Living in the South by the Grace of God

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It’s The Same Old Story, Same Old Song and Dance

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March 22, 2017. Another act of Islamic terrorism. There may be small variations but the main script is the same:

1. Terrorist attack occurs.
2. News blackout or very little details.
3. Authorities are investigating.
4. An “act of terror” is declared.
5. The name of the attacker is withheld pending an investigation.
6. “Lone wolf” extremist is declared who is not indicative of Islam.
7. The name of the deceased attacker is released.
8. The attacker had been previously identified and/or interviewed.
9. Muslims around the world cheer and support the attack on infidels on social media.
10. Non-muslims are warned of the consequences of “Islamophobia”.
11. Normalcy bias sets in.
12. Terrorist attack occurs.

The attacks will never stop. The normalcy bias will continue until the enemy is at the gate in numbers too large to ignore.

David DeGerolamo


London Attacker Was Previously Investigated By UK Spies Over “Violent Extremism”, May Says

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May told British lawmakers that one attacker was responsible for the deadly Westminster terror incident in London on Wednesday, and that the attacker had been investigated by security services in the past.  “It’s still believed that this attacker acted alone,” May told lawmakers in the House of Commons.

May said that a British-born man inspired by Islamist ideology, who had been previously investigated by MI-5 is responsible for the attack.

His identity is known to the police and MI5 and, when operations allow he will be publicly identified. He was British born and some years ago he was investigated by MI5 in relation to concerns about violent extremism,” May said.


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Monday morning sing-along …

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George Knew the Consequences of Unchecked Immigration

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Let’s “TRIGGER” a Snowflake …

This is a beautiful discovery:

So I am talking with one of my cuck friends that is a Facebook shill reposting a bunch of Huffington articles. I was talking to him about his kids and school and which school they are going to attend because they go to private schools. He starts talking shit about Trump and Betsy DeVos and how they are going to ruin the school systems. And I say, “well you made your decision to go to private schools long before Trump and DeVos had any influence.” He chuckles sheepishly and says the public schools in his area suck.

So I give him a little shit and say, “Oh yeah, so you are all about open borders as long as those kids don’t go to the same schools as your kids.”


“Fake American”

And this guy that I knew and loved absolutely loses his shit on me. I am talking epic meltdown. I thought at one point he was literally going to attack me.

I don’t know what it is with the left and that label “fake.” They really really hate it. I mean #fakenews is driving them f-ing insane.

So I walked away from that conversation not really realizing I had stumbled onto something. I told my based wife and she laughed at his meltdown. Then, I told my cucked mother-in-law, who I also have a really good relationship with, and she got very upset over that term “fake.” “You can’t just throw that word around.”

Huh? So this got me scratching my head. I don’t watch CNN so maybe somehow they’ve poisoned the minds of the masses to believe that “fake” is an evil word.

So I started dropping the label “fake American” every chance I got when I knew I was talking to a leftie, in a very casual sarcastic joking manner. And you know what? Sure as shit, each and every one of them had a strong visceral response – they were TRIGGERED!

So I bring this information to this patriotic community because there is power in triggering cucks and I truly believe this “fake American” label is the mother of all triggers.

I suggest you also start using it at every chance you get, every tweet, every text, every post.


I’m testing the idea with this new sticker in the window on my truck:

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The Appalachian Messenger – March 17, 2017

This week’s edition of the Appalachian Messenger has articles by:

Robert Gore
Trump and Vault 7

Samuel Culper
Outline of Leftist Game Plan to ‘Topple’ the Trump Administration

T. L. Davis
Even If Alone

Click here for the March 17, 2017 edition.

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Capitalism vs. Socialism

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The Appalachian Messenger – March 10, 2017

This week’s edition of the Appalachian Messenger has articles by:

Robert Gore
The Ruler of the World

Francis W. Porretto
A Great Light Dawns

T. L. Davis
Sometimes, You Have To Fight

Click here for the March 10, 2017 edition.

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Nothing more to say …


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According to the Department of Defense the purpose of a Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) counterintelligence collection is to detect espionage, sabotage, terrorism, and related hostile intelligence activities to “deter, [to] neutralize, or [to] exploit them.”

What we know.
1. Someone or some government agency wiretapped conversations between General Michael Flynn and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.
2. Then President Obama instructed Attorney General Lynch to “share” National Security Agency surveillance information between intelligence agencies, thereby causing leaks like the Titanic.
3. The United States wiretapped German Chancellor Angela Merkel between 2010 and 2013, and then President Obama apologized and assured her that she wasn’t currently being monitored.
4. The United States wiretapped conversations between Prime Minister Netanyahu and congressional members.
5. Conversations between President-elect Trump or his acolytes and foreign leaders were monitored and released to the press.
6. The Obama Administration ordered the wiretap of Fox News reporter James Rosen.

The New York Times and Washington Post both ran articles which claimed that Trump was under surveillance. This is village idiot common sense stuff; you can’t leak the content of a telephonic chat unless you have heard the conversation! These leakers weren’t Carnac the Magnificent!

