US Government and Private Sector Invest in Agenda 21 Light Rail Systems

… Using the false reality of job creation, citizen preferences of trains over personal cars, mitigation of air pollution and alleviating traffic congestion are justifications that coerce the general public to support the construction of light-rail systems in their communities. The truth is that these expensive endeavors create solvency of citizens and state governments to the construction and operating costs of light-rail systems. Sacramento, California is spending $18 million and Portland, Oregon is spending $24 million. Passenger generated revenue will not make a feasible return in profits. There must be another reason for this sudden push for high-speed rail systems to litter the American landscape.  The high speed railway is the brainchild of America 2050 , a non-governmental organization that supports Agenda 21 policies in the US. The latest initiative of these globalists is called “rebuilding and Renewing America” which is a response to forcing high-speed rails instead of investing money into repairing roads, bridges and current infrastructure…

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Light rail is part and parcel of Agenda 21 planning for subcompact cities.  This light rail expansion program is partially funded by the federal government.  Considering the egregious and ever expanding costs involved should discourage Wake County from implementing light rail.

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[Editor’s note – Pat McCrory the Republican candidate for Governor in NC was instrumental in the push for Charlotte to get light rail.  McCrory is deeply committed to Agenda 21.]

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