2 Million Biker Ride to Protest the Muslim March on Washington, D.C.

The number of bikers going to Washington is now estimated to be 2 million. My money is on patriots supporting our country and its founding Judeo-Christian principles.

For more information, click here.

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8 years ago

Hello -- Just wanted to give you an update…here is the NEW event PAGE. We also have GROUP page where members are signing up by their STATE…we presently have over 11K folks who have liked our page and over 1300 who have joined the group.


8 years ago

Go kick their ass!! Time to show these people who’s country it really is. Love it or get back on the boat and go back home!

8 years ago

what are these muslims thinking.!! this is just plain idiotic. they seem to forget where they are living these days. I sadly cannot go on this ride but I sure would like to very much. things are getting out of control with the imigrants these days. why should WE have to push a special button on the phone to hear English and there are more and more commercials on tv that are in foreign languages. THIS IS THE USA .!!!!! learn the language or get out. !! god bless all of us bikers and my girlfriend and I will be with you in spirit every inch of the way and every second of your trip. be safe ok. bouncer

Johnnie Roper
8 years ago

Dear Friends,
I estimate a sudden upsurge in the sales of Bayer Aspirin in the next few days,as the entire Washington Police Force stock up to deal with the highly explosive situation that will com about on
9/11! This may be the final straw that will break Obama’s back!(Hopefully.) We have been subject to the whims of that Koran Quoting, Muslim Loving, Son-of-a-Bitch for far too long!
The American People are traditonally Christian. Obama has already put Muslims in charge by granting all the Important Positions in The Dept of Homeland Security, Banished the National Christian Day of Prayer, (In case it upset his Muslim Friends!) inaugurated a Muslim Day of Prayer to Allah,and in countless other ways has shown that he wishes to turn America into Muslim Country. There are many unanswered Questions lately concerning Sandy Hook, and the ALLEGED slaughter of those children, Even MORE unanswered questions about how the Twin Towers of the WTC could both collapsed in under one hour, while another High Rise Building in either Spain or Portugal, burned with a heat so intense, it destroyed ten stories, totally destroyed ten stories, AND IS STILL STANDING! To me the almost identical collapse of the Twin Towers, even though they were hit at different points by the two planes, seemed to look suspiciously like a highly skilled CONTROLLED DEMOLITION! The the madman(?) who ran amuk in the Cinema in
Colorado, and who seemed to be in an almost comatose sate when he appeared in court, (Maybe the Feds drugged him to stop him saying the wrong thing?) All these things look to me as if they are all connected. All events designed to make people side with the Left Wing Liberals, who are trying so hard to destroy our Second Amendment! (This back-fired in Colorado, as all alt it did was make a great many people rush out and buy guns!!!)
The police will probably try (?) and search the bikers for weapons, (How they think they can search two million Bikers is something that would seem to present a logistical Nightmare!!!) Also, both the Hell’s Angels, The Mongols, The Bandido’s, and the fourth major Crime Syndicate Biker Club, whose name momentarily escapes me, have done considerable damage with Ball-Peen Hammers, and a Ball-Peen Hammer is not a prohibited item, Not even in Washington DC! I look forward to seeing the press coverage showing lots of Muslim Rag-heads lying prone, with the aforesaid Rag Scarves liberally soaked in blood. They may have some warriors amongst them, some of whom may have scimitars beneath those wonderfully concealing robes. But they will be outnumbered about two to one, and as far as dirty fighting is concerned, I’d bet on two Hell’s Angels with Ball-peen hammers, against ANY one Muslim Fanati. I said earlier, that it was an explosive situation. Let us hope that when the fecal matter hits the rotating Air Circulation Device,
the concussion blows Obama right out of the White House!