A Call to Arms for All Patriots to Come to the Aid of Their Country

Our founders were visionary and provided ways to resolve disputed Presidential elections. Constitutional law expert Attorney Jenna Ellis, a Trump legal team member, outlined this procedure. The most straightforward solution is for the six contested states’ legislatures to convene on their initiative by a simple majority vote without being called into session by a reluctant governor. Then by a resolution by a simple majority vote, reclaim their state’s electors pledged for Biden and appoint electors for Trump before Congress meets Jan. 6, 2020.   

Patriots in the contested states should immediately deluge by phone, fax, and email their representative to demand the retraction of the electors pledged to Biden.  Warn the representatives there are 74 million disenfranchised voters who voted for Trump who are not going away, “. . . come back with your shield or on it!” Links to representatives in AZ, GA, MI, NV, PA, and WI.  While not yet time for pitchforks and shovels, this has been done before.  Shortly after WWII, Tennessee citizens faced a similar vote fraud by a corrupt government in McMinn County, “The Battle of Athens, Tennessee 1946.”

Is Joe Biden a compromised Manchurian Candidate? A puppet used by dark handlers to implement the radical agenda of the Leftists and Marxists?  Their manifesto is the antitheses of the People’s rights, “. . . endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,” as declared in the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution – the free will of men and women. These allegations pose severe national security consequences from China to the United States should former Vice President Joe Biden serve as President.

Before the election, organized domestic terrorist organizations would magically appear that committed acts of murders, riots, arson, insurrection, and destruction of both public and private property (BLM and Antifa).  These organizations are akin to Hitler’s Brownshirts. These organizations have ties and are funded by the perpetrators. The MSM colluded with outright lies and disinformation to suppress the vote in support of Biden. Big Tech censored social media to thwart the free flow of information and discussion of these issues.

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Most Rev, Gregori
6 months ago

The American people must come to the realization that Biden will ONLY retain the office of president for a very short period of time (a month or maybe a year) then he will step aside either by choice or other wise to allow Kamala Harris to take over. When that happens, the next big question is: “who will she pick to be her vice-president? My big question right now is; why hasn’t anybody in power looked into the fact that among all the other frauds perpetrated in this shame of an election, no one in authority has even bothered to look into the fact that Kamala is NOT Constitutionally eligible to hold the office of vice-president or president, due to the fact that she is NOT a “natural born citizen” required by the Constitution for ALL candidates running for the office of vice-president or president.Everybody is completely ignoring that fact just as they did with Obama, so that for eight years this country did not have a real president or commander-in-chief, and look what that fraud did to our country, and now we are going to allow another fraud to destroy what is left. That giggling, knee pad wearing idiot is not mentally fit to be madam president.

6 months ago

Guns blazing !!!!