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My Utmost 7/16/19

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A Leap of Faith

Most men have no purpose but to exist. They aim to pass quietly through history as minor characters upon a stage they cannot even see. To be the playthings of tyrants. I believe those of us in this movement were born to fight tyranny.
We all know something is wrong in our Country. We all know there is a fight coming.
We all believe we are on the right side of history.
The Democrats have ripped their mask away for all to see.
Communism is pure evil.
This is what we have all been preparing for.
Liberty is not just handed to you, you have to fight for it.
Maybe we hesitate because we aren’t sure of what will come out the other side. Maybe we aren’t sure what we are actually fighting for.
If we listen close enough maybe we can hear the answer to our many questions.
Maybe all that is required is a Leap of Faith.

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Understanding Pluralism and How The Communists Will Win

You need to read and understand this. By planting leftist government operatives in private data companies, the protections of the BOR are circumvented. We are being routed and you better grok this.




Edited to add:

Right now the “platforms” get their cake and eat it too, because they call themselves “platforms” not publishers. So they are not held criminally accountable when ANTIFA calls for violence but they are also policing like “publishers” by removing Liberty promoting content.

By getting their status as “platforms” removed and calling them publishers they will be held accountable for what they allow.

I support a company or organization in allowing and promoting what they will, but not in government protection from being accountable because “we’re just a platform, not responsible for what our contributors post” while at the same time prejudicially removing content they decide is not “right”.

We don’t allow certain things here, but are not without responsibility for what we do allow.

They have become a de facto government by controlling speech WITH THE HELP OF THE GOVERNMENT but with no protections for all people or repercussions for actions they promote. Actual former leftist government goons have been put into place to kill right speech and promote left speech, all while claiming to be a “platform” where all have a voice.

Understanding that data is the most valuable commodity of this age is key.

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One Battlefront in our Civil War

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Nobody Said Communists Were Smart

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Jesus Calling 7/15

I admit that I am grappling with this right now. I understand that if we lean on Him and not our own understanding that He will make our path straight.

This doesn’t mean that if we stand on the tracks and a train is bearing down on us that we shouldn’t use our brain to get our feet to step off the track.

Scripture has a few examples of preparedness that were magnificent in their scope.

Comments welcome on this.

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My Utmost 7/15/19

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All We Have to Do to Win Is Remember Our Foundation

Image result for Honour, justice, and humanity, forbid us tamely to surrender that freedom which we received from our gallant ancestors, and which our innocent posterity have a right to receive from us.
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Ten Years Later

Bart Goswick posted this picture on his Facebook page today. I spoke at the above event in 2010 concerning the Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms which was a Resolution adopted by the Second Continental Congress on July 6, 1775. I believe it was a little too radical for the time even for this crowd.

Memories are strange. This event was the turning point for me: I realized that there was no voting our way out of this situation which the country is in for several reasons. We collected several hundred dollars in donations from the attendees to fund the next 2nd Amendment Rally. The event organizer did not want the money and stuffed it in the park’s donation box. His decision.

I remember the hidden cameras in the tree filming “radicals”. I remember being told to get out as soon as our permit time had elapsed. I remember changing my focus from keeping the Constitution in place to restoring Liberty as the rule of law and voting had failed. I don’t remember seeing any people dressed in black with masks. I don’t remember anyone getting out of hand or any disturbances. I don’t remember accomplishing anything tangible for the future.

So ten years since founding NCFreedom in 2009 and I thank the Lord for the time to organize my life and prepare for this cold civil war that we are in. May God have mercy on all patriots who are doing His work.

David DeGerolamo

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Sovereign Duty

The federal government has failed in its duty to uphold the Constitution.

Take the time to watch this video from Kris Anne Hall…


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Jesus Calling

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My Utmost 7/14/19

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The Poster Child for the Communist Overthrow of America

The salt monster from the original Star Trek series killed people by sucking salt out of their bodies. AOC’s goal is to kill the Constitution by sucking Liberty and the rule of law out of our country and replacing it with Communism.

David DeGerolamo

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Protesters Pull Down And Deface American Flag, Raise Mexican Flag At ICE Facility

A group of protesters upset with federal immigration roundups stormed the barriers near an Aurora, Colorado ICE facility Friday night, pulling down the American flag from its flagpole and replacing it with the Mexican flag. The protesters then defaced the American flag and raised it upside-down. 



The American Dream vs. the Democrat Dream. Another way to classify the sides in the cold civil war. And another day where we watch the country fall further down the Communist rabbit hole.

David DeGerolamo

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When Will the Awakening Reach Critical Mass?

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