A Matter of Moments

Outright rebellion can no longer be averted.  So very many among the American population now sense the acceleration of tyranny, see the veil of legitimacy being pierced, and perceive, at least in broad strokes, the ultimate nature of the risks which we presently face.  This is why, since the present administration took office, there have been more than 50 Million NICS firearms background check requests – plainly stated, Americans are arming up for a fight.

ATFarrestNow, take a look at the other side of the coin, and see what FED.GOV is doing to prepare to enforce tyranny – multiple, massive ammunition purchases, totaling nearly 2 Billion rounds, *outside* of military procurement; armored vehicles being procured by non-military agencies including DHS, TSA, FBI, FEMA, etc; DHS purchasing of thousands of armored guard shack/checkpoint buildings and other ‘hard control’ fixtures such as rapid deployment vehicle bollards; they have even published RFPs (requests for proposal) for companies to bid on opportunities to staff “internment and resettlement Facilities”, a.k.a. FEMA Camps.

drone-cia-MQ-9-fully-armedPlainly, FED.GOV is becoming less and less concerned with ‘keeping up appearances’ – and are now issuing open warning orders to Military Police reserve battalions to prepare for deployment, without identifying any specific mission, or even a theatre of deployment for which they should prepare – take a look:

[this link was killed very quickly, but it was about two Battalions of NC based Military Police receiving activation orders.  They were given no specifics on their mission, or even the theatre of operations to which they were being deployed, just to “train up and be ready”]

If these facts  don’t convince a reasonable person that we are well down to a matter of moments, I don’t know what will – they are openly calling up battalions of MPs and other soldiers, who can then be activated on as little as 24 hours notice.  Do not forget that FED.GOV has already made it clear that they *will* use force, in the form of armed MPs and DHS/TSA agents, on American non-combatants (civilians) if they see fit.  The MPs, DHS/TSA and other agencies have been openly training for this for a number of years now.
They have legislated themselves the authority to indefinitely detain American citizens without charge or trial, and that is what the FEMA Camps are for – the perpetual internment of political dissidents, and the holding ‘in trust’ of the families of certain ‘key players’ to extort their complaince in the coming live-action drama.


~Those who abuse Liberty, sentence themselves to Death!

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8 years ago

The web site link didn’t work.
They aren’t serious about this are they? Don’t they know they will loose? Have they gone so far as to think that we’re going to allow them to controll our lives? Who are these people that follow their leaders into such a belief of a New World Order? Do they think they are going to make a movie about this in the end? Their silly drills of storm troupers from Star Wars heeding the empires comands won’t work. I know this is serious business but where do they get the people to fill their ranks? Don’t these people that join the TSA, DHS, FBI, FEMA and other departments know what is expected of them? Are these the test tube babies of some secret government lab where the babies are raises like lab rats? Don’t they understand we own this land? It’s time for them to go.
Okay, if they want to see the show they will be comming to the right group in our country. Welcome from the United States Patriot Malitia.

8 years ago
Reply to  fedup

WLOS has taken down the video and corresponding story. A search on their own site brings up two results: both of which are now 404 errors.

Larry Porter
8 years ago
Reply to  DRenegade

This story made the local news here. It is still another overreaction. These units were not put on alert, only told that they may. The history has always been that they are told they may be called up. They do not know where they may deployed or that they even will. But they have received such notices in the past when they got deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. I believe this is much ado about nothing. More urgent matters exist right now, IMHO.

8 years ago

Here is a link that should be working that I believe coincides with the WLOS link that was pulled.


There is also some commentary on it here:



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