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McCain calls for Ebola ‘czar’

I doubt that the elected “leaders” in this country will ever realize that more money, regulations, laws and posturing will not solve problems. Increasing government by adding yet another illegal czar is the epitome of how dysfunctional the federal government has … Continue reading

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Truth or Warmongering?

McCain to AIPAC: I’m Sorry to Tell You American Leadership is ‘MIA’ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Does McCain have any credibility left? If he is correct, we must understand that we cannot continue with wars funded by printing presses. David DeGerolamo

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McCain ‘Disturbed’ About Syria, Chemical Weapons Syria war; on Edward Snowden

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McCain and Graham Outline Support for Syrian Rebels and a No Fly Zone

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Republicans Bitten by the Hand that Fed Them

See additional comments on Tea Party Nation. The Senate Republicans who ate dinner with Obama are now complaining that nothing has been accomplished since they met. Maybe they should have been supporting Rand Paul who was filibustering against drones on … Continue reading

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McCain Town Hall Meeting Becomes Heated Over Immigration

h/t Randy Dye

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McCain decries ‘daylight’ between Israel, US over Iran

After meeting Netanyahu, US senator says there is tension between Washington and J’lem over the Iranian threat; McCaine takes issue with Gen. Dempsey’s appraisal of Iran as rational. Just hours after meeting Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, US Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) said … Continue reading

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The Debt-Limit Hobbits


The labelling of the Tea Party as hobbits continues as shown in the following excerpt from the Wall Street Journal: The Debt-Limit Hobbits The GOP fantasy caucus is empowering Nancy Pelosi The debt-limit hobbits should also realize that at this … Continue reading

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