9th Circuit ends California ban on high-capacity magazines

A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has thrown out California’s ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines. 

The panel’s majority ruled Friday that the law banning magazines holding more than 10 bullets violates the constitutional right to bear firearms. California Rifle & Pistol Association attorney Chuck Michel calls it a huge victory. 


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1 year ago

This is wonderful news. Finally, the 9th Circuit Court does something right. Thank you 9th Circuit Court.

We should also thank Judge Benitez for his ruling stating that the California Magazine ban was a violation of the 2nd amendment and therefore void.

We should also thank all of the 2nd amendment groups that spent a great deal of effort, time and money fighting the California magazine ban.

We should also thank all of the people that donated money to the 2nd amendment groups so that they could fight the magazine ban in court.

Also, we should never forget nor forgive California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, Governor Newsom, and the California Communist Legislature who wasted California tax money to first ban such magazines and then to appeal Judge Benitez’s ruling to the 9th Circuit Court.

In California there are now thousands of new gun owners and many of these people are democrats. My guess is that many of these democrats will not vote for gun grabbing democrats in future elections.

The fight for freedom is not over, but we can enjoy this moment.
Thank you.

1 year ago

You cannot LEGALLY purchase/acquire 10+ magazines now. The original lower court stay is still in place.

Becerra, the California AG, can request an en banc review by the 9th Circuit. As I recall, that means 9 judges would be required to review the decision. I don’t know how long that would take.

Other than that, Becerra can file an appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court. That will take quite some time to be resolved. This past year, the Supreme Court refused to hear five gun rights cases. This was a surprise for many people.

If the Supreme Court refuses to hear this case (and the Supreme Court refuses to hear far more cases than it accepts) then the lower court’s decision is upheld. If that happens, the lower court’s stay would then be lifted. THEN you can legally purchase/acquire 10+ round magazines.

Regardless of how it all works out, the 9th Circuit decision was, for now, a great victory. As they say, “So far, so good.”