A Short Story: IT WAS TIME…

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It Was Time…

The Operations team had been watching the governor’s mansion for just over two weeks. The team knew the comings and goings of housekeepers, food trucks, security, friends, staffers, and even the exterminator. There was nothing they did not know about the governor’s day.

Four weeks earlier, the Governor was sued by a group of businessmen and a few State Congressmen. The suit revolved around the Governors “Emergency Order” forcing the state citizens to shelter in place along with closing all privately owned businesses. The goal was to lock down the state for three weeks “to flatten the curve“, the Governor said.

At the end of the three weeks the Governor extended the order for an additional eight weeks.

Citizens were restricted to essential travel, which boiled down to travel to grocery and drug stores or doctor appointments. No grass cutting, fishing, or travel to a citizen’s additional properties was allowed. State Police were pulling citizens over on the interstate and questioning the purpose of their travel. If the Trooper deemed travel not appropriate, the Citizen and all passengers were given a $1,000 ticket. Then, a tow truck was called, and the Citizen’s vehicle was towed off to a impound yard. The Citizens in the vehicle were taken to their home by the State Police Trooper that had stopped them.

During the ride home the citizens were told that if they left their homes again for unnecessary travel and were caught, they would receive another fine and get to spend seven days in jail as a guest of the Governor. Most cities and towns police departments were doing the same – especially during the curfew period of 8pm to 6am.

The lawsuit was launched days after the extension of the Emergency Order by the Governor. The suit made its way through the courts in a week’s time to the States Supreme Court. The suit revolved around the fact that the Governor cannot make laws, only the Legislature could. Much like on the federal level, the Executive’s job was to enforce the laws, not to make them.

The day the suit was argued in the States Supreme Court, a man invited three men and one woman to his cabin for a meeting. The host had handpicked these four patriots for just this kind of an operation months before.

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DRenegade (@admin)
1 year ago

I fixed some of the grammatical errors in the above excerpt. I suggest American Partisan have an editor review their articles in the future.

1 year ago

I love a good short story. Thanks for posting… made me smile.

1 year ago

I agree, a good story with a happy ending.

In the years leading up to the war that officially began in 1775 or as history teaches 1776 with a vote for independence there were several acts and warnings given to the British oppressors that they could have heeded. Mind you, these were not “peaceful protests” and the People weren’t able to enact any sort of meaningful change through voting any more than they are today.

While some may believe that the govt has monopoly on use of violence and should not tolerate any exception to this view, they would be wrong. Dead wrong. The govt. only exists at the behest of the people and it’s sole function is to secure the rights and liberties of the people. With it having become destructive to those ends, the people have every right to enact change, by any means necessary.

John Cordine
John Cordine
1 year ago

I love a happy ending