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Bridging the Gap between Courage and Cowardice in Washington, DC

The following excerpt is from Sen. Tom Coburn’s new book “The Debt Bomb“: I have spent much of the past two years in meetings with members from both parties trying to solve the debt problem. It has felt like pushing … Continue reading

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See additional comments on Tea Party Nation. Concerning the economic collapse of the United States, how did we get here? We are where we are today because career politicians have prostituted the founders’ clear intention to limit government in the … Continue reading

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Sen. Tom Coburn’s New Book Outlining Our Future

Senator Tom Coburn creates a chilling “end of the world as we know it” scenario in his recent book The Debt Bomb (Thomas Nelson 2012, 349 pages, indexed). The CIA should take note. Maybe it already has. I’ll synopsize Senator Coburn’s fictional … Continue reading

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Sen. Tom Coburn: Fifteen Unelected Bureaucrats Will Decide Your Healthcare Needs

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