A Message Sent to Hallmark

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Dear Ms Biwer,

Your Hallmark Channels have been a refuge to me for many years. I have enjoyed the wholesome movies that reminded me of the simple family shows of the past. I liked that I could watch something that my Grandchildren could watch along with me and that the shows were not shoving down leftist agendas which are prominent on every other cable channel.

But sadly you have caved to the far left LBGT agenda. Also please know that since you have submitted to them, they will keep attacking you later for more of the same.

Hallmark has lost its crown and I predict will gradually become like all the other cable channels, one that hardly anyone watches.

Goodbye Hallmark, I’m done watching.


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linda muehlbrad
linda muehlbrad
4 years ago

I too watch Hallmark because it is wholesome and didn’t have ads that shoved an agenda against my beliefs. I am very saddened by this reversal of company policy.

4 years ago

I am not aware of all this but if I notice anything like that, I to will stop watching.