Latest Coronavirus Confirmed Cases

There are currently 952,915 confirmed cases of SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) worldwide. There are currently 216,359 confirmed cases of SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) in the United States.

WuFlu or BNO News for source information

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Coronavirus: A Dangerous Geo-Political Blame Game Erupts

And, right on cue, the finger pointing begins.

US authorities are now firing an opening salvo at China, claiming that the county misinformed the rest of the world about the severity of covid-19. And that better information would have spurred other nations to take the threat more seriously. That would perhaps make sense if it weren’t such a crock of baloney.

Anyone paying attention (like we here at could see sufficient signs by late January that the virus was extremely contagious, deadly, and had overwhelmed China’s attempts to contain it.

And yet US, and CDC officials continued to downplay its risks into early March. And, c’mon. Who believes official Chinese reports about *anything*, let alone something as potentially disruptive as a brewing pandemic?

After all, we’ve spent many trillions amassing the largest security state in world history — you’d think that investment might actually get us some accurate “intelligence”. I guess not.

In today’s video, Chris explains why this blame game is both farcical and dangerous. Remember all those warm fuzzies we were sold throughout 2019 about the great benefits of the coming China Trade Deal? Kiss those good-bye. In a future that will surely put continued globalization into question, slinging blame, especially when there is so much culpability on our own end, will only increase the odds that China morphs from trading partner into global adversary.

The stakes in this blame game are high, and we play it at our peril.

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Is Patriot Dawn coming true?

Well, here’s an interesting one for you. I don’t have a crystal ball, but looking at what is going on right now, I have a number of concerns. Are you ready for some far-fetched thinking? Here is a little summary:

In my 2013 novel ‘Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises’ we started with a financial / economic collapse. This was simply a scenario that I built in order to get to what the book was about, which was a civil war as a reaction to domestic tyranny. The books are basically combat books set in a collapse – Patriot Dawn was written to tell a tactical story in a novel format, and thus needed the right story setting (see the sequel: “Patriot Rising: The Unbroken” for even more of a war story).

What happened in Patriot Dawn was a terrorist attack / financial collapse. However, at a certain point in time when China realized that there was no more mutual benefit to be had with the current international order, they took the US down with a cyber attack on SCADA systems, which ushered in the true grid-down scenario.

What we currently have is an epidemic, which I surmise is most likely to be in the form of a bio-weapon released by China. China can suffer the casualties it has so far due to COVID-19, because there are 1.6 billion of them, and they don’t care. In the US, we are now teetering on the edge of an economic collapse, due to these epidemic lock-downs. There are reports of an energy market collapse, which of course is in part due to the current oil war, overlain with worker restrictions in the US.

Now, we are in lock-down till June. At least we are in Virginia. People are out of work, can’t pay bills. Soon, the civil unrest will start. What about the EBT cards? There are reports that the carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, docked in Guam, is combat ineffective due to COVID-19 and the Captain is begging to be able to offload the casualties to shore and maintain a 10% skeleton crew to man the ship. So US forces are also starting to become combat ineffective.

We are apparently in the process of restructuring our economy to rely less on China. The petrodollar is a key part of the US economy. We are seeing issues with that not only as the economy starts to crash, but as oil wars affect it.

So, at some point, when does China wake up and say that the mutual benefit of being in a symbiotic relationship with the US is no longer worth it for them? The only thing that we are waiting for in the Patriot Dawn timeline is the cyber attack on our SCADA systems. Yes, the Chinese are in there, you better believe it. Imagine the areas that they could attack to make a bad situation worse as we suffer through the lock-down. EBT cards? Power grid? The list goes on.

The COVID-19 virus appears to be very real. At what point is the cure worse than the disease? The ‘economy’ appears to me to be mainly a propped-up sham anyway – but there are going to be very real consequences to people not working, and not able to afford to feed themselves. Bills are not going to be paid. How far are we going to go before it all starts falling apart?

The premise of Patriot Dawn was that Russia and China figured, at a certain point, that there was no benefit to the current world order, and they acted to pull the rug out from the US. They did not physically attack, but used cyber warfare. Later, they did invade parts of the Continental US in order to claim land and resources. Hence the massive battle with Russian forces in West Virginia!

