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Sanction of the Victim

The “sanction of the victim” is the willingness of the good to suffer at the hands of the evil, to accept the role of sacrificial victim for the “sin” of creating values.

Do not let yourself become a victim supporting evil.


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The New Declaration of Independence

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Well Worth The Watch

I borrowed a friends Netflix Account to watch this movie this weekend.

It is well worth the watch.

They always reveal their evil plans ahead of time.


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Retailers Starting To Require ID To Shop In Their Stores?

I generally don’t post videos, because they take time to watch and I would prefer to read a story rather than have it spoken to me, but I made an exception here. Read the comments below the video as well.

Evidently Walmart, CVS, Target (why would you shop there anyway?) and Walgreens are implementing a policy to require your ID when you walk into the store.

Under NO circumstances will I present ID just to go in a store to shop. I will turn around and shop elsewhere, or do without, before that happens. I suggest everyone do this as well. This feels like a step toward the digital ID crap that is being implemented everywhere, and the next step is CBDC’s.

Interesting that you need an ID to shop, but not to vote.

NO. I am drawing the line. They demand we do this, and we agree. Then they push us a little harder, and we agree. We don’t even remember what it means to be free.

I WILL NOT COMPLY. Resistance is NOT futile.

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Lessons From the Playground, by Robert Gore

Grow up!

The lessons many of us took from playgrounds are helpful in analyzing war, although war, being humanity’s stupidest activity, is less excusable and less interesting than playground dynamics. Grownups, after all, are supposed to be wiser and more mature than kids. Realizing that most aren’t is one of those rites of passage into adulthood.

On the playground you’ll find one or more bullies, who terrorize the weaker, smaller kids. The bullies tend to form their own clique. Their victims try to stay out of their way, but bullies gotta bully. The victims quickly learn that appealing to adult authority is guaranteed trouble. While bullies may be reprimanded or otherwise punished, they have ways of dealing with upstarts and snitches, and their revenge is always disproportionate.

Once in a too great while the oppressed band together and take revenge on their oppressors, or a bully misjudges a kid as a potential victim and finds out the hard way that the kid knows how to take care of him or herself. Often in such circumstances, bullies will make their own ludicrous appeal to authority, complaining that they’re being picked on.


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Some high-ranking officers in the military think we could fight or support a 3-front war.

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How Could We Have Let This Happen?

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Elon Musk: I Want to Believe

An open letter to Elon Musk.

Mr. Musk,

I see that you have reinstated Alex Jones to X. I also saw that you believe only people who are guilty of an egregious act should be permanently banned. You stated that you did not think Mr. Jones’ banishment was warranted but you put his fate in the hands of the people to decide. I have two questions:

  1. Why use a poll? If you did not think his permanent ban was warranted, why did you not just reinstate him?
  2. If you did think his ban was warranted, would you have reinstated him if the majority of people who voted in the poll said to?

Although I was permanently banned from Twitter for one statement, I wonder how many other people have been banned? Can you run a query and post on X how many people are permanently banned on X? Can you also run a second query to show how many were permanently banned after you bought X? My account was banned after you bought X. I did file an appeal but never heard back. I submitted a request to see the status of my appeal which resulted in the complete elimination of my account.

I was wondering who is still making decisions regarding permanent bans and why there is no concerted effort to review accounts that have been banned. We see the reversal of some high profile account bans but what about the rest? Reinstating people based on polls may be good optics but banning people with no recourse to appeal is not free speech.

David DeGerolamo

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Why Join the Military to Defend Everyone Except Americans?

The American empire lives. Leading Republicans and Democrats alike support a proxy war in Europe, back murderous conflict in the Middle East, and threaten catastrophic war in Asia. Fervent critics of “isolationism,” like Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, seem determined to defend everyone except Americans. The bulk of military outlays go either to protect prosperous and populous allies that can’t be bothered to defend themselves or to punish states not inclined to follow Washington’s dictates.

There’s always more money for arms, even though the United States is racing toward insolvency. Federal debt owed to the public is roughly 100 percent of GDP, near the record set at the close of World War II. Without dramatic change, the debt ratio will be twice as high by mid-century. Yet the bloated military budget continues to jump skyward. 

The bipartisan congressional War Party risks running out of an even more important resource, manpower. Wrote Newsweek’s Alex Phillips: “A majority of American adults would not be willing to serve in the military were the U.S. to enter into a major war, recent polling has found, while public confidence in the armed forces appears to be waning.”


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You Will Comply

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Tucker – Episode 47

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Out of Control

The above cartoon may be funny to some but not to most of us. We have a planned invasion of the country by the people in control of the government that has two objectives:

  1. Replace the white majority – the Great Replacement Theory
  2. Bankrupt the country

Both are key components of the Obama administration to make the country pay for colonialism by the United States. Whether you find this funny, tragic or just do not care, the consequence is the downfall of the country.

I understand the people who orchestrated the overthrow of the Republic want to destroy the country and profit from its destruction. The targeted middle class is starting to wake up but still cannot come to grips that the nation has fallen to traitors. Where does that leave us?

David DeGerolamo

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Situation Report 12-8-23: An Update with Michael Yon

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Government wants to let illegal immigrants join the military to solve the recruiting problem.

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Modern Day Holy War

CLICK HERE for the story about Nicole’s journey with this song.


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WRSA Radio – Paths of Glory

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Tucker – Episode 46

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