North Carolina Renegades

If our “leaders” support the detainment of political prisoners, how long before we are interned?

They Want Us Dead

The New Declaration of Independence

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Some Questions

I have three questions that have been nagging me, and a couple of thoughts.

  1. After the illegal immigrants are flown to various cities around the country, where do they go?
    Training camps?
  2. Are the “vaccines” akin to antibiotics, and are they creating the equivalent of superbugs? What happens when they not only don’t work (they never have) but their use itself leads to a massive increase in infections and death? Not to mention the deaths that will occur because of the capillary ruptures that eventually lead to heart failure?
  3. In 2008 the economy collapsed, and the people were told it was the fault of people who secured “risky loans”. Anyone remember who provided those risky loans? Was it the banking industry? Were they encouraged by the government to provide those loans?
    Now it’s 2021, and the economy is collapsing because of the CCP Virus. Who encouraged the development of this bioweapon? Was it our own government (Faucci)? Now, people who have critical thinking skills are refusing to take an unapproved and demonstrably lethal “vaccine”. At the same time, infections appear to be increasing due to something called the “delta variant”. It is provable that the rise in infections is being caused by the vaccines, but being blamed on the unvaccinated. Who seems to be encouraging the blame on the unvaccinated? Is it the government? The pharmaceutical industry? Communist traitors in our country? All three? Am I repeating myself?
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Situation Update, July 28th, 2021 – Biden using covid vaccines to target “human infrastructure” that runs America

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The Future of This Site

For the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance ...

I have been backing up this site on a regular basis since I have no doubt that the government will be shutting down multiple opposition sites at some point. While I do not know when, I do believe the window of opportunity to provide resistance information is closing.

So we have nothing to lose by becoming more proactive. Our readers only have to consider what the Lord would have them do with a firm reliance on His Divine Providence once all sources of information are completely replaced by propaganda. For what it is worth, I know that we are are war and am taking appropriate actions.

For today, I want you to consider whom you trust. Nothing is more important and qualifications for trust are easily made:

  1. Would you trust the individual with the security of your children’s lives?
  2. Does the man or women have good moral character?
  3. Do they do what say they will do? Or to be blunt, do they lie?
  4. Do they agitate people in the community to provoke a response?
  5. Do they take any medications for mental conditions?

A short list of qualifiers that can easily expanded but you will quickly see that few people have the character traits necessary to become a cohesive tactical unit.

I would rather have 4-6 people whom I trust than place my faith in a vote to continue participating in an evil government. If you have an issue with my use of “evil”, let me know what term you would use for a government which funded a biological weapon in Communist China to kill millions (and possibly billions) of people?

David DeGerolamo

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But This Is Not the Point

From our ABOUT page:

Comments are always welcome but we reserve the right to use our discretion on the validity of the comment’s intent. Comments which are intended to incite or provoke readers will not be posted.

I have been following this policy more closely recently mainly in the deletion of comments and/or blacklisting of people who are attacking the author or other commenters. It is acceptable to provide your opinion on the information presented in the article. As previously stated, the use of profanity does not enhance your point, it only degrades it.

But as the title implies, this is not the point. I use comments on this site and many others to gather information. Part of this is to see how the other side uses propaganda and inciting comments to divide us.

For those who believe we can vote our way out of this:

Founding Fathers Quotes from America's Courageous ...

Placing your hope in electing new politicians is not an effective strategy for freedom and only results in slavery. EVERY issue that we now face has been caused by the government which by definition is comprised of elected officials. Tell me how voting new traitors in will change anything. And for those who are offended by my use of calling them all traitors, ask yourself to name one politician who has publicly stated that the 2020 Presidential was fraudulent.

David DeGerolamo

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Tucker Carlson: Vaccine Passports Are Coming

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Ya Think?

Masks do work. If you have the proper masks. Which we don’t. The masks mandated by the government are not only ineffective, they are making our children sick from the bacteria and other viruses that are on the masks.

Have you noticed how the Republicans are rallying around the vaccine? There is only one party and they want us dead.

David DeGerolamo

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The Time For Petition Is Over! There Is No Voting Our Way Out Of This!

Every day I see comments to the effect of “write your Congressman, write your Senator, write your City Council,” write everyone you can to beg and plead for your freedom. I used to laugh every time I would see a comment like that, now it angers and saddens me.

You know why this government isn’t even hiding their evil intentions or anything else for that matter anymore? Because it’s been well over a year since “two weeks to flatten the curve” and we haven’t dragged them out of their cozy little government offices and strung them up from the lamp post for the whole world to see. We have allowed this pandemic, that is not a pandemic, to be used against us and we have done nothing. So why wouldn’t this evil government continue to rape us on a daily basis. Now they want to forcibly inject a poison into our bodies, or separate society based on vaxxed status, and it seems that the best idea anyone can come up with on how to combat it is to write the evil bastards and beg them not to do it. Brilliant!

This evil government is not playing by the rules and why would they? We are allowing them to strip us of our freedoms day after day, willingly. This Deep State will lie, cheat and steal to maintain their power and yet we continue to try and work within the system and follow the old ways of doing business. TPTB are laughing.

People are holding out hope for the election audits also. I forget how many times information was to come out now but I have yet to see anything happen. And it never will. The only thing these audits will prove is what we already know, they stole our country from us. Do you really think they are going to walk away from the power they have stolen willingly? There is only one way out of this and you know deep down what that way is.

