animus the FBI employees had against Trump, that bias did not creep into their conduct. Even, apparently, when they changed the language of her “exoneration” letter through extensive edits which effectively decriminalized her behavior.

Needless to say, the IG report – what we know of it, is starting to seem a lot like Comey laying out all of Hillary Clinton’s alleged crimes in great detail, only to exonerate her by saying that “no reasonable prosecutor” would bring a case against the former Secretary of State.

And now, Inspector General Horowitz – who has been deified by many on the right as a servant of justice beyond reproach, may soon come under suspicion for bias of his own

The Declaration of Independence states that “when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government.”

They don’t realize that by rejecting the Rule of Law, they have set us free.  We are independent.  We owe them nothing, not respect, not loyalty, not obedience.  We Owe Them Nothing!!!

May God have mercy on our country.


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Are You Tired of Winning Yet?

Food stamp usage has dropped to its lowest number in eight years. American employment is up and people on unemployment has just reached a 45 year low. While this news will not impact the US debt of $21 trillion, it does improve the people’s confidence in the economy. And it improves hope. The hopelessness that Obamanation imposed on the country is being erased. As is Obama’s legacy.

David DeGerolamo


Americans On Unemployment Benefits Drop To 45 Year Low

For the first time since November 1973, there are less than 1.7 million Americans claiming jobless benefits…


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