Latest Coronavirus Confirmed Cases

There are currently 13,068,404 confirmed cases of SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) worldwide. There are currently 3,339,049 confirmed cases of SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) in the United States.

WuFlu for source information.

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‘People Are Going To Be Shocked’: Bannon Claims Wuhan Lab Employees Have Defected, Are Working With FBI

One day after a report that a respected Chinese virologist fled Hong Kong to accuse Beijing of a COVID cover-up, former Trump strategist Steve Bannon told the Daily Mail that scientists from the Wuhan Institute of Virology and other labs have defected to the West and are “turning over evidence” against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for their role in the COVID-19 pandemic which has claimed over 560,000 lives worldwide since last December.

People are going to be shocked,” Bannon told the  Mail (“from a yacht off the East coast of America,” the Mail would like us to know).

The 66-year-old then said that defectors are cooperating with intelligence agencies in America, Europe and the UK, which have been assembling evidence to challenge the CCP claim that the pandemic originated in a wet market – not in a lab home to scientists who have come under fire for manipulating bat coronavirus to be more transmissible to humans.

“That is the tragedy here. They used the time to scoop up all the world’s personal protective equipment. This is a murderous dictatorship. The blood is [also] on the hands of the world’s corporations – the investment banks, the hedge funds and the pension funds – and it is time to start calling it out before it leads to the destruction of the West,” Bannon elaborated. “We are in the most extraordinary crisis in modern American history, more than Vietnam, the Cold War, even the Second World War. A global pandemic and an economic inferno. I have no faith in the WHO, the leadership should face criminal charges and be shut down.”

One has to wonder if China will respond with whistleblowers from Ft. Detrick to support their narrative?


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Wake County Schools Office of Equity Affairs Launches ‘Black Lives Matter’ Website

There are a few pockets in North Carolina that are more woke than others; Wake County is one of those places. At least, the Democrat-dominated Wake County government is, and they’re reliably stepping up here again to proves their social justice bona fides.

The Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) has an Office of Equity Affairs. The mission of the office is just as you’d imagine, and for all the talk about teacher’s being underpaid, there’s more than one six-figure salary county taxpayers fund in this overtly political program.

Some of that salary was earned, apparently, for constructing and launching what amounts to a Black Lives Matter website in full and direct association with Wake County Public Schools. At the top of the page, just below a sign that reads,”Silence is Violence,” is the official statement from WCPSS on racial equity (not equality).

The taxpayer-supported Wake County Public School System’s Office of Equity Affairs even lays out the step for you to “Become an Ally” of a blatantly Marxist/communist/anti-white/anti-police organization and movement. 

Cullors is an avowed Marxist who’s about as radical as it gets. How radical? Take it from A.P. Dillon of LadyLiberty1885:

“[…] I also wrote about its founders three years ago and Cullors has only added to her resume since then. Cullors is notoriously anti-Israel and known for her participation in the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement as well as a fan and supporter of the antisemite Farrakhan.

Cullors is a socialist, who was trained as an activist by Eric Mann of the domestic terrorist group, Weather Underground Organization.  The Weather Underground is well-known for being responsible for multiple bombings, including a building in Greenwich, NY, the U.S. Capitol building, U.S. State Department building, and the Pentagon during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Mann also runs the Labor/ Community Strategies Center  (LCSC) where Cullors activism began in  her late teens when she joined the LCSC’s ‘Bus Riders Union‘, a transportation advocacy group that claims to ride the bus is “a human right.”

Around 2012, Cullors formed a group called Dignity and Power Now (DPN) based in Los Angeles that fights for the dignity and power of incarcerated people, their families, and communities.” DPN, like BAJI, is also a front group for the Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO). DPN’s website says they are a “Community Partners Project”, which is a 501(c)3 with over $35 million in assets. Community Partners basically acts as a pass-through for other non-profits to obscure the origins of donations and grants. […]”

Again, Wake County taxpayers are paying for this. The site is a veritable seminar in how to become a foot soldier for Black Lives Matter, and other overtly political Far Left organizations. Imagine if the taxpayer-funded public schools had set up a pro-life website?


h/t Glenn Beck

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Joe Will Care For Your Family Like His Own

joe biden family care

Like Hillary sold out to Russia, Joe sold out to China. Money drives the machine and the machine needs Joe to become president. The cycle will continue until the wheel is destroyed.