If this keeps going, you may want to become very familiar with the tactical manual. Mind you, if you have not trained yet, time is running out fast. MVT has been here for you, offering training since 2013 – have you taken advantage?


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The WHO, The Lies and Why Is The US Funding the WHO

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Coronavirus: The Economic ‘Rescue’ Is Shafting Us

As if we didn’t have enough reasons to be angry at our “leaders”…. Yes, “it didn’t have to be this way”. We should have had a much higher state of readiness to face this pandemic — it was a certainty that sooner or later, one of this magnitude would hit.

So faced as we’ve been with medical supply shortages, botched mobilization efforts, and contradictory/harmful official guidance  — it’s inexcusable. But just as maddening is the predictable outcome we’re seeing with governments’ response to the economic crisis triggered by covid-19.

In short, as happened in 2008, those who created the economic instability in the first place, by looting and abusing the system, are being bailed out — generously. And the tab is being picked up by the taxpayer.

Most folks don’t realize this because the details are hidden behind the “we need to do whatever it takes” emergency measures and the alphabet soup of “facilities” being set up to pump the stimulus out.

But at the end of the day, the trillions in forgivable loans and bailouts being funded come either directly from the public Treasury or from a reduction in purchasing power of our currency.  Just as we were in 2008, we are being shafted to rescue the rich.

But on a much larger scale this time. Chris walks through the numbers in today’s video. These parasites are famous for saying “never let a crisis go to waste”.

Perhaps it’s time for we citizens to do the same, and declare the current disaster as a reason to demand the risk-takers start eating their own losses.

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Secure your food now…Build a chicken tractor.

Now is the time to prepare look at chickens to provide fresh meat and eggs.

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The Plan

While good for a joke, we should never underestimate evil.

David DeGerolamo

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We have to Fight this Virus. We also have to Fight the Overreach of our Government.

People are oblivious.

Although this virus may be very real, the panic that is being created is completely unwarranted.

Are they crashing the market, frightening the citizens, and stressing out the population, because a bunch of sadistic assholes want Trump out of office before their crimes are exposed? Maybe. Trump has had plenty of time to arrest the criminals and it hasn’t happened. I think it’s safe to assume the Rule of Law is dead.

The media and the democrats are playing the citizens like a bunch of puppets and all this is doing is revealing peoples greed, pettiness and selfishness.

Meanwhile, the wealthy liberal do-gooders smile as our economy falls and everything in our country shuts down. The people that the elite claim to care about no longer get tips at work, they no longer get customers in their small businesses, and they are no longer able to pay their bills or feed their families.

This is political extortion. This “stimulus bill” is a death blow to the economy. They are already talking about needing another “stimulus bill” to get us through this mess. This is just another example of how little people matter to our government. They either have zero empathy for the common man or they know this pandemic is not as dire as they claim.

We are being robbed blind and our future’s will be ruined by these fiscal actions the government is taking in the name of safety for the “people.”

The majority of the people aren’t falling for this ruse. The people are starting to notice the dishonest media and they have long distrusted our government.

The media doesn’t care about the threat this virus poses. They care about advancing their political ideology. The government is also seeking to expand its power and is definitely not letting this crisis go to waste.

The elite will happily watch us suffer for their needs.

What emerges when the threat of this virus is gone? Will the threat of this virus ever be gone?

We have to fight this virus. We also have to fight the overreach of our government.

We need to start thinking about what our future holds when this “crisis” has passed.

Governments do not easily relinquish power once taken. They are currently seizing power like mad.

I believe we may already be past the point of no return. Economically I believe we are ruined. The greatest depression is fast approaching. We are watching our way of life be destroyed right in front of our eyes. Most people are oblivious and think nothing bad can happen to the good ole U.S. of A.  Well it’s happening and saying things will go back to normal soon is just delusional.

I don’t fear this virus. Granted I do not want to get it and take my chances with it. But the world as we know it, I fear is now over. It’s going to be up to us “We the People” to determine what rises from the ashes of the former United States.

