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The Most Tolerant Cashier – Coming to a Wal-mart Near You?

Examples of ¬†hyperinflation caused by inept government fiscal policies have been shown in the past. This example from 2011 in Belarus shows what is really important when the nation’s currency becomes worthless. Do you still have your assets in 1s … Continue reading

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Hyperinflation Has Arrived In Iran

Since the U.S. and E.U. first enacted sanctions against Iran, in 2010, the value of the Iranian rial (IRR) has plummeted,¬†imposing untold misery on the Iranian people. When a currency collapses, you can be certain that other economic metrics are … Continue reading

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Food Hyperinflation – Part II

The above chart (from CNN.money.com shows the price increases for corn, soybeans and wheat for July 18, 2012 and the opening electronic prices underneath for July 19th. Adding the two price increases together shows an increase of 3.16%, 3.61% and … Continue reading

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Another Brick in the Wall

The European Central Bank (ECB) has announced the possibility of an increase in their interest rate in April. This action is being taken preemptively to slow their rate of inflation. What are the consequences in the United States:¬† The Euro … Continue reading

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