A Few Quick Thoughts in Response to A Heavy Heart

If you believe for one minute that perp walks are coming from this IG Report, I’ve got some Oceanfront property in Arizona I’ll sell you cheap. No one of importance will ever be arrested nor imprisoned and it’s foolish to think otherwise. These are dreams that are keeping us from taking action against this evil that faces us.

We are truly on our own. No IG or AG or President Trump will do Squat.

I’d like to be more optimistic but we can’t keep fooling ourselves.

It’s going to take Blood, Sweat and Tears to take our country back and you best get your minds wrapped around that.

The Civil War is here, we just aren’t participating in it. Evil is winning, because we do nothing.

Yes keep preparing. But I urge you to start making plans to take this battle to them that they so desperately seem to be seeking.

Wes Rhinier

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2 years ago

Agreed more PT more range time less tube time .the normies seem to be catching wind of this civil war thing . every day I have another one seems to be asking about where to get a ar15 before they’re banned . I tell em that the gennie is out of the bottle and can’t be put back in but by all means go get one and get some training too the feeling in my bones says its close very close.

2 years ago

I want to see an organized Op on Congress while they are in session. The more participants the better…let the public hangings commence for those who are Traitors to the Constitution and Country.

2 years ago

Decisions. Decisions. Something has to give once the report is released. If nothing is done, the people will understand that the Constitution and government by the people is no longer in effect. That is different than the people who already know this. If arrests are made, the information exposing the Deep State will show that the Constitution and government by the people is no longer in effect. Same result.

How you prep and train is different than how you do OPSEC.

2 years ago

Got that fucking right.


a follower
a follower
2 years ago

Kill or murder enough people and they stop?
Do they stop fighting? When? Show me, When do they stop?
Have they ever stopped? For how long?
Davids ‘original’ post specified a civil war going Hot. We are participating in it every day cold or hot if we are aware.