A Personal Dilemma

A Bad Day of Shooting Beats a Good Day at Work! - Gun Shots

Who feels like going to work so that you can pay the “state” 50% of your paycheck in support of Communism? Who feels like taking the day off and sighting in your battle rifle?

David DeGerolamo

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3 years ago

I’ve been following a regimen for almost three months:
Sat.- Update, modify weapons as req’d. Sun.- Go to range and ensure function check and zeroing of optics on weapons worked on Sat.
If further work is required to pronounce said weapon perfectly functional, put it in group to be worked next upcoming Saturday and tested the following Sunday.
I’m nearly done.
Also assembling, outfitting, and ensured functionality of chest rigs and plate carriers. Was hoping to acquire weapon-mounted thermal sight, may have to make-do with current NOD’s instead.

My goal is to be able to outfit all my family and a small group of neighbors, if necessary.