Everyone needs to face up to something. We are at War! If you think being nice and playing by the rules with this evil government is going to bring peace and unity, you are sorely mistaken. They will continue to walk all over you until their boots are covered with your blood. It’s not pleasant to think about. Dark days are here and yet all I hear is that we need to continue to petition our representatives and vote harder. They shouldn’t be referred to as representatives anymore because they haven’t represented us for some time now.

If you think you are going to vote these bastards out next go round then we’ve already lost. Any issues from the previous elections been solved? Nope, just more of the same to come. We need to start thinking about actually fighting for Freedom. Remember these people want us dead. This is a fight to the death and right now we’re pretty much letting them know we’re not even in the fight. We need to quit playing by the rules because they sure as hell aren’t. The rule of law is dead and we need to start acting accordingly.

The question will inevitably be asked, “Who do we stand up and fight against?” The people stealing your freedoms and wanting to force a poison into your body have names and addresses. They are not untouchable. Hopefully you have a team of trusted individuals by now that are willing to throw down and fight with you, if not you might want to get on it or prepare for some lone wolf action.

It all boils down to this, There Is No Voting Our Way Out Of This! Once you accept that and understand what that means, then you are mentally prepared for what lies ahead, other than that you are living in fantasy land.

There are very difficult days ahead of us, and difficult decisions to be made by all. This forced injection of a government poison into our bodies, just to do business, will be the spark that lights this fire off. It’s funny because all this time many thought that it would be when they came for the guns. I’ve made my peace with my decisions. I know what I am willing to do. It’s hard to believe we are alive at this moment in history, but it is what we were born for. Harden your hearts. Business it seems is about to pick up.


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Dr. Andy Wakefield, “Tony Fauci Should Be Held Up For Treason” – Eye-Popping Interview

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Milgram’s Obedience Experiment

h/t Ron Hafer

The analogies to making people take the COVID vaccine are easily seen. Doctors are directed to “vaccinate” people with a treatment which is not approved by the FDA. The emergency status granted to administer the vaccines could not have been given unless no other effective treatments were available. Which is why Hydroxychloroquine was denied as being effective even though Dr. Fauci knew it was effective from a 2005 peer reviewed paper.

How many people have died and will continue to die to meet their goal? Do you think you are on the survivors’ list?

David DeGerolamo

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The White House is Censoring You Now!

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WHITE COAT SUMMIT: The One Year Anniversary

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Spicy Time Cometh!

Watch: Fauci, CNN, White House, Newsom, & Cuomo All Ratchet Up Attacks On Unvaccinated Americans

Unvaccinated Americans were the talking point of the day on Monday with a slew of figures slamming those who have chosen not to take the coronavirus jabs, assigning blame to them for America ‘going backwards’, likening them to murderers, and suggesting that they are to blame for more deadly variants of the virus emerging.

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Signs of COVID Injection Failure Mount


  • In the U.K., symptomatic COVID-19 cases among “vaccinated” individuals have risen 40% in one week, reaching an average rate of 15,537 new infections a day being detected. Meanwhile, symptomatic COVID-19 cases among the unvaccinated has declined by 22% and is now at a current daily average of 17,588
  • This suggests the wave among unvaccinated has peaked and that natural herd immunity has set in, while “vaccinated” individuals are actually becoming more prone to infection
  • Data show countries with the highest COVID injection rates are also experiencing the greatest upsurges in cases, while countries with the lowest injection rates have the lowest caseloads
  • 100 fully injected crew members had tested positive onboard the British Defense aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth. The Navy ship has a case rate of 1 in 16 — the highest case rate recorded. This suggests vaccine-induced herd immunity is impossible, as these injections apparently cannot prevent COVID-19 even if 100% of a given population gets them
  • It is mathematically impossible for COVID shots to eliminate SARS-CoV-2 infection. The four available COVID shots in the U.S. provide an absolute risk reduction between just 0.7% and 1.3%. Meanwhile, the noninstitutionalized infection fatality ratio across age groups is a mere 0.26%. Since the absolute risk that needs to be overcome is lower than the absolute risk reduction these injections can provide, mass vaccination simply cannot have a favorable impact

In recent weeks, a number of signs have emerged indicating the COVID-19 injections cannot put an end to COVID-19 outbreaks. In the July 15, 2021, video report above, Dr. John Campbell reviews data coming out of the U.K. On a side note, I do not agree with everything Campbell says in this video, such as promoting mask wearing, for example. It’s his data review that is of interest here.

As noted in the video, as of July 15, 87.5% of the adult population in the U.K. had received one dose of COVID-19 “vaccine” and 67.1% had received two. Yet symptomatic cases among partially and fully “vaccinated” are now suddenly on the rise, with an average of 15,537 new infections a day being detected, a 40% increase from the week before.

Meanwhile, the daily average of new symptomatic cases among unvaccinated is 17,588, down 22% from the week before. This suggests the wave among unvaccinated has peaked and that natural herd immunity has set in, while “vaccinated” individuals are becoming more prone to infection.

U.K. hospitals are confirming double-injected patients are part of the patient population being treated for active COVID infection, and two cities have issued public warnings to their residents, letting them know they may end up in the hospital even if they’ve been double-injected against COVID-19.

“There are currently 15 patients in hospital with COVID across the Trust; last month there were none,” The Yorkshire Post reported1 July 9, 2021. An undisclosed number of them had received two doses of COVID “vaccine.”

“The message I would like to share with you all is that some of their patients are double vaccinated,” Heather McNair, chief nurse at York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals, told the Post.2

“This is a disease that can still affect you and still make you poorly when you are double vaccinated. We have got a ward at the moment full of COVID patients in our hospital and that is not going away anytime soon.”

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