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Frank Roche Radio Program – The Impact of the Tea Party on Debt Ceiling Legislation

Frank Roche now has his own weekly radio show on Rush radio WRDU. You can listen at 106.1 FM if you live in the Raleigh area or on the Internet (http://www.wrdu.com) every Sunday from noon through 3:00 PM. Here is … Continue reading

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David’s Prayer at the Raleigh Tea Party


The text for my speech is shown below. I felt that it was important for people to understand the role that Christianity played in the thoughts of our founding fathers as shown in the Declaration of Independence. I also want … Continue reading

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Paul Revere Rides Again?

It is said that “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” however that quote is often used in reference to the terrible things of history. I believe we have to remember the good and honorable events … Continue reading

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Perception Is Truth

Have our perceptions replaced truth? The phrase “perception is truth” is a measure of our morality and honor. When we have to consider perceptions instead of the truth, we have truly become the sheeple that Pravda labeled the American people … Continue reading

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