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How Much Will the “Moral Monday” Protestors’ Demands Cost You?

The Evil known as Rev. Barber The “Moral Monday” protestors, led by the state chapter of the NAACP, have a list of demands that, if implemented, would cost North Carolina taxpayers nearly $3 billion dollars now. That figure would likely … Continue reading

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There Is Nothing Moral about Theft

Although no one wants to admit it, it is still true: there are more of them than us. You can label it as “producers” and “looters” or pick another label. The fact is that people are easily misled. The bottom … Continue reading

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NAACP pushes Gov. McCrory to reverse course on Medicaid and unemployment

The so-called “Moral Monday” movement is back. The NAACP and other protesters made a fresh push Tuesday for Governor Pat McCrory and Republican lawmakers to reverse their decision to block Medicaid expansion and cut unemployment benefits. Despite the new demands, … Continue reading

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Barber: “We’ve Got to Repeal Stand Your Ground in North Carolina”

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North Carolina Historians Jailed for Protesting Voting Rights Abuses, Regressive Policies

The attempted changes by the Tea Party in North Carolina (the less crazy Carolina) have inspired a growing outbreak of civil disobedience meant to draw attention to the insanity. Unfortunately, we’re not seeing much about this in the corporate media. Via … Continue reading

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NAACP protest at legislature ends in arrests

More… h/t Randy D

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Whose State Constitution?

The North Carolina State Constitution is illegal. I know it, the state government knows it and the NAACP knows it. Tyranny wrapped in democracy has taken away our Liberty. David DeGerolamo

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