A FISA warrant program wasn’t designed for political eavesdropping. Of course spokesmen for Obama claim the former president never ordered eavesdropping of President Trump and knew nothing about any such initiative. Since Obama has been caught in more than one “bald face” lie, it certainly isn’t a giant leap to discount any denial he or his spokesman would offer with regard to authorizing a wiretap of Trump’s telephones. Certainly Obama wouldn’t have picked up a White House phone and ordered the wiretap. But it is altogether reasonable to believe that Obama could have suggested to a White House staffer that “it would be nice if” (with a wink and a nod) and then the staffer relayed the wish on to Loretta Lynch. Since Lynch saw no problem with chatting with former President Clinton while his wife, and possibly he was under investigation, why would she hesitate to order a wiretap of Trump.

The British Broadcast Company (BBC) reported that Obama’s Justice Department requested a FISA warrant in June, 2016, which was denied. They went on to assert the request was refiled in July, 2016, and again denied. The BBC further alleged that the third request in October, 2016, was approved. The presumed logic for the requests for the FISA warrants was to intercept communications from two Russian banks suspected of facilitating donations to the Trump campaign. The issuance of a FISA warrant has yet to be confirmed.

Something about all this has a foul odor. The Justice Department needs to release the documentation which prompted the FISA warrant(s) requests. Then they need to release the content of whatever information they obtained or admit they wasted time and energy and found nothing illegal on the part of the Trump campaign. But it should be noted that illegal foreign contributions, presuming they exist, do not a link to terrorism make!

It is early to make a determination as to whether Obama’s administration ordered, suggested, or approved a wiretap of Trump’s headquarters. But if Obama can read a newspaper, he can’t truthfully deny knowledge of what was going on! No one will ever find Obama’s fingerprints on any surveillance order!

One thing is for sure, the smoke surrounding Attorney General Sessions will clear shortly and he will be able to get to work; part of that work will be to order the overturning of every rock that some slime ball may be hiding under. Once they are discovered and squeezed with a threat of, or immunity from prosecution they will probably talk; no one wants to be a boy toy in a federal prison.

It should be noted that the days of the justice department looking the other way is a thing of the past. All this will come out and probably sooner rather than later.

Have a good week. Bill Shuey is a freelance writer currently in South Texas.

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Chapel Hill/Carrboro Cancels Classes for ‘Day without Women’

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Two Americas

President wannabe John Edwards once said “There are two Americas” and indeed there are but not as defined by Edwards. Trump did not cause the deep division in the two Americas – the gulf between the conservative and liberal mindsets produced his presidency. The differences between the Democrats and Republicans are obvious and striking.

The difference begins with manners. Throughout the campaign Trump’s partisans would gather in huge rallies, applaud, calmly go home, and later voted. At the same time we saw Clinton’s mobs of ill-bred, shoddily mannered, and perennial adolescents blocking highways, shutting down rallies, engaging in vandalism and physically attacking supporters of Trump. Cars were destroyed, fires set, windows broken, and ATMs smashed. Black Lives Matter, perpetual bottom feeding predators, was the worst of the lot, but low-grade college students and their equally dismal professors joined in. They were obscene, infantile and short of common-sense or adult manners.

Ashley Judd said “. . . I am not as nasty as your own daughter being your favorite sex symbol, like your wet dreams infused with your own genes.” Apparently the people who sponsored the Women’s March found Judd’s words uplifting – they didn’t denounce her comments. Can anyone envision in their wildest dreams anyone from Middle America suggesting that Obama was lusting for incest with his daughters? Of course not; Mr. Trump may be crass at times but his followers typically aren’t.

The outpouring of venom by the wacky left is classless and often mindless – seemingly afflicted with ghetto mouth syndrome. Stop and think for just a moment; how many women who supported Trump would approve of Ms. Judd’s remarks? How many would allow their daughters to wear “pussy” hats? How many would allow their daughters to be a part of that self-defiling assembly?

There seems to be a juvenile belief among the liberal/socialist Clinton/Obama followers that they are, along with other entitlements, entitled to have the leader they want in the White House – the desires of the rest of us are merely an annoyance. When they are disappointed they act out like spoiled brats; which perhaps in a general sense, best describes them. The childish reaction to President Trump’s address to the joint session of Congress confirms just how devoid of common respect and decency the liberals really are.

This chasm between the left and right isn’t caused by economics – there are poor and rich on both sides. The students who are marching in the streets don’t seem to know specifically what they are protesting against. Most should probably be enrolled in some type vocational school program because they certainly don’t exhibit the prerequisite intelligence necessary to absorb college level information. When asked, they don’t know what countries sponsor terrorism, who actually provides the funds for welfare programs, or any other basic knowledge that a middle school child would be expected to be able to recount.

The Clinton/Obama followers seem to believe that obscene language is normal and acceptable. Hemorrhoids are normal and certainly not a societal blemish; but most people don’t put them on display in a public forum.

