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Slaying Hizballah commander ratchets up Saudi covert war on Iran and Lebanese proxy

The gunning down of Hajj Hassan Hollo al-Laqqis, a high-ranking Hizballah commander and close crony of Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah, raised the stakes of the clandestine war running between Saudi Arabia and Iran, two weeks after two suicide bombers blew themselves up … Continue reading

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John Kerry: Another Obama Epic Fail

DEBKAfile Exclusive: Palestinian Mahmoud Abbas signs cooperation accord with Bashar Assad Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas this week signed a secret cooperation agreement with President Bashar Assad, DEBKAfile reveals here for the first time from its exclusive military and intelligence sources. They … Continue reading

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Moscow pulls away from Kerry-Lavrov deal on Syrian chemical disarmament. Assad gets to keep his WMD

Russian leaders finally picked apart the Kerry-Lavrov understanding for Syria’s chemical disarmament – less than a week after it was unveiled in Geneva last Saturday. Thursday, Sept. 19, they slapped down a string of coordinated obstructions. One knockout blow came … Continue reading

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Another Win for Putin and Assad in Syria

The Syrian helicopter flight over Turkey fabricated first Assad obstacle to chemical weapons handover Syrian Prime Minister Waal al-Khalqi knew what he was talking about when he said Monday, Sept. 16 that the Assad regime had plenty more assets up … Continue reading

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The sarin shells fired on Damascus – by Syrian 4th Division’s 155th Brigade – were followed by rockets on Israel and car bombings in Lebanon

In the space of 48 hours, the Assad regime, Iran and Hizballah launched a three-point offensive against foreign intervention, DEBKAfile reports. Here are some facts: The sarin nerve gas atrocity of Wednesday, Aug. 21, alleged to have claimed more than … Continue reading

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Putin Laughs At Saudi Offer To Betray Syria In Exchange For “Huge” Arms Deal

One of the more surprising news to hit the tape yesterday was that Saudi Arabia, exasperated and desperate by Russia’s relentless support of the Syrian regime and refusal to abandon the Syrian army thus facilitating the Qatari plan to pass … Continue reading

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US Dollar Is No Longer Welcome in Syria

Assad has banned the US dollar in Syria. Most people would say “so what”. As Qaddafi found out in Libya, dictators are not allowed to challenge the supremacy of the US dollar. Does this mean that Al Qaeda must use … Continue reading

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Violent Ramadan ahead: Egypt’s army chief says no to dialogue with Brotherhood. Assad nixes ceasefire

The holy Muslim month of Ramadan beginning in the Middle East Tuesday, July 9, heralds more, rather than less, bloodshed. After at least 51 deaths in a Cairo shootout Monday, Egypt’s military chief Gen. Abdel Fattah El-Sisi rebuffed US diplomatic efforts … Continue reading

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Moscow sets up Russian Golan brigade, warns Israel Sunnis plus al Qaeda are bigger threat than Assad

Moscow is not ready to give up on getting Russian troops posted on the divided Golan as part of the UN force policing the Israeli-Syrian separation sector, even after rejections by the UN and Israel. Monday, June 10, the Russian … Continue reading

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Qusayr was a debacle for the West and Israel: Aftershocks in Lebanon, Golan and Gaza Strip

The Syrian rebels’ defeat in the key town of al Qusayr, Wednesday, June 6, was also a major strategic debacle for the US, Israel and Western Europe, the price they paid for leaving allied Syrian-Hizballah troops orchestrated by Iranian officers a … Continue reading

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Moscow‘s smoke screen obscures Assad’s next Syrian war moves

On minute, Russian spokesmen declare that Moscow is only filling standing contracts with Syria for the sale of weapons, i.e. – S-300 anti-air missiles; the next, that delivery will take place only in the second quarter of 2014 (ahead of … Continue reading

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Assad Taunts Israel: First Russian S-300 Anti-Air Missiles Are in Syria

Directly taunting Israel, Syrian president Basher Assad says in an interview prerecorded for broadcast Thursday night, May 30, that the first batch of Russian S-300 anti-air missiles has arrived in Syria and a second consignment is on the way. The … Continue reading

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Video: Islam & Cannibalism

Be forewarned, the video below is quite graphic.  It was apparently intended as a “morale inspiring message” to fellow rebel groups in Syria. If cannibalism and other satanic acts are ‘morale inspiring’ to these monsters, then what does that say … Continue reading

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Hizballah fires rocket toward Israeli Metula, calls up reserves, enters Damascus

Residents of Israel’s northernmost town of Metula were roused before dawn Monday, May 27 by an exploding rocket fired from the Lebanese town of Marjayoun about 10 kilometers north of the border. It landed on open ground, causing no casualties … Continue reading

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Al-Qaeda’s Syrian wing takes over the oilfields once belonging to Assad

Al-Qaeda’s Syrian wing is helping to finance its activities by selling the product of oilfields that once helped to prop up the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Up to 380,000 barrels of crude oil were previously produced by wells around the … Continue reading

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