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Europe is Dying, and Islam is the Disease Which is Killing It


BEHOLD: This is the reality of islam in Europe.  Europe is dying because of it. And if we do not act, this will very soon be the reality of islam in America. The Truth does not change: “And think not … Continue reading

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Kill Them All – Every Last One


Muslims.  As I have been warning for more than a decade now, they are dangerously destructive to society – all society – and there simply is no place for them in our world.  None.  They cannot be rehabilitated.  There is … Continue reading

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The Human Cost of Jihad Denial

Wednesday brought new confirmation of the increasingly obvious fact that the U.S. intelligence apparatus in the age of Barack Obama is woefully unprepared to deal with the foremost threat to the safety of Americans today: Islamic jihad terrorism. Nor is … Continue reading

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Just to Be Clear about Jihad

From the Merriam-Webster dictionary: In Islam, the central doctrine that calls on believers to combat the enemies of their religion. According to the Qur’an and the Hadith, jihad is a duty that may be fulfilled in four ways: by the heart, the tongue, the … Continue reading

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Islamism is even more untethered than Communism

Islamism is even more untethered than Communism, loosely originating from powerful oil nations, but able to spring up anywhere in the Muslim world. Its proponents have even less use for the nation state than the Communists. What they want is … Continue reading

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Israeli air, tanks pound Gaza after massive Palestinian barrage. Hamas, Jihad threaten to broaden attacks

Israeli warplanes, self-propelled artillery and short-range missiles attacked Hamas and Jihad Islami positions and command posts in the Gaza Strip early Monday, Oct. 8, shortly after Palestinians loosed a barrage of 55 missiles and mortar shells on the Eshkol district. … Continue reading

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Obama’s Top Spiritual Adviser Jim Wallis, Does Not Even Know the Ten Commandments

Jim Wallis is the top spiritual adviser to president Obama. The following statement is his response to an ad supporting Israel: “The second of The Ten Commandments is ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ It didn’t come with stipulations. It didn’t … Continue reading

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It took only hours after the posting of a pro-Israel slogan in New York City for opponents to launch a violent spray-paint attack against the message and for a religious adviser to Barack Obama to use the conflict to try … Continue reading

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Angry Iranian Protestors Condemn US Sacrilege of Islam in Final Statement

“Based on article 7 of the UN Charter, any country which endangers the global security should account for its acts and we urge international organizations to seriously ask the US to present explanations,” the statement said on Thursday. The Iranian … Continue reading

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