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GRNC Alert 4-18-12: Skip Stam’s Puppet Must Be DEFEATED!

Remember Skip Stam, the one who cost you lawful storage in your vehicle at work? Stam has now recruited a former underling: Chad Barefoot, who he is trying to maneuver into the Senate for puppet-like manipulation. Stam wants to control the … Continue reading

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Glen Bradley Town Hall

March 12th 7PM Lighthouse Convention Center (Blue Room) 326 Tryon Rd, Raleigh, NC Glen is a candidate for the NC Senate – Dist 18 Glen is a Constitutionally based Candidate What differentiates a Constitutional Servant from a Politician? Bring a … Continue reading

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The brewing Republican-Tea Party civil war

The following article from Judson Phillips outlines the dirty little secret that has plagued the Tea Party since its inception. We have to search our hearts and decide if political ideology is more important than our country’s future. Glen Bradley’s … Continue reading

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Restoring the Constitutional Order Is the Solution

The following is a response from Rep. Glen Bradley on the article Time to Go on the Offensive. You are exactly right, and unless we join, we will die. There is exactly one, and only one thing that can bring … Continue reading

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Tea Party Support Comes at a Price

Several candidates in our state were elected on the coattails of the Tea Party and patriot groups. This windfall support came at no cost to these candidates but we hoped that their “walk” would match their “talk”. As we found … Continue reading

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The Republican Elite vs. One Constitutionalist

Thom, I know this is long, but I hope you have time to read my argument in favor of HB587. I love all of these jobs bills that have been floating around the House lately. A few energy jobs here, … Continue reading

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Glen Bradley Makes the Drudge Report


The News & Observer’s article on Glen Bradley new legislation concerning gold and silver currency is currently on DrudgeReport.com: RALEIGH — Cautioning that the federal dollars in your wallet could soon be little more than green paper backed by broken … Continue reading

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