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Sanction of the Victim

The “sanction of the victim” is the willingness of the good to suffer at the hands of the evil, to accept the role of sacrificial victim for the “sin” of creating values.

Do not let yourself become a victim supporting evil.


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Criminals Are US

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The Blob Is Afraid

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The Blob Quivers

  Did the Blob get vaxxed and boosted?  Does that explain the severe neurological damage it displays now as its hologram of lies about Ukraine and Russia Russia Russia flickers out in the blinding daylight of reality? First, there was the gigantic New York Times article published last Sunday blowing open the decade-long secret shadow war by the CIA in a sprawling network of underground bunkers on and around the Russian border.

      The story was a direct feed from Blob Central in Langley, VA, to Times errand boys Adam Entous and Michael Schwirtz, longtime RussiaGate hoaxers, and obviously intended to get ahead of the real news that the neo-con project to turn Ukraine into a NATO forward base against Russia has collapsed. Read closely, the Times story appears to be an effort by current CIA chief William Burns to hang-out-to-dry his predecessors John Brennan, Mike Pompeo, and Gina Haspel for the failed eight-year-long operation. Why? Because it looks like Russia is fixing to shut down the war ASAP, before its March 15 presidential election.

One conclusion you can draw from all these matters is that they are not going away. Rather, they are leading to a set of gruesome showdowns not just for the ever more pathetic looking “Joe Biden,” but for his Party of Chaos heading toward a possible extinction event in November. The big question really is, will that party blow up the United States of America in the process?


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A Little Late

Is Congress starting to realize that no one (including them) is safe under Communism? We already know the election was stolen. We already know the protesters on January 6th had a legal argument and moral duty to question the fraudulent election and its certification. We know that Congress is complicit in recognizing and supporting an illegal government.

So what do they expect this release of surveillance videos will do? We already know that the J6 defendants are political prisoners. Keep your eyes open: they all are starting to panic. That includes the business and banking sectors. Always watch the price of gold to see when something major is about to happen.

David DeGerolamo

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New York Committee and Council of Safety

To aid the war effort and fill the void of civil government left when British colonial institutions collapsed, the Continental Congress recommended each colony establish a committee of safety to execute resolutions – especially when the legislature adjourned.1 Smaller than the cumbersomely large Provincial Congress, the New York Committee of Safety could act more efficiently. Occupying a somewhat vague position within both the civil government and military hierarchy, the short-term Committee worked with General George Washington to preserve order amidst the ongoing struggle. Commencing July 11, 1775, the Committee received ambiguous orders and tentatively assumed it responsibilities: responding to government letters, executing resolutions, obliging Continental Army officials “as far as…[the Committee] shall think proper,” directing the military when in New York, and administering finances.2 In fact, as civil bulwarks, the Committee and later the Council of Safety (the slight nomenclature alteration came after independence) even operated until early 1778 – well after New York ratified a constitution. These bodies helped stabilize the state until the formal government initiated. Originally conceived as executive bodies, the Committee and Council eventually received all the Convention’s powers.

Specifically designated as New York’s civil authority, the Committee needed to act efficiently – especially in regards to aiding Washington’s war effort. Regularly corresponding with the Provincial Congress and Committee of Safety, Washington notified officials of potential invasions to at risk areas so necessary defensive preparations could commence. Recognizing the Committee’s authority and, more importantly, the necessity of working with executive bodies, Washington even solicited the Committee’s aid procuring military supplies and recruits. Despite Washington’s desires and the Committee’s strives to meet demands, the executive institution was not always successful.3 Facing mounting obstacles, the Committee and its successor endeavored to meet Washington’s demands for weapons through a variety of means. Arguably one of the executive body’s more controversial methods called upon local boards to disarm both loyalists and inhabitants who refused the Association as well as impress materials for the military’s use.


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Tucker – Episode 78

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Tyranny on Display

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Making the Rounds

Curious that this comes out at the same time as Biden’s remarks on blue roofs.

David DeGerolamo

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They Don’t Care

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What Happens in a Republic Has Its Constitution Overthrown?

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Biden Says to Get the Right Roof on Your House

I checked three different sources and Biden did say this.

David DeGerolamo

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CIA: The Root of All Evil

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Democrats help Johnson pass short-term funding bill to avert government shutdown

Democrats helped Speaker Mike Johnson to pass a short-term funding bill in the House to avert a government shutdown before a Friday deadline — but it only kicks the can down the road for a week.

The House voted 320-99 in bipartisan fashion to approve the short-term continuing resolution, pushing the funding deadlines back slightly to March 8 and March 22.


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Catherine Speaks …

“In October 2019, when everybody in America was being entertained by the teenage sex life of the Supreme Court nominee, Kavanaugh, the House, the Senate, Democrat and Republican, both sides of the aisle, got together and approved Statement 56 of the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board, which said that they could keep secret books. That was everybody, together, OK? So there is no right versus left, there is no Trump versus Biden. There is a machine …”

Read it all on The Burning Platform

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