A Battle Worthy Of Ones Death

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1 year ago

It’s freemasonry today that views and desires the use of women to be shared collectively, and many of the women oblige under the philosophy of ‘mother earth’ and gaia beliefs and worship. It’s well known that luciferians hate femininity, hence the part male, part female god. It’s all the more astounding that purported Christians have no separate and distinct culture for cultivating men and women, even with the evident decline of relations within and between the genders. Most any group (the agendas and goals thereby) could win out against the corporate Christian church system of today, and have, i.e., abortion. Any people group that doesn’t build its own culture, be it historically, as well as now, have been directed by those who do in most instances. Why is it that non-Christians understand the role and how to directionalize culture, i.e., the Frankfurt School, but Christians don’t as demonstrated by their institutions and lack of cultural influence?