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Why Did Lloyd Austin Call Sergei Shoigu?

Gonzalo Lira calculated the current rate of attrition:

At the current rate of attrition, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will see 10,000 soldiers die by the end of this month, another 20,000 dead by the end of June. This war cannot be won by Ukraine—it’s over. The only solution is to sue for peace. But the US won’t allow this.

Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Polyansky stated that the Russian position on Kiev’s desire to join the EU has changed. It is now similar to the position on Ukraine’s accession to NATO. He also noted that he does not see diplomatic options for resolving the situation in Ukraine at the moment, given Kiev’s position. Polyansky added that without demilitarization and denazification, peace in Ukraine cannot be achieved.


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Maybe We Should Save the $40 Billion in Aid to Ukraine

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Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos Invested in Lab-Produced Breast Milk to Prevent Effects of ‘Climate Change’

An article published by Daily Mail on June 19, 2020, revealed that Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and other billionaires invested in a new startup company to produce artificial breast milk from cultured human mammary epithelial.

According to the article, U.S. firm BIOMILQ has received $3.5 million from an investment fund that is co-founded by Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, and Mark Zuckerberg to ‘prevent climate change due to gases created in formula manufacturing.’

According to the company’s website, in 2021, they successfully produced the world’s first cell-cultured human milk outside of the breast.



COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects in Breastfeeding Moms

The results found that more than 85 percent of the 180 breastfeeding women in the study who received an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine reported temporary localized symptoms, such as pain, redness, swelling or itching at the injection site, and systemic side effects, including chills, muscle/body aches, fever and vomiting, with higher frequency following the second dose.

Additionally, following the second dose of vaccine, women who received the Moderna brand were significantly more likely to report symptoms. A small proportion of women following the first dose of either vaccine brand reported a reduction in milk supply, and significantly more women reported a reduction in milk supply following the second dose of Moderna.

“We want to emphasize that the reduction in milk supply was in a small subset of women and came back fully within 72 hours after vaccination. We also cannot be certain that the supply reduction was a side effect of the vaccine or another unknown factor,” said Chambers. “What we do know is that the vaccine is incredibly effective in providing protection from COVID-19, which has proven to be a devastating and serious virus with possible long-term side effects.”



How evil can people be? Every day, we see their grand plan coming together in ways that good people could never imagine.

David DeGerolamo

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Preparing for a entire collapse of the system or if I am not allowed in their new system.

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Does This Look Like Ukraine Is Winning to You?

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One of our worst enemies is the lack of operational security. The comments on this site can easily be used to imprison people for political reasons as the J6 detainees well know. I have to admit that Mark Thompson made some points that should be addressed instead of being dismissed.

My personal belief is that the United States was overthrown in a bloodless coup and the Republic has been replaced by a puppet government. The goal is to bankrupt the country and its people which we see daily. We also see something that we do not want to admit: they want us dead.

Looking at the comments in that article, I would like to make some observations:

  1. It is not treason to restore the rightful government of the people. The other side knows this fact which is why they implemented their “Ministry of Truth”. Why do I say this is a fact? If the people did take back the country, would not the people responsible for multiple stolen elections be charged with treason? Obviously treason is defined by the winners and if I am called a traitor for fighting to restore Liberty, is that really the truth on Judgment Day?
  2. From Mark Thompson: It’s over. It’s been over for a long time. We lost. It’s just that simple. I believe he has a valid point that needs to be addressed rather than attacked. Let me ask everyone: If we took back the government today and had to implement a new Constitution, what changes would we make? Changes like term limits, using political office for personal gain, lifetime appointments for the Supreme Court, election reform and citizenship would all be revised. Does this mean it is over? The framework was sound in the Constitution but no man or group of men could have foreseen the level of evil that we now face. And if we truly look into our souls, can we admit that we let the Great Experiment fail for personal reasons like greed, apathy and lack of Faith?

Let’s go off on a tangent at this point: what are your personal metrics that would convince you that the country is over? You must first decide if the country is the same as the government. For this article, I will assume that the people (country) are not the same as the government. I will also assume that the definition of the county being over is when the SHTF.

So let me ask some questions concerning the SHTF metrics:

  1. At what point is gasoline cost prohibitive? When you cannot afford to drive your vehicle, how does this impact you?
  2. At what point is the cost and availability of diesel impacting your life? No diesel means no rail or truck deliveries. No diesel school buses for our children. No farm equipment to grow, fertilize and harvest crops.
  3. How much higher can food go before you go hungry? Is it SHTF when you have to start opening your food stored preps? Our babies are targeted by the “government” now. Is it SHTF when the government takes baby formula to feed illegal aliens and our babies go hungry?
  4. Is it SHTF when the government takes us into WWIII to cover up the Obama/Biden family criminal acts? Obama and Biden instigated this war. I have always said that we are in a war of good vs. evil. The United States is fighting on the side of evil in this war.
  5. Is it SHTF when Supreme Court judges are intimidated for supporting the sanctity of life? These illegal “demonstrations” are supported by the DOJ and the executive branch. That means the law is not valid which means the Republic is not valid.
  6. Is it SHTF when manmade pandemics are released to destroy lives, sterilize people and remove all faith in the medical community?
  7. Is it SHTF when our country’s security is reorganized to support an invasion?
  8. Is it SHTF when our government ships our oil and natural gas to other countries to cause an energy crisis for the people?

