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Newt Gingrich Highlights from the CNN South Carolina Debate

Newt Gingrich did well in another debate where once again the real issues facing our future were not discussed. I give Mr. Gingrich credit for what I would consider another victory last night. The highlights here do not represent any … Continue reading

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Voter Suppression in South Carolina

Eric Holder’s Department of Justice is targeting South Carolina’s voter ID legislation. The ACLU Blog of Rights (because freedom can’t blog itself) has presented their viewpoint on this attack by the federal government against states’ rights. The Voting Rights Act was … Continue reading

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I Thought Texas Would Show Us the Way

I always thought that the Lone Star State would be the first state to stand up for American principles and lead us in the fight to regain our Constitutional freedom. However South Carolina once again is leading the way for … Continue reading

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Let History Huzzah for South Carolina

Yesterday’s votes for debt ceiling legislation showed America which representatives and senators are willing to make the hard choices to solve our nation’s addiction to spending. Most politicians voted along party lines knowing that the legislation was not a solution but another band-aid … Continue reading

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