A Letter to President Trump

Mr. President:

I respectfully ask that you veto the new COVID-19 aid package. This package is being sold to the American people as an offset for the financial impact of the pandemic. However, the pork included in the package outweighs the help it would give working Americans. Here is just one example:

We already know about the $600 checks for each adult and dependent. This time, however, ‘mixed-status’ households where eligible citizens live with illegal immigrants, will not only receive payments – they can retroactively claim benefits after being left out of the last round.

Americans voted you into office twice to secure our borders and to make America great again. We do not understand why illegal aliens are receiving $600 plus $1200 to make up for not receiving the first payment.

Let’s be honest: we know that the federal debt is debasing our wealth, our paychecks and our freedom. Please put Americans first and edify the country. This package will only serve to hasten our demise and enrich the political elite and their sponsors.


David DeGerolamo

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3 years ago

Second the motion…..

R. Shooter
3 years ago


Truth in Tension
Truth in Tension
3 years ago

I would be surprised if President Trump would veto the bill. The bill has money for everything America patriots are against. Also, there is money for Pakistan gender programs, and, as always, there is money for Israel.

It appears that next year 2021 is going to be a year of significant friction and turbocharged tyranny.