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Beto Challenged by 5′-0″ Mother

h/t Carolyn

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Our Ancestors Knew How to Deal with Tories…Do We?

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I Don’t Shop with People Who Want Me Disarmed–and You Shouldn’t Either!

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Leftists: We Are Done With You, and You’re Sitting Ducks


What will happen to urban centers without electricity, cash machines, cash, rail, and truck transport in the depth of winter or heat of summer? What happened in Baltimore, LA, St Louis? How many days before people with AR15’s don’t have to do anything but wait?

Why will police do anything under those circumstances except stay in the barracks and defend themselves and their families? What makes you think the military will do anything at all against its own people? What happened each time they have? What will foreign powers do?

Our soldiers have lost every 4GW war that they’ve fought. Why do you think they won’t lose this one? How long did the government last before collapsing due to violence in the 60’s? 3 Weeks. The USA’s standing in the world is predicated on an illusion of power rapidly dispelled.

You see, you think of marches in the streets. We think of the gradual sieging of population centers dependent on trade networks, power, communication, and redistribution checks. It takes 500 men to end American dominance in the world in just 90 days. And then we come for enemies.

The Roman Empire like the American was destroyed in about seventy years, by the same people by the same method. Fool us once shame on you. We will not be fooled twice.
Either we end the liberal program and fundamentalism like we did communism, or we lose 100m people. Choose.

There are at least 6M men like me. There are as many as 22M. There are less than 2M active forces, of which only 200k are available, and they cannot use combined arms on populations in population centers. Only two cities, NY and DC have police forces that can hold out for 3 days

So do not speak in confidence of grave matters, as if you have any idea what you speak about. You want a revolution you are probably going to get one. And everyone knows it. You know what else they know? The right wing always wins in every simulation and war game.

If you think you can get rid of guns door to door why don’t you think we can get rid of every illegal immigrant, and revoke the citizenship of every immigrant legal or not back to the 1965 Hart Cellar immigration act door to door?

What will you do when those men with AR15’s get $2000 per person to deliver these illegals to work and deportation camps?

Why do you think it’s not possible when the Chinese are doing it today.

We are done with you – and you’re sitting ducks.


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My Utmost 9/20

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Where We Should Be…

Image result for civil war 2 meme

The media and the other side think they control the narrative. And to a large extent, they are correct. Our complacency is comparable to a tinder box whose coals are being stoked by the spirits of our forefathers. That means that the principles and morality that caused them to finally stand up are once again being extolled by the people who understand humility is superior to arrogance. Benjamin, get the AR-15.

David DeGerolamo

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The Clock Continues to Tick

Image result for civil war 2 meme

Imagine for a moment that our newly elected President, Liehawatha Warren, and our new Vice President of Free Shit, Bernie Sanders, take office with a Democrat House and Senate.  Among their first orders of business are as follows:

  • a new wealth tax on assets
  • a new tax on meat and dairy
  • double the income tax rates
  • double gasoline taxes
  • totally open the borders
  • universal basic income for poor and immigrants
  • reparation payments for blacks, browns, and LGBTQs
  • criminalize all semiautomatic firearms
  • criminalize anonymity and “hate speech” 
  • nationalize the internet

It isn’t hard to see..

Neither is it too hard to imagine that the result would be Civil War 2 – Electric Boogaloo – Deplorables vs. Socialists.    

If the Boogaloo does kick off, I humbly suggest your first orders of business are to determine which side you are on, who is likely with you, and who is likely against you.   Here is a helpful checklist:

❏ Deplorables  ❏ Socialists     You?
❏ Deplorables  ❏ Socialists     Your family members?
❏ Deplorables  ❏ Socialists     Your neighbors?
❏ Deplorables  ❏ Socialists     Your schools?
❏ Deplorables  ❏ Socialists     Your church?
❏ Deplorables  ❏ Socialists     Your coworkers?
❏ Deplorables  ❏ Socialists     Your employer?
❏ Deplorables  ❏ Socialists     Your local police?
❏ Deplorables  ❏ Socialists     Your county sheriff?
❏ Deplorables  ❏ Socialists     Your state’s government?
❏ Deplorables  ❏ Socialists     Your state’s national guard?
❏ Deplorables  ❏ Socialists     The US military?
❏ Deplorables  ❏ Socialists     The Mexican government?
❏ Deplorables  ❏ Socialists     The Mexican people?
❏ Deplorables  ❏ Socialists     The Canadian government?
❏ Deplorables  ❏ Socialists     The Canadian people?
❏ Deplorables  ❏ Socialists     The British government?
❏ Deplorables  ❏ Socialists     The Russian government?
❏ Deplorables  ❏ Socialists     The Chinese government?
❏ Deplorables  ❏ Socialists     The United Nations?

