Basic Pistol Course – Murphy, NC

Personal Defense Strategies, LLC

July 30th, 2017

2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Murphy, NC

This course is perfect for the beginner or the person who wants a refresher course on the basic fundamentals of shooting.  This course covers: 

·         Safe gun-handling

·         Marksmanship fundamentals

·         Magazine loading, reloading, and malfunction clearances

·         Drawing from a holster

·         Basic shooting drills 

Other course topics include situational awareness, combat mindset, integrating Cooper’s Color Codes into your daily life, and finding your balance of speed and accuracy.  The course is taught by NRA-certified and law enforcement firearms instructors. 

The course has limited enrollment and classes fill up fast.  The cost of the course is $49.00 and advanced, full-payment is required to reserve a seat in class.  Due to limited class enrollment, payment is non-refundable.  Rescheduling will be allowed for the next available class only if space is available.  Cancellation on the day of the class is considered a “no show.”  

Payment can be made via PalPay at or by check to: 

Personal Defense Strategies, LLC

226 Gainesville Highway, Suite C

Blairsville, GA  30512

What to Bring: 

·         A modern, serviceable, center-fire handgun (semi-automatic highly recommended)

·         Ear and eye protection

·         Appropriate belt and holster

·         100 rounds of factory ammunition (NO RELOADS)

·         Extra magazines and carrier

·         Comfortable clothing and shoes (no sandals or open-toed shoes)

·         Note-taking materials and bottled water 

For more information, contact Rick Klopp at or 706.781.4526.

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