Al Qaida Style Bombs Used At Boston Marathon

Al-Shabaab members in Somalia(USA Today)  Instructions to make bombs out of pressure cookers similar to those believed the source of two explosions in Boston on Monday were published two years ago in Inspire, an online magazine tied to al-Qaeda and the late U.S.-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, an analysis of the magazine shows.

The article, “How to Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom,” by “the AQ Chef” instructed would-be bombers to glue shrapnel to the inside of a pressure cooker and then “fill in the cooker with the inflammable material.”

Would-be bombers, the article said, should use gloves to prevent their fingerprints from being found on the bomb fragments and to “put you [sic] faith in Allah and pray for the success of your operation.”

The summer 2010 issue of Inspire featured several articles on what it called “the open-source Jihad,” which instructed readers on how to make their own terrorist materials.


So when FED.GOV says “be sensitive to muslims in this time of distress”…now you know why.  Mounting evidence points to the fact that we have experienced another act of terror by those who observe ‘Jihad’ as a religious duty.  Al Qaida is also know to have been experimenting with Ricin (and here), the poison discovered in several envelopes mailed to members of the US Congress today.


Time to brush up on what we are dealing with –

Also remember last year, when we saw a spate of ‘tests’ before the Aurora shooting –

The bombing in Boston is a prelude.  As there were two bombs in that incidents, there will be more incidents in the string of events.  That is how terrorists work.  Terrorists will repeatedly destroy your sense of security, to force you into giving them what they want.


~Those who abuse Liberty, sentence themselves to Death!

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