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Will Valerie Jarrett Give Iran Nuclear Bombs?

Iran stands fast on Arak heavy water reactor for plutonium-fired nuclear weapon The Iranian negotiators face the delegations of six world powers in Geneva Thursday, Nov. 21, with strict orders not to give ground on the two major sticking points … Continue reading

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Valerie Jarrett was ‘architect’ of Obama’s shutdown strategy

A new theory from author Ed Klein — who previously penned “The Amateur,” about President Obama’s White House leadership — suggests that senior adviser Valerie B. Jarrett orchestrated the chief executive’s strategies in the government shutdown. The New York Post reported that Ms. Jarrett held several late-night sessions with Mr. Obama … Continue reading

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BREAKING! Benghazi Bombshell: Valerie Jarrett, Commander in Chief

Confidential sources close to Conservative Report have confirmed that Valerie Jarrett was the key decision-maker for the administration, the night of the Benghazi terrorist attack on 9/11/2012. The chronology of the evening of 9/11 are as follows: At approximately 5 PM Washington … Continue reading

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Evil Incarnate

After we win this election, it’s our turn.  Payback time.  Everyone not with us is against us and they better be ready because we don’t forget. The ones who helped us will be rewarded, the ones who opposed us will … Continue reading

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Ambassador Chris Stevens did not have a Marine detail in Benghazi, Libya. But White House Senior Advisor and Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett has a full Secret Service detail on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, according to Democratic pollster Pat Caddell. That’s … Continue reading

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The Consequences of “The Right to Protect”

See additional comments on Tea Party Nation The following report from DEBKAfile details the Palestinian Jihad Islami attack on Israel using Grad rocket launchers smuggled from Libya. The consequences of Valerie Jarrett’s “right to protect” policy adopted by the Obama … Continue reading

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