Liberty Summit

This weekend, I traveled to be in the company of fellow patriots from around the country.  I was well rewarded for my efforts.  Below are my thoughts as I drove home from that fateful meeting –

With humble gratitude to all who attended this weekend, I can honestly declare that, “I am not alone!” The renewal of my spirit which those simple words represent is beyond description.
Every soldier knows that the external battle is not the existential battle – the essence of victory lies within us. To achieve the outer victory, we must first feed, nurture, and seek inspiration, achieving the inner victory which is faith and confidence. To this end we gathered, and confided in one another. I looked into the eyes, and shook the hands of many men of Honor.

We are outnumbered, outgunned, out financed, and out propagandized, but it does not matter.

We are convicted of the justice and necessity of this cause, and have each made it our own. This is a personal fight, damn it, and we WILL win – even if the armies of hell are unleashed against us. Each of us saw this in everyone else present, and THAT is what matters…

We are indeed “all dead”, but that was never the question. The question will be, “How did we die?” We answered that plainly and loudly enough – We will not pass this corrupt and overbearing dragon down for our children to slay – we shall rise and do it ourselves. We will spend our lifes’ blood to re-establish Liberty on American soil. Nothing less is acceptable.

III for the fight!

~ Those who discard Liberty, do so at their own peril!

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