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Leo Gerald: It’s for the Communities

Overwork and fatigue of refinery workers and the health and safety of both workers and the surrounding community are the main issues, as they have been for many years (although this is the first national refinery strike in roughly 40 years, … Continue reading

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The largest U.S. refinery strike in 35 years could spread if talks over improved safety conditions do not resume soon, United Steelworkers union (USW) International President Leo Gerard said on Tuesday. A total of 6,550 USW members are on strike … how about we dating login

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Leo Gerald: Ensuring the Uninsured Suffer

America just celebrated the season of giving with Hanukkah and Christmas presents, year-end charity donations and soup kitchen volunteering. It is a time when Americans demonstrate the generosity, caring and kindness that define them as a people. Now, however, Americans … Continue reading

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Leo Gerald: Domestic Enemy to America’s Liberty

Leo Gerald is one of America’s worst domestic enemy that no one knows. Like George Soros, this puppet master hides in plain site as he maneuvers to replace capitalism with communism. At any cost. David DeGerolamo American Workers: From Bounty … Continue reading

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Once Again Leo Gerald: the Face of Evil

GOP ­Coddles the Rich, Cuts the Rest by Leo Gerald President Obama is recommending reducing the pain of sequestration by raising revenue. This could be accomplished by eliminating cushy deals that the rich and corporations have bought for themselves over the years … Continue reading

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Leo Gerald: Evil in the Shadows

Leo Gerald is the president of the United Steelworkers Union. Very few people know anything about this man, what he has done or what he will do in the future. Why is he important? Like George Soros and Jamie Dimon, … Continue reading

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