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I Cannot Catch a Break

I have 44 posts on Facebook today that were all designed to get my account suspended for thirty days. Here is the first post below: Let’s play a game. How long will it take Facebook to give me a 30 … Continue reading

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Thirteen Facebook Friends of Blackcoon44 (James Edwards) Who Liked His Post of Killing Chris Lane

From James Edwards’ Facebook post Bang “2 drops In 2hours“: https://www.facebook.com/blackcoon44 Twelve Thirteen people liked the comment concerning the murder of Chris Lane: https://www.facebook.com/cory.kern.96?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser https://www.facebook.com/brittny.mcdaniel.3?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser https://www.facebook.com/maggie.whitley.98?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser https://www.facebook.com/brittanni.terolba?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser https://www.facebook.com/avery.majure?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser Avery also changed her cover photo after the murder of Chris Lane to:

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DTOM Contributor Brandon Raub Arrested By FBI For Facebook

I just got word that apparently one of the contributors on this site has been arrested/detained over Facebook posts.  The Police, FBI and Secret Service swarmed in and took Brandon Raub to John Randolph Metal Hospital.   This patriotic Marine had … Continue reading

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Was Facebook systematically overvalued in order to force it into a government bailout? That’s the hypothesis that Glenn Beck offered on GBTV tonight, and like many of Beck’s hypotheses, you might be surprised at the evidence that exists for it. … Continue reading

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Nationwide NDAA 2012 Congressional Protest


 Congressional Offices Throughout the Country THIS IS A MONTHLY PROTEST THAT STARTED ON FEB. 3RD AND WILL CONTINUE ON THE FIRST FRIDAY AND SATURDAY OF EACH MONTH UNTIL NDAA 2012 IS REPEALED. Americans will gather at congressional offices and other public … Continue reading

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Facebook Used to Organize Protest Against Israeli Embassy in Jordan


Facebook is being used to organize a Million Man March on September 15th in Jordan to remove the Israeli embassy. What does Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes say about this planned protest? “The page doesn’t violate our Statement of Rights and … Continue reading

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Are Social Networks Covered by the First Amendment?

Organizers of civil unrest around the world are using social networks to coordinate their efforts. This method was first used to organize protests in Iran and their success has led to its newest form of “organized riots” across England. Social … Continue reading

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