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Hundreds rally to back hard-line Arizona sheriff

(Reuters) – As many as 200 activists, some chanting “go Joe, go Joe,” rallied in Arizona on Saturday to support Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is facing a federal racial-profiling probe for his police sweeps against illegal immigrants. “Sheriff … Continue reading

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Commander in Chief Is Really Usurper in Chief

The following information is courtesy of World Net Daily. There is no question that the birth certificate is a fraud. Anyone can download the PDF from whitehouse.gov and open it in Adobe Acrobat to see the layers used to generate … Continue reading

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Livestream Eligibility Report

Sheriff Joe Arpaio will present his posse’s findings on the eligibility of president Obama to legally serve as president (and be eligible to be on the 2012 election ballot) in a live Internet broadcast on  March 1, 2012. The broadcast … Continue reading

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2 more sheriffs to be asked to review Obama eligibility

World Net Daily is reporting the possible expansion of Sheriff Arpaio’s posse investigating the legitimacy of president Obama’s citizenship. Whether this approach will be successful or not, I would like to see just one Republican running for the office of … Continue reading

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A Posse for the President

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has formed a posse to investigate the forged birth certificate issued by the White House. There has never been a question of the certificate’s authenticity: no document analyst has or would certify it.  Since the legislative branch would not … Continue reading

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