We have some Dark Days to get through before we can have some sunshine in our life again.

May God have mercy on our Country.


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More from Aesop

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Pennsylvania Allows Planned Parenthood to Perform Abortions Despite Elective Surgery Ban

Planned Parenthood clinics in Pennsylvania have eliminated all services except for abortion in the wake of a statewide ban on elective surgeries meant to preserve scarce medical resources amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Democratic governor Tom Wolf issued a directive ordering the shut down of all businesses “that are not life sustaining” on March 20, and a guidance from the state government prohibits elective procedures performed by health care services and hospitals. Despite these directives, Planned Parenthood Keystone, which serves central and eastern Pennsylvania, announced it would remain open “for abortion services only” while shutting down its other operations.


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Fighting The Coronavirus: Good Learnings From Germany

As we reported yesterday, with the world sharing its data, we are starting to get a better handle on understanding the coronavirus. This real-time exchange of data and insights going on across the globe right now is invaluable to global efforts to fight the spread of covid-19 more effectively.

Germany has recently contributed two important pieces to the puzzle. First, it has been conducting *many* more tests per capita than other countries (500,000/week). Due to this, they have a better picture of the true # of infected people. Their recent data suggests that the real Case Fatality Rate (CFR) for covid-19 is closer to 0.4% — substantially lower than the rates calculated for most other countries, who don’t test as aggressively. A 0.4% CFR is still concerning, but is substantially better than the previous 2-3% estimates from just a few weeks back.

Second, because it tests so many people, Germany is swiftly building a database of people who recover and therefore have anti-bodies against the virus. It plans to fast-track these folks’ return to work, so that they can get the economy recovering faster without fear of infecting others. In this way, valuable insights lead to more effective policies — just like the Czech Republic has done with the #Masks4All movement.

As we get smarter, we get stronger. This, folks, is how we’ll beat covid-19.

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Andrews, North Carolina: Emergency Order

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In this time of trouble, our nation runs to pharaoh for help and has refused to turn its face back the the Father. The wheat is about to be separated from the chaff.

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Lord Sumption explains national overreaction to coronavirus

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P for Pandemic

There have been so many earth shattering events in the last two months it’s almost impossible to assess the current situation with any semblance of certitude. I believe I’m being lied to by virtually everyone. I know for a fact I’m being lied to by the Fed, Wall Street billionaire titans, the fake news media, corrupt politicians, the Chinese dictator, most people on social media and the blithering idiot talking heads on CNBC.

If almost everyone is lying, how can someone decipher the truth? The best way to untangle falsehood from truth is to follow the money. Just as the monied interests and Deep State didn’t let a crisis go to waste after 9/11 and the 2008/2009 Wall Street created collapse, they are again taking advantage of the distress and panic caused by the Chinese coronavirus to once again plunder the American public while assuring them it’s in their best interest.

“When the institutions of money rule the world, it is perhaps inevitable that the interests of money will take precedence over the interests of people. What we are experiencing might best be described as a case of money colonizing life. To accept this absurd distortion of human institutions and purpose should be considered nothing less than an act of collective, suicidal insanity.” – David Korten

Did we need to purposely create a global depression in order to defeat this virus? Will the benefits outweigh the cost? Is this health crisis being used by the monied interest swine to again gorge themselves at the taxpayer trough, robbing the public, while persuading them it’s for their advantage? The “conspiracy theorists” among us, who have been proven correct time after time over the last decade, know the answers to these questions. This is a controlled demolition by the powers that be as cover for their fraud, criminal schemes, and looting of the national treasure.

“To rob the public, we must first deceive it. The trick consists in persuading the public that the theft is for its advantage; and by this means inducing it to accept, in exchange for its property, services which are fictitious, and often worse.” – Frederic Bastiat

Only in a suicide cult, which our country has become, would the majority support and cheer for a corporate lobbyist written $2.2 trillion 873-page windfall to bankers, connected mega-corporations, and every special interest imaginable. This doesn’t even account for the $4 trillion of secret payoffs and behind the scenes shenanigans of the Federal Reserve, as they do their part to support their banker owners once again. 

Read the Whole Article Here…

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