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Syria takes WMD out of storage: US: Situation incredibly dangerous

As part of its ongoing war maneuver, Syria Thursday, July 12, this week drilled the firing of advanced Scud D ballistic missiles capable of carrying chemical weapons and nerve gas – a clear message from Bashar Assad that weapons of … Continue reading

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Obama Caught Between Al Qaeda, the Brotherhood and Putin

See additional comments on Tea Party Nation. Obama chose to align the United States with Muslim Brotherhood rebels in Syria whose goal is to establish a new Caliphate. The consequences of this choice are now clear: if the rebels are … Continue reading

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Not So Fast, Iran May Have to Wait Its Turn

The United States may initiate another “right to protect” kinetic action in Syria before addressing the Iran nuclear threat.  The Washington Post is reporting on the new revelation of Syrian weapons of mass destruction crafted by Hillary Clinton: Defense Secretary … Continue reading

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