Alinsky – Rule #5 (Power Tactics)

5. Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.

… was applied brilliantly by BlogCon attendees against the “OccuPussies”:

The big lesson of the Battle of BlogCon?  When the Occupiers encounter resistance – real resistance that attacks their cherished premises with mockery and contempt – they will fold.  This is a generation of special snowflakes, of kids instilled with self-esteem instead of a drive to achieve.  No one has ever called them idiots before and treated them accordingly.

And they can’t take it.  They’ve never had to defend their views against people who think they’re stupid.  They simply don’t know how.  The Occupy movement is performance art, not political science.  It is an information operation, not an authentic, organic expression of beliefs.

They have not earned respect and they don’t deserve it.  Don’t “engage” them, don’t “reason” with them, don’t try to “understand” their views.

Mock them.  Treat them like the buffoons they are.  And win.

Read the whole story at BigGovernment.

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