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Twitter Has Determined “The Resistance” Painting to Be “Sensitive Material”

The Resistance

The election of Donald Trump was a catastrophe for progressive America, but they quickly responded by organizing a myriad of leftist groups to “resist” President Trump. In addition to the Washington and Media establishment’s attack against the President, it included large protests and violent acts against Trump supporters.

It has become unsafe for many people to simply wear a red ball cap in public with the words: Make America Great Again. 

Trump supporters are harassed in restaurants, business establishments, street corners, and many public places. They are routinely bullied across the country, and blood has been spilt by progressive activists physically attacking innocent people. This includes both men and women, people from all walks of life. In certain cities, the violence is hardly acknowledged, and even dismissed.

This painting is a recreation of the famous Francisco de Goya painting titled “The Third of May 1808.”It inspired a number of other major paintings, including a series by Édouard Manet, and Pablo Picasso.

Goya is often referred to as the Father of Modern Art. His art, a reaction to the political climate of his time, reflected personal feelings regarding his world with little regard for the establishment. I am a political artist, but I will always be an outsider to the art world because I don’t follow the rules of the left.

These paintings reflect my personal feelings for being alive at this time in our country’s history. May America remain strong against this violent aggression.

In my painting, the peaceful Americans are the “resistance.”

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Democrat Led Reparations’ Hearing Backfires

Imagine if we all ignored the divisive elements on both sides degrading our country and focus on building a better world for our children.

David DeGerolamo

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Once it starts

I believe people have this concept of the Boogaloo as something out of The Patriot. Straight lines of uniformed target opportunities and well defined “sides”.

It isn’t going to be at all like this.

There will be multiple “sides” that you may fit into at once. There may really be none you fit into. There will be horror like this ground hasn’t seen since the 1860s and it will simply break many. Normal people, people you know, will be trying to end you. If not themselves, by providing intel to those that will.

Do not mistake the thin veneer of society for safety, for trust.

It won’t be wide spread, at first. Rumblings here and there, a bit-o-Boogaloo yonder, a bit in a city far away. It won’t be out in the open, at least for the serious players. It’ll be in the dark and quiet and well thought out.

I have posted this thought stream many times, here I am again.

Get. Your. Mind. Right.

It’s coming. It’ll happen fast and it’ll be unstoppable until it runs out of fuel once it goes full throttle. They will not let you alone, they will not coexist. Decide now what you are willing to do, and to not do, and cement that into yourself.

Don’t mistake “R” for ally. Don’t mistake neighbor for tribe. Don’t mistake a relative for blood. Don’t mistake a uniform for fairness.

Your tribe is your nation now.


Tick Tock.

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My Utmost 6/19/19

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Revenge of the Right: Why Break Up YouTube, Google and Facebook

Bill Whittle finds three reasons to break up Google, YouTube, Facebook and other social media companies that use algorithms to suppress free speech. This is not merely the revenge of the Right over demonetization. Bias without consent, practical monopoly status, and the distinction between carriers and publishers all lead to the conclusion that even conservatives should cheer the dissolution of these “private” businesses.

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Cal Cunningham Endorses Impeachment of Trump

Cal Cunningham, a North Carolina businessman challenging incumbent Thom Tillis (R., N.C.) for Senate as a Democrat, endorsed impeachment despite admitting that it’s not an important issue to voters.

A video from America Rising shows Cal Cunningham saying he supports an impeachment query even though “the most effective way” to hold the administration accountable is by voting it out. He added that he has not heard from any voters that impeachment matters.


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Communists do not like the Truth being Spoken to Them

I attended the Salisbury City Council meeting on the Fame Statue last night and spoke.

The council was suppose to remain silent and allow everyone to speak but I got interrupted by the mayor and had to edit my speech on the fly.

I also only made one of the news highlight reels here is the link for it. WCCB NEWS

Here is my speech in full for you to Read….

When Nazis took control of Poland and other Warsaw nations, they destroyed statues they didnt like. When the North Vietnamese communist took over the south after the American evacuation, they destroyed statues they didnt like. When the Taliban came into power in Afghanistan they destroyed statues they didnt like. When Isis started taking control of areas in Iraq, they destroyed statues they didnt like. Now Democrats are in control of cities and are starting to remove statues they dont like.
Can someone tell me the functional difference between them and the collectivist cultural assassins of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, the Taliban in Afghanistan and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria? And if you ratify this decision, how can you look yourselves in the mirror, you volunteers in a new American Taliban?
We have a Marxist mayor who was FIRED from her government job with the City of High Point for stirring up racial strife, attacking her own police department as racist, and then filing false claims of racism against her fellow employees.
She’s already exposed her method of operation – and now here she is in Salisbury in broad daylight doing the same thing all over again.
History, in all its twists and turns, must be preserved, not sanitized according to the hysteria of the moment and that’s what this is — racist, collectivist hysteria. In your own way, you are as bad as the Klan.
If the City Council decides to remove FAME, you are no better than the Taliban, the Khmer Rouge, ISIS or any other gang of collectivist criminals-against-history who would destroy what makes them unhappy.
There is no right codified in the Constitution to be protected against being offended, by history (which is beyond changing) or anything else for that matter. Deal with it, like American adults. Not as spiteful, collectivist Taliban terrorists with sledge hammers.
When, I wonder, will you and they carry this campaign of cultural cleansing to its logical conclusion and ask all the white folks to leave town so that you can “feel more comfortable?”

