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William Gheen – Immigration Hearings at the General Assembly

Are you listening Phil Berger and Thom Tillis? The final resolution today was to postpone the remaining two hearings until the Fall. Then the legislature will adjourn and this issue will be passed to the next elected General Assembly. So … Continue reading

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The Republican Party Immigration Sellout


There are multiple pieces of pending legislation concerning immigration in the North Carolina General Assembly. HB36 specifically addresses the use of E-verify for contractors who have state contracts. This bill has been relegated (buried) to committees since February 2nd, 2011. … Continue reading

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Are We Starting to Understand the Political Process?

The picture above may reflect who the general assembly is really representing for immigration reform. The following immigration legislation is being held hostage by committees. This list does not include the legislation for: Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights 2nd amendment legislation … Continue reading

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Matricula Consular Identification Card Hearings


The Judicial Subcommittee A held a hearing on March 23 concerning HB 33. I saved the best video for last. David DeGerolamo Distinguished guest addresses the judicial subcommittee A:

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