Whether we discuss whether it is over or whether we are in the SHTF we knew was coming is not relevant. How we act is the point. Our forefathers showed great patience with England until they realized the truth. Our truth is the Republic is over: evil stole our Republic and our Liberty. Now it is coming for our children. Recognizing that something is over should not be considered a negative. Giving up is not the option but a new beginning is the option. We must look into the mirror with Sacred honor and fight. The true American people will not kneel to evil. And we should never allow our military to fight for evil.

I would ask that you sit down with your family today and decide. Are we in the SHTF according to your personal metrics? If not, what will it take to meet your definition? Time frames are important because their biggest “tell” of their timeline is the formation of the “Ministry of Truth”. Lies and deception are the work of Satan. We must recognize who is in control of the government. And if Satan is in control of the government, then yes, the government is over. The country is over only if WE say it is over. And I will NEVER submit to evil.

God judges His people. Fighting for evil, murdering unborn babies, trying to starve our babies, manufacturing pandemics to make transhumans, limiting food production with a Great Famine and trying to implement the Great Reset to replace God are all good reasons for making the case that “It’s Over” or the SHTF is now here. Fighting evil and restoring Liberty is not treason. It is walking back into God’s light.

David DeGerolamo

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How the ‘most conservative governor in North Carolina history’ became a RINO

Former North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory participates in a University of North Carolina Institute of Politics forum in Chapel Hill, N.C.

Former Gov. Pat McCrory served on the front line of the culture wars in 2016 when he signed North Carolina’s controversial “bathroom bill,” which curbed protections for transgender people. When he was defeated for reelection later that year by a razor-thin margin, he raised questions about the voting process and didn’t concede until nearly a month after the election.

Those experiences would seem to make McCrory an ideal nominee in a post-Trump GOP animated by claims of election fraud and the politics of transgender rights. Instead, in the run-up to North Carolina’s Tuesday primary, he’s dropping in polls and being dismissed by MAGA faithful as a liberal RINO.



It is so easy to distract us from what is really important. Become sapient. Focus, prepare and pray for discernment. Elections are just diversions.

David DeGerolamo

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Biden sent baby formula to the Southern Border… After he learned about U.S. shortage…

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) discussed the baby formula shortage and how the Biden Administration has been supplying illegal immigrants with formula over American mothers during a press conference Thursday.

starts at minute 4:48
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Doctor exposes what hospitals are doing…

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WRSA Radio EP 78 – Accountability

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It’s Over!!!

I’d like to thank one of our commenters here for letting me know that it’s over and that everything we do here at NCRenegade is all for naught. What a relief. I can just sit back and wait for death now and not worry about fighting all this evil we are faced with. It seems our odds are insurmountable and I wasn’t made aware of it until now. What I have done in my life trying to bring Liberty to the future generations apparently has been meaningless. I guess I need to just quit writing and posting articles because I’m trying to stir things up and obviously there is nobody to stir up.

Come on now!

I’ve never wished to be a martyr. I have no desire to survive and live as a slave either. As far as I am concerned, we have not lost until every drop of blood from those who love and cherish Liberty has been bled out. It seems our commenter here has made the choice of Slavery. That is the choice of fools and cowards. You do you, Mr. Thompson. There are others that will fight to free you from your slavery.

Bad things are coming. They seem to be approaching fast. I don’t care to survive the coming festivities if it means I live as a slave. We all have choices to make. I believe Good will always defeat Evil in the end. I think we should fight for all that is good, regardless of the consequences.

It’s Over? Maybe for you. But I refuse to believe that. I choose to fight.


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Trump Endorsed

Dr. Mehmet Oz announced his intention to run for Senate in Pennsylvania. Photo via

Celebrity surgeon Dr. Oz seeks to be first Muslim elected to the US Senate

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National Average Gas Prices

Current Avg.$4.432$4.794$5.072$5.560$3.841
Yesterday Avg.$4.418$4.777$5.062$5.557$3.832
Week Ago Avg.$4.279$4.639$4.921$5.510$3.716
Month Ago Avg.$4.083$4.497$4.773$5.019$3.544
Year Ago Avg.$3.028$3.346$3.618$3.150$2.548

Fraudulent elections have consequences but these consequences we now face are due to the fact that we allow them to continue their tyranny. As Biden and his handlers bleed the country dry as shown above, they continue to line their pockets with our treasure through their Ukrainian conduit.

I wonder what would happen if our military was awake instead of woke? It appears the penalty for adhering to your oath to the Constitution is now grounds for life in prison. Imagine if our active military did support the Constitution?


We will all be walking due to the consequences of the coup but we will still be fools for allowing our Liberty to be stolen. Let’s hope that we can put our foolishness away, turn back to God and restore our honor in His eyes.

David DeGerolamo

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Biden Admin SLAMMED For Ending Gas Leases Amid NEW RECORD High Gas Prices, Sending $40B To Ukraine

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