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FoxNews Alert: North Carolina approves amendment banning gay marriage

RALEIGH, North Carolina –  North Carolina voters have approved a constitutional amendment defining marriage solely as a union between a man and a woman, making it the 30th U.S. state to adopt such a ban. With 35 percent of precincts … Continue reading

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Standing Up for Marriage Is A Setback for Gay Rights?

Amendment One to the North Carolina Constitution has made the news in Chicago. David DeGerolamo North Carolina may hand setback to gay marriage push RALEIGH, North Carolina (Reuters) – Efforts to legalize gay marriage have met success in several U.S. … Continue reading

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Bill Clinton’s Lessons Require Us to Vote Against the Marriage Amendment in North Carolina

The following message from Chelsea Clinton is the most desperate plea that I have ever read. Chelsea’s is opposed to the Marriage Amendment based on the lessons she learned at a young age from Bill and Hillary Clinton? This is … Continue reading

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Why We Need a Constitutional Amendment to Protect Traditional Marriage

Years ago, and indeed, the whole of history, will show that marriage has always been intended to bind a man and woman together in a special union for the purpose of procreating and raising children.  It was not until 2001 … Continue reading

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Who Owns Marriage, Indeed


Today I watched the above sermon beginning to end, and I would like to provide some feedback based upon what I observed. First off, I appreciate this video being posted by a good friend of mine, Mr. Randy Dye. Randy … Continue reading

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Why a Marriage Amendment?

North Carolina is the latest state to face a possible erosion of traditional marriage. The question will be: How will the people react?  Marriage is a solid bedrock foundation of communities – the source of modeling, morality, and values. The … Continue reading

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Return America Rally

Return America Rally I want to let you know of an important upcoming rally. In their ongoing efforts to help pass the Marriage Protection Amendment, the group Return America is hosting a rally on April 20th at 11:00 am. We … Continue reading

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I Guess Marriage Is Against Communist Principles Now

Friend, Recently, President Barack Obama made his voice heard and came out against Amendment One. Amendment One is a proposed constutional change that would threaten the rights of same sex couples, and would have serious harmful consequences for thousands of families in … Continue reading

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