David DeGerolamo

h/t WRSA

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Laurel: CDC data shows covid has impact on total deaths similar to flu, woman murdered for saying “all lives matter”, fallout over the July 4 Propertarian/BLM fiasco continues

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Animals and Produce Are Being Destroyed by the Millions Due to COVID-19

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What if we just said no more evil directed at our children?

Our educational system has become a means to first indoctrinate then enslave our children. The indoctrination begins in primary schools where the gender/sex manipulation starts. History and civics are replaced by the cancel culture and white guilt. Our children are told that a college education is a right but instead it enslaves them with college tuition debt. And we allowed this transformation to occur under the auspices of the federal Department of Education.

Consider this:

LA Teachers Union Says Schools Can’t Reopen Unless Charter Schools Get Shut-Down, Police Defunded

A major teachers union is claiming that the re-opening of schools in its district cannot occur without several substantial policy provisions in place, including a “moratorium” on charter schools and the defunding of local police.


Why do teachers have a union? Why do any public servants have a union? For power. And the teachers have wielded this power over our children so successfully that they are expanding this perceived power to make demands that impact other public servants.

WORLD OF STORY: 5 Headed snake in India

What happens when the heads of the snake start attacking each other? The result is the same as when the people are divided along labels or the crisis du jour: their power is weakened. Our children are being used as pawns for political exploitation.

Maybe the question should be looked from a different point of view. What if the Department of Education was abolished? What if an executive order and laws were passed which would allow people to deduct home schooling costs from their taxes (including state and local taxes)? If home school programs could be enhanced to replace the existing corrupted school system, our children’s indoctrination will be replaced with a quality education. And one of the serpent’s heads would be cut off.

What if all federal aid is cut off from the university system? What if all research grants to universities was eliminated? What if all royalties to universities for patents that were paid by federal research grants in the past were sent to the US Treasury? What if we just said no? No more evil directed at our children.

David DeGerolamo

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Release the Bracken: Dealing with Civil Unrest on the Streets, Roadblocks, Driving, etc.

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The Unbearable Whiteness of Being by Bill Buppert

Publisher’s Note: Close the schools, every one of them. There is an opportunity here as some of the laziest people in human history, teachers in K-PhD, demand and clamor to retain their salary and benefits which have always been far more generous than they should thanks to unions and tenure for teachers and professors respectively. And these shiftless people also bear most of the responsibility for the intellectual wasteland that is the brainpower of three generations. Taking seriously the notion that the War to Save Josef Stalin made the world safe for communism, the entire American education took that on as a mission statement.

And here we are.

This about sums it up. Rod Serling was a seer.

Is the education establishment primarily responsible for the disaster that is 2020 for free range humanity? No, root cause has many parents. Critical thinking skills and the wherewithal to question authority has taken a long sleep in today’s Amerika.

Defund universities and the police, that’s a good start. Everything government funds is poisonous and turns whatever it touches to shit.

Government is the maximalist application of moral injury on a wholesale scale.

“Except for Christianity, the Nazis reject as Jewish everything which stems from Jewish authors. This condemnation includes the writings of those Jews who, like Stahl, Lassalle, Gumplowicz, and Rathenau, have contributed many essential ideas to the system of Nazism. But the Jewish mind is, as the Nazis say, not limited to the Jews and their offspring only. Many “Aryans” have been imbued with Jewish mentality—for instance the poet, writer, and critic Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, the socialist Frederick Engels, the composer Johannes Brahms, the writer Thomas Mann, and the theologian Karl Barth. They too are damned. Then there are whole schools of thought, art, and literature rejected as Jewish. Internationalism and pacifism are Jewish, but so is warmongering. So are liberalism and capitalism, as well as the “spurious” socialism of the Marxians and of the Bolsheviks. The epithets Jewish and Western are applied to the philosophies of Descartes and Hume, to positivism, materialism and empiro-criticism, to the economic theories both of the classics and of modern subjectivism. Atonal music, the Italian opera style, the operetta and the paintings of impressionism are also Jewish. In short, Jewish is what any Nazi dislikes. If one put together everything that various Nazis have stigmatized as Jewish, one would get the impression that our whole civilization has been the achievement only of Jews.”

― Ludwig von Mises, Omnipotent Government

If you read the last sentence of von Mises quote above, it parallels what passes for “wokeness” today.

