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A Moral and Virtuous People

A republic will only stand if the people are moral and virtuous. Most people have never heard this admonition from our founding fathers. Since we have no morality at the highest levels of government (thank you Bill Clinton, Weiner, Menendez, … Continue reading

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Philadelphia-area businesses fight union bullies

Several Philadelphia labor groups allegedly used feces, urine, spit, and fire to persuade businesses to hire union labor and area businesses are fighting back. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on Monday ordered members of the International Board of Teamsters Local 107, … Continue reading

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Zerohedge: Revision Wipes Outs “Surprising” December Philly Fed Surge

On December 20, when we posted on the miraculous surge in the Philly Fed, offsetting the far weaker NY Fed data, we were left scratching our heads as the upwardly inflecting data made little sense in the context of broader data. To wit: … Continue reading

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