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Rev. Barber: A “Dummy” for the Looters?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Once again, the “Reverend Barber” has shown his continued bigotry against anyone who is not part of or threatens  his progressive agenda. The real point is that the good “Reverend” is the most divisive figure in the state of … Continue reading

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North Carolina Is Being Blackmailed

William Barber, NC NAACP President, has acknowledged that “Moral Mondays” are not a “spontaneous action.” He said that the seeds of the recent protests were first sowed  when he and others formed a coalition of liberal groups called Historic Thousands on Jones Street (HKonJ). … Continue reading

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NSA has been blackmailing Supreme Court judges, members of Congress and more

Ten days ago, I publicly stated my belief that the NSA had used its spy apparatus to gather dirt on Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, then used that leverage to force him to change his vote on Obamacare. See the original … Continue reading

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Colorado Sheriff Releases E-Mails About Democratic Senate Leadership Threats

The emails, in PDF format, are available for viewing here. More at Resistor in the Rockies…

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Why Would Standard & Poor’s Change Its Position on Our Credit Rating?


As outlined in an earlier article, Standard & Poor’s statement on July 14th required verifiable spending cuts of $4 trillion in order to maintain our nation’s triple A credit rating. Although all debt ceiling plans currently in play do not address … Continue reading

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