True liberalism encourages freedom of expression – today’s college twits and administrators don’t. Being uncouth, destroying property, attacking law enforcement, looting, and arson are not acts of liberalism – they are rather emblematic of a lawlessness allowed to fester due to poor parenting and a hapless criminal justice system inflicted with political correctness.

The most telling circumstance in all the foregoing is that the Democrat establishment doesn’t condemn any of the base conduct of their followers. No matter how offensive the comments, the visual images, or the carnage, the liberals find a way to view the actions as acceptable.

The reality is that there are two distinguishable Americas and life would be better if one of the two was on another continent, or planet. Most of us of a certain age can only shake our heads in disbelief at the asinine and obnoxious behavior of the twits in the street. But when we see a U.S. Congress member call Trump’s cabinet members “A bunch of scumbags,” it becomes easier to understand the mindlessness of twits. This type comment should be beneath the dignity of a congress member, unfortunately, several of them are not role models for anything but buffoonery type behavior. Then we have the governors and mayors who are in open defiance of federal law and liberals defend their action.

If there is a solution to the raw sores which inflict America, I don’t have the salve. Probably the only resolution will come amidst the smoke of guns and burning buildings and then one faction will prevail – for better or worse.

Have a good week.

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The Appalachian Messenger – March 3, 2017

This week’s edition of the Appalachian Messenger has articles by:

Robert Gore
Plot Holes

Samuel Culper
A Full List of US Government Documents Published Regarding Russian Hacking

T. L. Davis
The Only Option

Kit Perez
Learn From the Idiocy of Others

Click here for the March 3, 2017 edition.

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The Obama Led Revolution

I would like to make a simple observation: if Americans truly cared about their country and their children’s future, an Obama led revolution would never be considered by their “side”. I have always hated (and I do not use that word lightly) the division that choosing sides represents. I pray for guidance every day. I pray to do His work in His name. And what is His response: do not let the people be destroyed by choosing sides.

I have no solution. Divisive behavior is effective. Domestic enemies know this and are using it along with their co-conspirators. How do you fight a well-financed shadow government supported by the media? How do you rid people of their apathy as they place their “hope” in a new political leader? How do you restore Faith in the people? Or do we need a major event to wake up to the enemy already within our gates?

Obama has “decided” to become the titular head of a revolution to remove lawful government with the help of Valerie Jarrett. Isn’t that sedition? But then many (let’s be realistic and state “most”) people on the other “side” do not consider Obama to be a threat. Which side will win: the duly elected government or the Obama led Shadow Government? Why are we sitting and waiting to see which government will win the “right” to rule the people? Do you want to be defined by choosing a side that represents a political party’s agenda? That is not the foundation upon which this country was based.

So the ever present question remains: what are you going to do?

David DeGerolamo


Valerie Jarrett Moves In With Obamas In DC “To Lead The Fight & Strategy To Topple Trump”

In his only public comment against Trump since leaving the presidency, Obama came out in support of the protests opposing President Donald Trump’s executive order to restrict immigration from predominantly Muslim countries.  A spokesman said the former president thinks they’re ‘citizens exercising their Constitutional right to assemble, organize and have their voices heard by their elected officials is exactly what we expect to see when American values are at stake.’

‘He is going to use his immense popularity with the half of the country that identifies as liberals and progressives,’ said the Obama family source. ‘Millions of Americans are energized and ready to take to the streets to oppose Trump, but they need to be organized and have their anger focused and directed.

‘Obama is dismayed at the way Trump is tearing down his legacy—ObamaCare, the social safety net and the welcome mat for refugees he put in place,’ the source continued.

‘He had hoped to write his memoirs, golf to his heart’s content. and bask in the glory of his eight years in power and the progressive achievements he brought about. Instead, he is going to be leading the fight and strategy to topple Trump.‘ says the insider.


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America Reconstructed: 
150 Years of National Supremacy

Published by America’s Remedy.
Written by Cliff Muncy and Milo Townsend.

Allow me first to apologize for this interruption. I do, like many of you, appreciate the comforts of every day routine – the security of the familiar, the tranquility of repetition. I enjoy them as much as any bloke.

“But in the spirit of commemoration, whereby those important events of the past, usually associated with someones death or the end of some awful bloody struggle, are celebrated with a nice holiday, I thought we could mark this […] – a day that is sadly no longer remembered – by taking some time out of our daily lives to sit down and have a little chat.

– V, from V for Vendetta

This month of March marks the 150th anniversary of one of the most controversial and politically significant events in America’s history; however, chances are good that, to most, it will pass unobserved. In fact, this may likely be the only timely reminder of its preeminent political significance that you’ll see in your news feed.

On March 2, 1867, the 39th United States Congress initiated the first in a series of legislative Acts intended to forever alter American government. These Acts, the Reconstruction Acts, would prove not only to open a battleground which would ultimately reverse the relationships between the federal and state governments, but it would also set the stage to dramatically change the very nature of citizenship itself. Just two short years after America’s most bloody war, this event, commencing the Congressional plan of Reconstruction, marks Congress’ declaration of yet a second political war, distinct from the one that had only lately ended, most notably in its character as a war of overt conquest.

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