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My Utmost 6/18/19

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Twitter Manipulation

As of 7:15 PM on 6/17, the twitter page shows 16 votes cast. If I click on statistics, it shows 22 votes cast. I suppose the other 6 missing votes were for twitter because twitter is the only choice not showing any votes.

David DeGerolamo

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My Utmost 6/17/19

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TL Davis Newsletter

For a good period of time there has been a grace period during which any good patriot has been preparing themselves for the coming chaos. There are a lot of moving parts going into 2020 and as usual, most people are focusing on one or the other of their most important issues, meaning that patriots are diffused and looking in different directions when they only need to focus on one.

2020 is not just an election, it is a moment of demarcation, between this nation and the next. While I could as easily argue that this nation ceased a long time ago, let’s for a moment agree that the remnants of a republic have remained in whatever disfigured condition it may be in. The real question on the ballot is whether America will become a socialist nation, corrupting any remaining institutions of the republic and capitalism, beginning with the electoral college.

The idea of the electoral college is to ensure that smaller, less populous states continue to have a voice in any national election. If a president is to be elected to rule over the entire nation, then every state must have a voice in choosing that office. But, since the electoral college has denied the socialist/communist forces in America, it must be done away with. In other words, what they cannot dominate, they must corrupt to the point of irrelevancy. The destruction of the electoral college would ensure that only the states securely under socialist/communist control will be required to secure the presidency and that every other state will be irrelevant. This is exactly what the founders wanted to prevent.

The Supreme Court is another target of the socialist/communists since it is no longer under liberal control. I would offer that it is still under liberal control in the sense that it has almost from its inception been used to gain political power rather than to uphold the Constitution. The socialist/communist power triangle of media, academia and politics has ensured that even conservative justices recognize that the Constitution is not the last word, they are and they use their power to control society more than liberate it from political despots.

What patriots should be focusing on is making sure that friends and family understand that when they vote Democrat again, they will, in effect be voting for socialist communism. It is not democratic socialism as Bernie Sanders claims. Socialist communism is a means whereby a socialist system retains aspects of capitalism that allows creation of powerful corporations so long as those corporations pursue the socialist communist agenda and are destroyed by regulation if they do not.

Since socialism is a waypoint on the road to communism, the focus is on socialism as a ruse, but allowing Democrats the latitude to call themselves democratic socialists is a mistake. They are socialist communists and for the average Democrat voter to understand that is at least important, because there is no middle ground. Everything Alexandria Ocasio Cortez says will become their agenda as stupefyingly ignorant as that would be.

The reason all of this political nonsense is important, when the outcome is almost ensured by illegal voters and the corruption of the system is nearly complete enough to get any outcome they want, is because the 2020 election is the demarcation point.

What I mean by that is this last election, as corrupt as it is, is the moment when whatever preparations have been made will be needed no matter which way it goes. Obviously, if the Democrats win and put the final cap on the republic and capitalism, that will require a response. Or, the Republicans will win and the Democrats will literally come apart at the seams.

The Democrats might not even get past their own convention before they reveal to your friends and neighbors how deeply communist they really are, as hard as the media will try to hide that fact or normalize it.

Deep within every patriot is the knowledge that America is gone and there is no way to revive it. Also, there is the hope, the belief that the people they know are not as willing to go down the road of communism that the Democrats believe they are. So they have been too forgiving and tolerant. I suggest that comes to an end in 2020.

A patriot will be willing to act on their own to show their unwillingness to live under a socialist communist system. A lot of people would like me to spell all of this out, but if that is needed, I would be communicating with the wrong people. I believe in America, the republic and the individual. As they say, when freedom is outlawed, every act of freedom is a crime.

You can thank a Republican president and a conservative Supreme Court for that.

It is hard to understand that everything that represents a nation one loved, fought for and believed in is gone, but once one can look at the symbols of the nation and see them for the fraud they are, the lie they represent, action against those who corrupted it is duty.

