2014: Year of the Freedom Fighter

Cliff MuncyAn Election Perspective by Cliff Muncy
Representative of Forsyth County, NCAR

As our de jure state’s December 1st election day quickly approaches, consider for a moment the magnitude of what it means to run for office or cast your vote in this re-established state. And of course, if you’re not yet a citizen of our state, we truly hope that you will consider joining our Counter-Revolution.

Nationalized U.S. citizens today believe that a win by their favored political party can result in more freedoms for them and their family. However, consider for a moment that voting in a system built upon fraud and unconstitutional actions can only confirm and perpetuate the existence of such a system.

The widely misunderstood Reconstruction of our states was nothing less than statutized treason. And yet, U.S. citizens today continue to support these treasonous acts with open participation in the resulting outgrowth; unknowingly subjecting themselves to every whim of federal and state governments who have no intention of proving themselves to be within the confines of the Constitution to which they profess to adhere.

By their very choice of participation in de facto government, they are saying that this is the government of personal choice. Put simply? This is validation and support of a usurping body.

When a preferred and repeated action is popular, it is difficult to see alternatives. To understand and internalize that we truly DO have a RIGHT to institute (or in our case, re-institute) governments which will ensure our “safety and happiness” is more of a fantasy to most than an actual reality or movement.

The North-Carolina American Republic IS such a movement. And it needs your participation now more than ever.

Running for office, voting, and actively supporting a body politic (state) who have re-established on a solid, lawful foundation. These actions build a legal resistance against root-level violations of our Constitution — violations which have built a foundation for things like Homeland Security, Patriot Act 1 & 2, the Military Commissions Act, NDAA, the never ending assault on the second amendment, Obamacare, and more.

Bouvier’s Law Dictionary (1856) refers to a state as a “self-sufficient body of persons, united together” and “the whole people united into one body politic”. In December of 1997, we re-established our state of North-Carolina under her constitution of December 18, 1776 — her last organic and lawful Constitution prior to Reconstruction. We have united as a people, a state, under this goal. If you are like minded, we want you to join us in this movement.

If you have been considering participation in our re-established state, and just haven’t made that commitment, I ask that you consider these things.

For more than fifteen years, our citizenry has boldly challenged the overthrow of our state in the courtrooms. In fact, within the last three years alone, our citizens have pressed the argument at every level of the de facto judicial system. Our representatives have supported and protected those citizens throughout their fight.

This is only the beginning. For the snowball of this counter-revolution to pick up speed will require growth and more participation from every day people who wish to see the return of state-rights and lawful, provable government. People who want to participate in a moral and just cause.

If this is you, we invite you to join us. Let’s make 2014 the year Americans drew a line in the sand, and then actually REFUSED to back up any further. Let’s make it the year of the Freedom Fighter.


Voting & Running for Office In the Lawful State
For more information on the running and voting in the North-Carolina American Republic, visit the NCAR’s helpful guides on voting and running for office, as well as the NCAR government page for a list of counties currently represented.

State Citizenship
Join the peaceful counter-revolution against the overthrow of lawful state governments. Declare your state citizenship status.

Other Ways to Contribute
Not quite ready to become a lawful state citizen? That’s okay. There are plenty of other ways to contribute to the cause.

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