A National Disgrace – Land of the Free Becomes Land of the Enslaved

The federal government’s plan to enslave people by making them dependent on the state is reaching new highs based on the people receiving EBT stipends. The hope and change mantra of the Obama regime has been ridiculed with different variations but the net effect is the same: faith and personal responsibility is quickly being displaced by dependence on the state and falsely perceived “rights”.

How long will this last? That seems to be the question on everyone’s mind who is trying to believe in a system that has become too big and corrupt not to fail. I thank God for the extra time that we have been given to prepare for the future. God help the ants when they realize the food is no longer forthcoming. God bless the grasshoppers who will respond with Christian charity whenever possible.

David DeGerolamo

Foodstamp Recipients Hit Record, Alongside Record Dow Jones And Record Debt: 20% Of Eligible Americans On EBT

Record Dow Jones, record US debt ($16,701,846,937,879.74), and now, once more, record number of Americans on foodstamps. According to the USDA, an all time high of 47,791,966 Americans closed 2012 in possession of the highly desired Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card, managed by who else but JPMorgan. And with a civilian non-institutional population of 244.4 million in December, this means that a record 19.56% of eligible Americans are on Foodstamps.


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[…] A National Disgrace -- Land of the Free Becomes Land of the Enslaved […]