The newsletter is available by sending an email to and placing in the subject line newsletter or subscribe. The books and film presented above are available in various forms via links at

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More Thoughts on CW2

If you asked me in the face of any normal Democratic candidate running against Trump I’d say Trump’s done in 2020.

Even with the recent Mexican deal to actually stop the migration out of Central America, it’s not enough.  It’s progress, but not enough progress.  China likely won’t make any such deal as that requires them to actually change how they do business and run their government; that’s a bridge too far.

But the Democrats aren’t running anyone who’s sane.

You have multiple candidates who have openly said they’ll do flatly-unconstitutional things — like try to grab guns.  That one alone could lead to a dirty civil war.

The left’s tactics are transparent; use “ballot harvesting” (an outright fraud; one person, one vote means you must actually be able to prove there was only one, which means showing up at the polls), votes from illegal invaders who have no eligibility and “decisions” from judges outside their actual jurisdiction to leave millions of illegal invaders in the nation who have utterly no right to be here under any circumstances make clear the intent of the left.

Frankly, I still think Trump loses — to one of the nuts.

That’s a problem.

Put in place a political paradigm that makes clear that conservatives will never win another national election majority through various forms of demographic and vote-rigging and you’re asking for trouble.  Really big trouble.

Divided government leads to a lot of finger-pointing and screaming, but as long as people are talking — and voting — they’re not shooting.  Tell people they effectively can’t vote any more because it doesn’t matter and you have trouble.

Look at the left’s enclaves; just take the map of counties that voted for Clinton in 2016.

Nice map eh?  How much arable land is contained in those blue counties?  Can they feed themselves?

How much oil and natural gas is extracted out of those blue counties?  Can they obtain enough fuel to keep themselves warm in the winter and lights on in the summer?

How much electrical power is generated inside those blue counties?  Can those cities be self-sufficient without the Reds?  How well does that high-rise elevator work without power?

How much fresh water is directly accessible to those blue counties?  Can they manage to flush their toilets? In some cases (e.g. Chicago), yes.  In others, where most of the available water is salty…… not so much.

How much of our nation’s chemical plant capacity is in those blue counties?  Can they treat their drinking water so it’s safe, and treat their waste water so it doesn’t cause cholera?

Now put one of those left-wing nutjobs into office along with a House that is hell-bent on full-blown socialism.  Hell, you have an outright Communist that was just elected to Denver’s City Council, and an awful lot of what Bernie just put out was literally plagiarized from Joseph Stalin!

Where are the “mainline” Democrats?  Hiding under their desk, afraid of being called racists?

What happens if the “flyover” places come to the conclusion that voting no longer matters as there’s no way to win a federal election — ever again?

This is going to be an interesting next year and a half…..


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Cast Your Vote

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But Twitter Is Apolitical…

And the “sensitive material” according to twitter:

I will be banned as soon as possible from twitter. In the meantime, I will have some fun.

David DeGerolamo

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A comment submitted concerning the Civil War II video:

This is OK to make one think with some good info, but I just cannot wrap my head around his conclusions. Mostly because of things he left out. Like the gov total information system. Everything tied together so they can find a needle in a haystack. Movement is not safe from prying eyes. Cameras everywhere. All tied to a system that can figure out who went here and there and home again and BINGO we have our terrorist. They also control healthcare, transportation media. and more importantly they have owned the schools for a long time. The sheeple will NOT awaken. The sheeple will fight tooth and nail to remain in the Matrix. All the few patriots can do is destroy the ability of those in power to control and let the country implode. Their ace is the complexity of our society. Those in power are juggling 25 balls at one time. Break their arm and down she goes. Now one problem for the patriots is a really big question. Are they willing to accept the responsibility for all the deaths of their fellow Americans? Because if you kill the power grid not thousands will die, but millions. And millions. Will sparking a civil uprising be worth the cost? We got Trump elected (even if he is flawed) as a big FU to those in power. Could we do even more? Something to think about.

  1. “Things he left out”. This is why I do not like scenarios: you can never take every contingency into account. The things that were discussed in the video did have numbers to back up their conclusions.
  2. Review Millennial Challenge 2002 for how this war will be fought. 4th Generation Warfare is the successful strategy against this type of conflict as Iran was shown.
  3. The sheeple will not fight. The percentage outlined as alt-right will fight. And that group has enough numbers to win.
  4. Waiting for Donald Trump to save you or the country is a flawed strategy based in cowardice. You don’t deserve freedom if you do not fight for it.
  5. People like a winner. Trump is winning. When CW II does erupt, I believe we will win but not initially. Once big government collapses due to desertion, apathy and gray men, the tide will turn. And so will the percentage of people who were waiting on the sidelines.

The 299 Days book series outlines one scenario. It is worth reading. Good luck to the sapient portion of the country.

David DeGerolamo

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