The second order of business is to determine if you are going to choose to actively participate in the Boogaloo fun, or hope to remain a spectator.  This is really a two-part analysis.  The first is a risk-reward question, the second is a moral question. 


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The Execution of LaVoy Finicum: Lawsuit Dismissed

Lawsuit over shooting death of LaVoy Finicum dismissed

A federal lawsuit related to the shooting of rancher Robert LaVoy Finicum has been dismissed.

Oregon Public Broadcasting reports the civil suit was filed in U.S. District Court of Oregon by Ryan Payne, Shawna Cox and others who were associated with the Bundy family’s 2016 occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

They claimed that FBI agents, Oregon State Police and other officials violated their civil rights by using excessive force and “ambushing” them on the day Finicum was shot and killed.

Chief District Court Judge Michael Mosman dismissed all counts in the lawsuit Friday, saying “It’s time to put a fork in this case.”



And there we have it: there is no rule of law in the country. The FBI can execute people and judges can casually dismiss the case.

David DeGerolamo

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Violate Your Oath And Turn On American Citizens At Your Legal Peril, Gun-Grabbers

There has been a lot of talk about whether our law enforcement (and our military) would follow the orders of those like that furry fascist Beto to unleash a reign of terror upon innocent American citizens who the liberal elite’s unconstitutional gun decrees would turn into felons. Most of our heroic cops and warriors would hold true to their oaths to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. But some pathetic worms would willingly, even eagerly betray their oaths and make war upon their own people. They need to know there will be consequences. 

No, not the physical danger that collaborators would inevitably face enforcing such illegal commands, though we’ve seen the bloody results of such tyranny before and it sure won’t be The Waco Kid going through the door. This is about the other consequences of abandoning one’s oath. It is about the consequences that would come when the rule of law returns and justice demands to be done. Because there will be an accounting before the law for anyone who swore to defend the Constitution and then willingly does the opposite. 

As you know, if you are law enforcement or military, you have a non-delegable duty to assess every order you receive and to refuse unlawful ones. And the Constitution is unequivocal that busting into a house to disarm peaceful Americans is a no-go. 

Once the madness of the unconstitutional oppression the Democrats are promising passes, as it will, there will be an accounting before the law. Maybe the oath-breakers will be bankrupted in lawsuits. Maybe they will rot in prison. But the second any protectors who we Normal people revere turn against us, the deference, the benefit of the doubt we offer them for making tough calls in tough situations disappears. When the Waco massacre happened, the American people were stunned. We never imagined that horrific scenario. We never thought that maybe our premier law enforcement agencies might be in the wrong. And no one paid the price for those dozens of children who were burned alive. But today, after the leadership of the FBI lit up the agency’s reputation playing political games for its Democrat pals, we’re all watching. Maybe a Democrat administration can block accountability for a few years, but it cannot forever. We will remember. We will demand justice. If you’re a cop on the street, do you think the elite’s going to protect you like it protected that Looming Doofus Comey?


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I’m done writing and calling my Representatives. Have been ever since the Republican Executive Committee stopped me from Censoring Richard Hudson, who is currently at a 61% rating on the Freedom Index.

The problem is I can’t do this alone. It seems far too many are willing to sit back and do nothing and continue living their cushy lives.

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Whistleblower Complaint: Trump made promises to foreign leader

Here we go…again.

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My Utmost 9/19

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Here’s The Document The White House, Barr Are Using To Push Gun Control On Republicans

The White House and Department of Justice (DOJ) have met with multiple Republican senators and congressmen to shop legislation on expanding background checks consistent with the Manchin-Toomey bill, sources familiar with the effort told the Daily Caller.

One source familiar with the meetings said that Barr pitched the legislation by warning that a lack of action could electrify the Democratic base prior to the 2020 election. Barr also did not consider the background check legislation a gun control measure, instead painting it as a tool to assist law enforcement in cracking down on gun smugglers, the source explained.


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Five Lines of Effort in a WROL Scenario

If you ask me the Rule of Law is already Dead…

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Greenville Cop Shoots Home Owner on Video Department Lies About it

This is Disturbing…

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