You Say You Want A Revolution

I attended the counter-protest today against’s Save the American Dream Rally in Raleigh, North Carolina along with over 250 fellow patriots from Raleigh, Pittsboro, Durham, Fayetteville, Zebulon, New Bern and Greenville. We came to show our support for the real American Dream: Freedom.

The video below is the opening speaker’s remarks concerning how to start a revolution for workers’ right across the south and then the entire nation. Class warfare, civil rights, collective bargaining (GS 95-98) and support for Wisconsin unions were the cause du jour. In a surprising move, Governor Perdue was included in the speech as being anti-union and supporting corporate welfare. He closes out his speech by stating first that he is ready for a change but then retracts this statement: he is ready for a REVOLUTION. There is no middle ground in their demands.


I will be posting additional footage from this event but they did get one thing correct: Division in the country will destroy us. I have to ask a simple question. If the rich have all of the money and the poor union workers are being oppressed, who is paying for the stage, sound system and printed signs? No one is paying patriots for our efforts to save the country for our children.

David DeGerolamo

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3 Responses to You Say You Want A Revolution

  1. Jeanne says:
    David Here is a link to a TV ad to
    Support Scott Walker

  2. Dean says:

    The Hurricanes fan looks a little out of place.

  3. Pam Reynolds says:

    We wanted to be there but Tim’s brother went in the hospital and we had to go there. Thank you to all you patriots who attended.

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