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Two generals forced to retire for Afghanistan breach

In a rare move, the top Marine on Monday forced two generals into retirement after concluding they should be held to account for failing to secure a base in Afghanistan on which two Marines were killed by Taliban attackers a year ago. … Continue reading

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The Benghazi Cover-up Goes Mainstream

The media is shifting allegiance from the administration to the truth based on the unraveling of the Benghazi cover-up.  It will only take one Washington insider to take down the Obama regime. What will be the consequences if this happens? The best case … Continue reading

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Unraveling the Benghazi cover-up

By Doug Hagmann: If history tells us anything, it tells us that it’s not just about the crime, it’s also about the cover-up. It’s about seeking the truth but being stonewalled at every turn, and being treated as subjects undeserving … Continue reading

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The Fix is in: Hillary’s Benghazi cover-up—like Vince Foster death investigation


If past is prologue expect the Benghazi investigations to be covered up whether or not Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testifies. According to Foreign Policy Magazine that despite the House and Senate foreign relations committees having announced she would testify on Benghazi this … Continue reading

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CBS Benghazi Cover Up

Although the information concerning an interview with Obama on September 12th will not impact the election tomorrow, it would have if released after the second presidential debate. At what point will the American public realize that CBS is culpable in … Continue reading

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