Replace all the white and whiteness talk with the word Jew or black and step into a time machine back to the 1930s in Germany or the American South respectively and things ring very familiar. Imagine that we live in a world where the pigmentation that happens to coincide with Christendom, expanded human freedom in commerce and most scientific advances are systemically racist? The word racist has been bandied about with such abandon and furor it means nothing now.

Read the Whole Article Here….

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Social Experiment: Is It Really About Slavery?

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It’s Going To Get Worse

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Constitutional Republic vs. Pure Democracy: How the U.S. Election Process Has Changed

Constitutional Republic vs. Pure Democracy: How the U.S. Election Process Has Changed

Conservatives are generally quick to point out that America is a republic, not a democracy. But what really is the difference, and are they even right?

Voting in America has changed considerably since the days of our founding. Back then, the government didn’t even print official ballots. Instead, you got ballots from the candidate who wanted your support. Sometimes voting took place in public, so everyone knew who you voted for. And, of course, the franchise was largely restricted to white, male property owners.

Now, anyone who turns 18 can vote. And the Democratic Party wants to increase ballot access by automatically registering anyone who gets a driver’s license. Democrats even pushed for mail-in ballots for the 2020 election to make voting even easier – and more open to voter fraud. But is any of this a good thing?

Constitutional Republic vs. Pure Democracy: How the U.S. Election Process Has Changed

Open up your pocket Constitution and find the part where it says who can vote and who can’t. You’ll come up short. That’s because the Constitution delegates this right to the states. And while there are some amendments that, for example, say states can’t restrict the franchise on the basis of race, gender or being over the age of 18, otherwise there is broad leeway given in terms of who can vote and who can’t.


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Black Lives Matter Protests Grace Baptist Church

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Missouri couple who defended home have rifle seized during police search: report

Mark and Patricia McCloskey are seen outside their St. Louis home during a confrontation with protesters, June 28, 2020. (Getty Images)

Authorities in St. Louis executed a search warrant Friday evening at the home of Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the couple who made headlines last month when they took up arms to defend their home from protesters.

During the search, police seized the rifle that Mark McCloskey was shown holding during the June 28 incident, KSDK-TV of St. Louis reported, citing information from a source.

The couple claimed the pistol that Patricia McCloskey held during the June confrontation was already in the possession of their attorney, the station reported.

There was no immediate indication the McCloskeys were arrested or charged with a crime. The warrant applied only to a search for the guns, KSDK reported.

On Monday, the McCloskeys appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” and disclosed that protesters had returned to their neighborhood July 3 – but the couple was alerted in advance and hired a private security company to protect their residence.


Personally if it’s me, since there is such a double standard judicial system and no Rule of Law, if I have to pull my weapon, I am using it and I won’t stop. As Aesop say’s after the first one the Rest are Free. I will not be taken and put in a cage for defending myself or my family. They are going to have to kill me and then the many others that will follow. Time is short. Harden your Hearts. Get your Minds right.

It didn’t have to be this way.


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Trump and Fauci not speaking as coronavirus pandemic worsens

“Dr. Fauci is a nice man, but he’s made a lot of mistakes,” Trump said this week, undermining the public health expert Americans say in polls they trust more than the President.

With coronavirus raging, Trump and Fauci are no longer speaking. The President has taken to openly criticizing him on television. Fauci is expressing puzzlement at some of Trump’s claims.

When the coronavirus task force convened at the Department of Education this week, Fauci was told to beam in over the phone instead of attending in person.

While he’s conducted a flurry of newspaper and radio interviews, he has stopped appearing on major American television networks.

“I have a reputation, as you probably have figured out, of speaking the truth at all times and not sugar-coating things,” Fauci told the Financial Times this week. “And that may be one of the reasons why I haven’t been on television very much lately.”

More from CNN…


Take note from the Fauci quote above: “I have a reputation, as you probably have figured out, of speaking the truth at all times”.

Watch this short video where Fauci explains why he lied to the American people concerning the use of masks in order to give them to medical personnel:

Most people know one truth concerning HB-19: the governments of the world are lying. Medical experts are now stating that we will have to live with the virus as part of our lives now. Here is the truth as I see it: the governments are using this pandemic as a means to transfer more power to the new world order.

David DeGerolamo

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