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When Virtue Is Banished

Thomas Jefferson quote: When virtue is banished, ambition ...
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Consider the Following Logic

We have no government armed with power capable of ...
  1. Jerry Nadler said God’s will is no concern of this Congress.
  2. “Bad men cannot make good citizens. It is when a people forget God that tyrants forge their chains. A vitiated state of morals, a corrupted public conscience, is incompatible with freedom. No free government, or the blessings of liberty, can be preserved to any people but by a firm adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, frugality, and virtue; and by a frequent recurrence to fundamental principles.” Patrick Henry
  3. The US National debt is $27.9 trillion.
  4. US unfunded liabilities are $159 trillion.
  5. US total national assets are $157.9 trillion.
  6. The country is bankrupt based on points 3, 4 and 5.
  7. “Laws without morals are in vain.” Benjamin Franklin
  8. The Equality Act passed by the House is immoral.
  9. “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams
  10. The compact between the federal government and the people is the Constitution. This compact is no longer valid based on the immoral actions and Constitutional violations of the federal government.

It is not seditious to wage war against an illegal government. The Republic has fallen into evil hands and their grasp is failing. What are their options other than to attack the people, strip them of their wealth and impose tyranny if they want to stay in power?

War is not coming; war is now here. May God show them the same level of mercy that they have shown toward His authority.

David DeGerolamo

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The Analogy Is Obvious

h/t Matt Bracken
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Pure Evil

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I Apologize for the Language

USA Fuck-Biden Flag F Biden Flag 3x5 Buy B4 It's Taken image 0



We saw one on a truck in Blairsville, GA today. Maybe we can have a parade with these flags when Washington is not under lockdown under this illegal pResident.

David DeGerolamo

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More Deep State Dementia

Listen to this article
David, I truly don’t know what to say.
For the first time in nine months, Republicans outraised our House Democrats and me.
And that’s not the worst of it — national Republicans also outraised our Democrats across the ENTIRE board.
David, if I fall dangerously behind in our fundraising — and let Donald Trump and QAnon-Republicans continue to outraise me — I know my chances of fortifying our Majority could be OBLITERATED. 
That’s why I’m rushing to you again this morning.
I desperately need your help to close my $5OO,OOO budget gap before my critical End of Month Deadline in just 48 hours.
Please, will you rush in $1 to help me fortify our Majority?

Triple match your $1 >>

Triple match your $35 >>

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Or triple match another amount >>


Nancy Pelosi
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Defiance of Tyranny: Why the Book of Esther Matters- Kitchen chat with Patriot Nurse

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Tom MacDonald – “Clown World”

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No State of the Union Address?

Capitol Police chief: Security will remain high due to State of the Union threat

The Capitol Police is keeping its security posture high in response to intelligence that indicates some extremists who joined the Jan. 6 insurrection have discussed plans to attack the building during the State of the Union, Acting Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman revealed Thursday.

The chatter among extremists about trying to blow up the Capitol during the still-unscheduled presidential address, Pittman said, has prompted the Capitol Police to maintain the elevated presence it has kept since last month’s riot. Any decrease in the police’s posture, she said, would come after the threat passes and other gaps identified in the aftermath of the Capitol siege are resolved.

“We know that members of the militia groups that were present on Jan. 6 have stated their desire that they want to blow up the Capitol and kill as many members as possible, with a direct nexus to the State of the Union,” Pittman said during testimony to a House Appropriations subcommittee.

“Based on that information,” she added, it’s “prudent that Capitol Police maintain its enhanced security posture until we address those issues going forward.”

Pittman said existing intelligence has underscored that insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol “weren’t only interested in attacking members and officers. They wanted to send a symbolic message to the nation as to who was in charge of that legislative process.”

While authorities are aware of future attacks being discussed by the militia groups that attacked the Capitol on Jan. 6, it’s unclear how developed or serious the intelligence around those plans may be. President Joe Biden’s first State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress is not expected to be scheduled until after approval of his pandemic relief package.

Read the Whole Article Here…

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We will always have to answer for how we act now.

As time goes on our government seems to be jumping through bigger and bigger hoops in order to maintain normalcy and control, so one has to ask himself “where we are headed?” I don’t claim to know the future and I’ll certainly not wager a guess on any specifics, but what I can say is this; our government can’t keep pulling rabbits out of hats forever. At some point, there will have to be consequences for the choices that have been made to produce the society we live in.

So currently we are dealing with a viral pandemic that has caused the government to shutdown our society, causing major upheaval to the economy in the process. This in turn has required new attempts by government to control the damage. Damage that was largely brought on by bad decisions that put the country in a bad position to begin with. For every problem that arises, the only solutions seem to be ones that will eventually evolve into more problems in the future. Consider the Federal Reserve’s helicopter money to bail out the stock market if you need any evidence.

