A Viewpoint from Colorado


America’s Civil War began over a large debate about state’s rights—the states believed they had more of a right to choose what they could and could not do than did the federal government. Whether the rights they argued for were moral or not is a topic for another day. What is most pertinent here, however, is that in today’s political climate, it is the states that are arguing for more and more restrictions right alongside the federal government. It is no longer an argument of a state or states versus the national body, but rather the individuals who value freedom versus overreaching authorities at numerous levels—all of which have authority to make life miserable.

Colorado State Senator Greg Brophy (R) was quoted after the law passed as saying “I’m telling you right now: I will not obey this law…I will willfully and purposefully and civilly disobey this law.” Mr. Brophy is a friendly man with a great sense of humor, but his words should not be taken lightly, as they were not spoken lightly, I can assure you. Have we come to that point, whereby elected officials so clearly see that wrong is being done that they are willing to publicly admit to civil disobedience and be justified in doing so?

The Civil War was prosecuted by a federal government intent on bringing a Union back together by squashing rogue states who wanted it their own way. What do we do when the federal government and the states are equally out of step with the principles of liberty? I am, at this moment, unsure myself as “politics” and “voting” as answers seem woefully inadequate given the problems we currently face that are, by nearly any logical account, only getting worse.


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