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What Is the Greater Threat to Freedom than Liberalism and Conservatism?

I never thought about classifying Ayn Rand in a political sense, only in an economic sense. But then I never thought about classifying economic systems with political parties mainly because I have some respect for economic systems like free market … Continue reading

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The Trial of Hank Rearden, from Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged

This is a long passage from the great novel, but it is worth giving extra time to read it carefully, and absorb Ayn Rand’s lesson:   –The government’s hold on us is not as strong as it seems. –The government … Continue reading

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Free Market Revolution: Did Ayn Rand Provide a Path to Economic Prosperity?

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Food for Thought

Any questions? David DeGerolamo

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What Does the National Debt Mean to the Average Citizen?

US Debt Clock.org shows the current status of our country’s monetary and fiscal categories in real time. The information shown below is from February 16, 2012. No nation has ever recovered from a debt to GDP ratio greater than 90% … Continue reading

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Is It Time to Go Galt?


There is a large difference between coming to the realization that it is time to “Go Galt” and giving up. Many people are having the discussion of participating in a system that is doomed to fail. This scenario was effectively … Continue reading

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