My point in all this, is that we are front and center to the beginning of a new era, where the decisions of the past are beginning to come back to haunt the children and grand children of those who made those decisions.

We are at the point in time where the sun is beginning to set on the American Empire, and since it is such a large support structure in the global community, globalization will follow it. Many people overseas understand this, that’s why so many of them follow American politics. They understand that who gets elected here, affects them.

So as this cumbersome, wasteful beast begins to grind to a halt under the weight of its own ever expanding waistline, you may as well get used to the idea of chaos. Accept the fact that it too gets a seat at the table.

When/ if the current crisis calms down, there will be another, different one to replace it. This isn’t doom and gloom fantasy, just the reality of 160 years of bad ideas and selfish motivations.

We can’t keep kicking the can forever, and why in the hell would you want to?

I most certainly would prefer to rip the band aid off now and spend the rest of my life in hardship rebuilding than to lazily get by and force my children and grand children to deal with the results of decisions they had no choice in and benefited them little to none.

So use each time frame between crisis’ to prepare for the next. And use each crisis as an opportunity to learn and be an example.

Read the Whole Article Here…

h/t WRSA

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Our Voices Have Been Silenced

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What’s A Little Dementia?

Barr, Huber, Horowitz and Durham let the people and the Constitution down by not issuing their reports and taking appropriate action. I expected nothing less from Barr after his oversight and murder at Ruby Ridge. The inspectors who were tasked with exposing the corruption of the Deep State ended up being washed up hacks who sold out for whatever reasons: money or blackmail. I suppose placing hope on the Durham report and Barr’s prosecution were just another nail in the coffin of Liberty. May they all burn in Hell.

I have no words for the traitors at the Supreme Court who continue to provide cover for the Deep State and election fraud. I have no doubt that their motivation is blackmail.

There is no agency or branch of the federal government which is not complicit in the overthrow of the country. How pathetic the people have become when we allow a mentally incompetent man to masquerade as the President of the United States.

David DeGerolamo

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A Friday Laugh

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They Are Coming for Our Children

Pin de Maz McCoy em Little Beauties | Lindas meninas ...

Consider why a woman decided her children’s future had to include reason:

“I came here [Galt’s Gulch], not merely for the sake of my husband’s profession, but for the sake of my own. I came here in order to bring up my sons as human beings. I would not surrender them to the educational systems devised to stunt a child’s brain, to convince him that reason is impotent, that existence is an irrational chaos with which he’s unable to deal, and thus reduce him to a state of chronic terror. You marvel at the difference between my children and those outside, Miss Taggert? Yet the cause is so simple. The cause is that here, in Galt’s Gulch, there’s no person who would not consider it monstrous ever to confront a child with the slightest suggestion of the irrational.”

Consider the following excepts from HR 5 which was passed by the House of Representatives last night (February 25, 2021):

(7) The discredited practice known as “conversion therapy” is a form of discrimination that harms LGBTQ people by undermining individuals sense of self worth, increasing suicide ideation and substance abuse, exacerbating family conflict, and contributing to second class status.

(20) LGBTQ youth are overrepresented in the foster care system by at least a factor of two and report twice the rate of poor treatment while in care compared to their non-LGBTQ counterparts. LGBTQ youth in foster care have a higher average number of placements, higher likelihood of living in a group home, and higher rates of hospitalization for emotional reasons and juvenile justice involvement than their non-LGBTQ peers because of the high level of bias and discrimination that they face and the difficulty of finding affirming foster placements. Further, due to their physical distance from friends and family, traumatic experiences, and potentially unstable living situations, all youth involved with child welfare are at risk for being targeted by traffickers seeking to exploit children. Barring discrimination in child welfare services will ensure improved treatment and outcomes for LGBTQ foster children.

and consider:

Minors May Get Sex Changes Without Parental Consent, if California’s Teachers Union Has Its Way

Can you see where the above legislation is leading concerning the sexuality of our children? Can you see how “feelings” will be used as a tool against reason?

People ask why we cannot come together. The answer is simple: we need to have common ground to unify. That common ground is our children’s future. Do not be led astray by other topics that are used to divide us such as immigration, voting or free money to buy our silence. Imagine if our efforts were united to form a nationwide private school network where our children would be taught reason instead of irrationality. Imagine what would happen in only six years if our children were not taught propaganda to rule their minds?

The pandemic has taught us one important lesson: we can organize classrooms on the Internet to teach a standardized curriculum to educate our children. Imagine how much money we would save by eliminating the Department of Education, school construction and maintenance, as well as teacher salaries and teacher union malfeasance.

The government would intervene because they have to. They must control our children in order to destroy them and our culture. Bring our children out of the chaos and everything else will fall into place.

David DeGerolamo

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National Guard Still in DC! Why?

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