Agenda-Grinding America Down

Curtis Bowers

Friday night, December 2, 7:00 pm.
Grass Roots Cafe
Horse Shoe, NC.

The Grass Roots is located by the railroad tracks, next to Horse Shoe Hardware. Plenty of parking and great food.

On short notice, we have the chance to see Curtis Bowers, writer and producer of the acclaimed film, Agenda-Grinding America Down.   This is a presentation/lecture, not a viewing of the film.  The film shows how Communist beliefs are tearing down American culture in surprising ways, especially attempts to remove God and traditional values from our country.  The film is supported by many Conservative Christian groups including CWA (Concerned Women of America).  It is a 2010 Jubilee Winner, Best of Festival, of San Antonio International Christian Film Festival. 

Watch the trailer 

Read the Review on Amazon

Please RSVP as the Cafe needs to know how many to prepare for.  E-mail your RSVP to

Mr. Bower has graciously accepted my invitation.  Please come to this meeting and show him we care about preserving liberty and reject slavery. 

Tom Wise

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Catherine Newsome
Catherine Newsome
9 years ago

Here is an EXCELLENT book that documents how the Communists influenced our country and how today’s politics is based on the original efforts following the 1917 revolution in Russia:
Willing Accomplices. How KGB Covert Influence Agents Created Political Correctness, Obama’s Hate-America-First Political Platform, And Destroyed America. Kent Clizbe. 2011. Andemca Publ., ISBN 978-098342640-0. About $25.
Sometimes I had to put the book down because it made me sick to realize what had happened to our country.